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  • IP network camera can become analog cameras terminator?

        Since 2009, with the development of the domestic economy and the construction of safe city, IP camera springing up like fast growth, and development to 1080P from 720P series products took only less than three years, and the million pixel high-definition camera emergence is driven by the rapid expansion of the security market. Insiders said that the IP camera market is entering a blowout period. IP camera market situation and future direction in the end how to find the answer through enterprise voice.
        Highlight the advantages of IP surveillance, an important direction for future development
        IP video monitoring system simple in structure, consisting essentially of the various servers, cabling costs low, in particular, a variety of signals can be transmitted on the same network, the same time, add monitoring points or clients are very easy, simply related equipment access the IP network to the openness of the IP system also enables users anywhere, using a variety of ways to view the surveillance video data, for user convenience unmatched by traditional analog control system, due to the presence of the various advantages IP video monitoring system has almost become the choice of the new monitoring system without thinking. To sum up, IP surveillance, mainly by the following advantages:
        1, superior image quality: the image quality is the most important feature of the surveillance camera. Ultra-clear image quality allows the user to look at the details of the target and change more quickly to provide effective security measures. HD images more accurate automatic image analysis and alarm function. IP camera provides high-quality video images megapixels IP camera provides more image details.
        2, remote access with zero restrictions: the user can at any place through the authorized computer real-time access to network video. Network equipment to provide a simple way to capture high-quality video distribution in any IP network or the Internet. Video image can be remotely stored in a medium, either via LAN and can be accessed via the Internet, increasing the safety and convenience of the local user of video storage.
        3, the network video surveillance products almost without any restrictions, network monitoring with a high level of ability to provide integration with other devices and functions, making it an evolving system. A highly integrated network video monitoring system can be used for a variety of applications, such as access control, ATM, Fire>, invasion and visitor management.
        4, scalability and flexibility: a network video system by adding more cameras to expand the scope of monitoring. Users can select different sizes according to the demand of the present monitoring system to meet the demand; massive HD IP camera video data through the cloud storage management.
        5, intelligent monitoring: the lack of practice, a lot of video is recorded and there is no time to review. From a practical point of view, in the event of suspicious behavior has not been found that this is not only a lack of monitoring is the administrator of dereliction of duty. For events that may occur in the network video has been implanted into the camera monitoring probes on the target device through the built-in video motion detection alarm and detailed analysis, of course, the intelligent cameras can decide when to send video, at what kind of frame rate and resolution be transmitted to the back-end equipment. In addition, its unique features, including audio detection and active tampering alarm.
        6, cost-effective: based on open standards, network video products running on the IP network. Using standard PC server hardware rather than proprietary equipment, such as hard disk recorders fundamentally reduce the equipment cost, especially for large-scale storage solutions, server costs became an important part. Of course, from the infrastructure can save the additional cost, the application of the entire system can be stored into the IP-based network system, the Internet or LAN.
        IPHD IP camera with analog cameras distinction
        HD IP camera video capture, video encoding, network transmission of several parts. HD IP camera with analog cameras, clarity, and 700-line analog cameras already extreme HD, but HD IP camera500 million pixels have been coming out of, IP camera flexibility and high performance.
        HD IP camera and SDI camera respective fields of application and focus, they are complementary rather than replace the relationship. The video quality SDI camera and HD IP camera can reach the level of 720P/1080P, even SDI camera can also provide higher transmission frame rate SDI camera has a higher resolution image, higher resolution, richer colors and so on, to meet the user demand for HD monitoring. However, the transmission distance of SDI camera video transmission is very restricted, only transfer about 100 m. IP camera just relying on the network can transmit, which is the biggest difference.
        IP network camera with analog cameras, the main difference is reflected in four aspects:
        1, Quality pixel difference simulations using the CCD photosensitive element as limited by some technical bottlenecks in the quality the general analog cameras highest 700TVL SD D1 effect will be reached in the radio and television standards. IP cameras with CMOS photosensitive components can be done more megapixels of image quality, the current General 1000000-2000000 mostly newer technology products in the market, 500 million, 800 million, it is estimated that soon got a million-definition cameras will be put into the market, It is understood that the United States T1 million pixels camera has completed the test, the frame rate of up to 15.
        2, analog cameras is not given in the management software intelligent analysis and custom, such as the definition of the function of its use, because there is no IP to remote separate browser inconvenience.
        3, in the equipment control, such as PTZ, analog ball machine is in wiring an additional control line and codec to control the rotation and zoom of the ball machine, while the IP camera is not needed, direct use of the network lines can be, but also to wiring saves many hours of work and cost, especially in the larger project, the amount of the cost of IP cameras engineering is particularly highlight.
        4, SDI Although there are high-quality, and with no delay, but its compatibility with certain restrictions, so rarely used in the country. Camera brand at home and abroad to IP majority and therefore SDI failed to become mainstream, SDI cabling is also consistent and analog cameras, increase the cost of construction and line investigation appears to disadvantage future troubleshooting.
        HD IP camera analog camera Terminator?
        IP camera, network video surveillance equipment, application and popularization of the HD IP camera represents the development of network video surveillance Chengdu. Needless to say, HD IP camera is gradually adapt to the diverse needs of current and future, will become the the mainstream core product of the field of video surveillance.
        Well, since there is such a bright future, mean that HD IP camera will completely replace the analog cameras? HD IP camera in the country in the future will be an alternative to traditional analog cameras, analog cameras Terminator is an urgent need for a breakthrough is to reduce costs, improve pixel and frame rate, three more intelligent analysis and application requirements . HD IP camera has been greatly developed, but in practical applications, there should be improved and improved. The two most important aspects of video storage and network transmission is limited. HD surveillance video to the most basic 720P effect, for example, the video is compressed to a lower rate should hour 3G capacity requirements, video surveillance is necessary about 2TB capacity a month, if you need hundreds of thousands of road so HD monitor such a huge flood of video files like impact on the storage system, and not only on the capacity of the storage devices read and write performance, reliability and a higher requirement, and even the transmission bandwidth have become a thorny issue in the HD monitoring system. The worst part of the whole system will depend on the "bucket theory" HD IP camera image quality or stability and often the worst part is often appeared on the video storage and network transmission constrained.
        Fact true high-definition from the front, every image up to HD resolution, the only way to ensure comprehensive HD video capture, encoding, transmission, browsing, video playback, the overall HD solutions for the real HD provider.
        The emergence of HD IP camera, analog cameras of various defects make up a good and improved in all aspects of the indicators, compared to analog cameras, IP video cameras integrated information processing technology closer to the user. demand, but in practical use is still a problem, to solve the technical differences, the future of competition in the IP surveillance market brand, marketing and service competition.

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