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  • Market share steadily improving HD monitoring broaden their horizon

        Unlike in the past, known for high-definition surveillance camera to "see clearly" high-definition performance is no longer the embellishment of the security market, through the 2010 and 2011 years of development, the rapid growth of digital high-definition video surveillance camera on the market. Tasted high-definition monitor the benefits and advantages of the project began in the project, the large scale introduction of high-definition monitor. HD monitor from concept to application, market share steadily increased.
        HD Vision, fiber cents
        A lot of people interpret it this way, the network is the the security prerequisite for high-definition, high-definition monitor, after all, broke out in 2010 are leading the HD IP camera, 2011 HD-SDI and HD solutions to the industry to provide an alternative to, but still difficult to shake the dominance of the network HD.
        China´s security industry has with the promotion of the "Green City", ushered in one of its high-speed development, this is an opportunity and a challenge for China´s national security enterprise to develop, but also the development of quality health. Under the premise of ensuring healthy competition, increase the mastery of core technology monitoring to break through the road in the competition. Unlike in the past, the HD Security Surveillance Camera is no longer known to be clearly seen in high-definition performance is the embellishment of the security market, has experienced three years of development, some tasted the advantages of high-definition monitor project began in the project large scale introduction of high-definition monitor, especially government construction projects.
        In this way, why do we want to achieve monitoring HD is very important. Obviously, in practical applications, high-definition monitor the benefits brought me, first of all, high-definition provides clearer images and more details. The best available analog cameras are more than 600 lines of products. 650 lines, 600 lines of products, the performance of wide dynamic function should be good, but the problem with it is not clear enough detail. In the application effect, high-definition camera can cover a wide range, such as people can see clearly inside the hall in the bank, which is already more than standard-definition camera monitoring distance. In the transport sector, through the use of a 720P HD, four lanes, each lane license plate can be seen very clearly.
        Also traffic monitoring, from SD to HD major changes in two aspects: First, the original not see the details now see rightly; second is that each lane need to install a video camera, now four-lane one comprehensive cost reduction. HD decisive advantage of being able to help the user to solve practical problems, so the user is recognized, and are willing to invest in the above. Secondly, from the point of view of the whole industry to see, but also to promote the development of high-definition monitor the development of other related technologies: The first is the development of CMOS technology, CMOS volume, product development, low cost, low power consumption, this IP camera products very favorable, a more comprehensive and systematic product can be introduced through the use of CMOS; followed H.264, high-definition, become large amount of information, which requires that the system is efficient, efficient H.264 encoding HD generated by the large amount of information can be balanced to some extent; then is intelligent, it is very difficult in SD time, if the face to do analysis, only tens of pixels case, people want to face very clearly manifested , but in the definition of the conditions under hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of pixels, the better and more accurate information, which is very conducive to the realization of intelligent analysis techniques. HD product itself has a better platform and processing capacity, the system itself has sufficient resources to support the intelligent video analysis.
        HD market share steady growth
        Definition of HD, most manufacturers borrowed the concept of "HDTV" in the field of digital television, meet 720P, 1080P, 1080i format video capture, transmission, display, recording device known as high-definition equipment, including high-definition cameras, high-definition encoder, HD monitor, NVR, HD decoder devices, including supporting megapixels lens.
        Currently, China has more than more than 30 the scale megapixels camera manufacturer, megapixels camera production reached 90 million units in the first half of 2011, sales of over 800 million yuan. Domestic sales of about 70 million units, million high-definition camera on the domestic market, domestic brands accounted for 71%, foreign brands accounted for 29%. From 2008 to 2010, HD IP Camera market share averaged a growth rate of 70% of the high-speed development, the size of the market expanded from 520 million to 1.5 billion, an increase of 200%.
        Double the growth of the market, driven by high-definition surveillance applications in engineering, project promotion and popularization. In this case, the second half of 2012 or the first half of 2013, high-definition monitor will be the turning point, many people in the industry are optimistic estimates, 2015, megapixels digital high-definition camera will be more than a simulation camera, ranking the video monitoring products first.
        HD is a standard
        HD is a standard for the healthy and orderly development of the whole industry, this standard makes it easy to agree with HD, and promote the development of high-definition monitor. From analog to network after a slow development process, but the development of high-definition monitor has reached a substantial period of rapid development, has been the stage of market exploration and education. Whether manufacturers, industry chain at different levels, HD storm means more business opportunities and challenges. Exaggerated comments, in high definition, the Chinese security industry truly enter into the a technology competition period, one of the largest manifestation of the industry out of its tender period.
        Promotion in the new technical standards, any new technologies and standards need to go through the test of the market, H.265 is no exception.

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