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  • Two factors restricting video surveillance system development

        For security monitoring devices, high definition monitoring system is an important direction in the development of the current system. User demands for HD has been never stopped. However, due to the current understanding of the domestic high-definition standard is not unified, while the lack of a clear division, division in HD, is still a relatively chaotic scene. Now in the market, even though many security surveillance cameras to identify yourself to high, but the parameters of the span is still great. And often will not get high-quality high-parameter, or the same indicators, the actual effect has a very different phenomenon. Therefore, if the specification of the definition of high-definition monitor, in the end, what indicators should be included in the measure range is undoubtedly urgent problems in the future development of monitoring equipment.
        1, the system supporting the development of the platform
        The importance of monitoring platform for security management, no doubt it is self-evident. Due to the increase in security awareness, and security monitoring equipment, increasingly rich. Therefore, security monitoring platform in many areas has been given more significance to add more features.
        But the platform is in the end what to do? How to do? Then we need to study the main direction. Some foreign applications, the platform has been developed to the point of a relatively well. With the platform, users can not only achieve better monitoring control, also can be done remotely exchange even remotely work. In order to achieve better security, and provide more attentive customer service. For my country, Prior to the analog system applications is very broad, and the relative lack of network equipment. Therefore, the construction of large-scale and multi-purpose application platform, our experience also lack many of the performance of the platform also has strong limitations temporarily. The monitoring network technology in the field of perfect
        In this age of advanced network technology, there was a saying: anything after major errors in the network in order to count rose to a relatively high level. This also reflects the important role of the technical network to enhance the functionality of the device on. For the field of security monitoring, the network has become an attempt earlier in the field began. However, network monitoring products in the current market share, it seems that they contrast the characteristics and the birth of time very disproportionate corresponding.
        This is mainly because, network monitoring has been the development of a long period of time, but by the overall environmental impact. Far less network transmission signal to an analog signal stability, and thus the consequent decline in the quality of the monitor. Price, the high price of equipment is undoubtedly more to scare away the part of consumers concerned about the network monitoring. Therefore, network development or to rely on the understanding of the depth and enhance overall performance.
        2, intelligent technology needs further
        For the field of security monitoring, intelligent already a commonplace problem. Compared to the development of the network, intelligent belongs to the undisputed firmly secured the top spot in the types of development trends. In awareness intelligent enhance the ability of the monitoring personnel alleviate pressure has a very significant help. In addition, you can also further expand the scope of application of the surveillance cameras. However, the full realization of intelligent technology in the field of security is clearly better than the more complex our reverie.
        In fact, in the field of security, which intelligent in areas such as access control, a wide range of applications. However, with respect to the technical requirements are higher for the field of video surveillance, we obviously also difficult to work entirely to the monitor cameras brain. For example, one of the intelligent bigger role in people´s expectations have independent ability to identify, this has a tremendous help to alleviate the workload of security work. However, because of the many video surveillance cameras now have automatic recognition function, but the requirements of the shooting environment and subject still high limit. Even if the subject is in the process of shooting itself to do some minor processing, are likely to affect the accuracy of the analysis of the smart. So, this is destined to intelligent analysis technology is still a long way to go. In addition, the maximum effect is to achieve a comprehensive analysis of the subject and tracking, intelligent monitoring to lock in the dynamic of the specified target. But the ability to have high intelligence monitoring equipment is still maintained at a high price level, is very unfavorable for the popularity of smart camera equipment, and this lack of coverage on the contrary they give intelligent work results marked with a small discount. So, despite the wonderful prospects of intelligence, but if you expect a full play to the role of he is obviously not overnight can be achieved.
        It can be said, a stage of rapid development, the video surveillance technology is now in a transition period of new technology has not yet captured people´s hearts, and the apparent decline of the old technology. Various technical and now is poised state. Not destined overnight despite the improvement of the above problems can be completed. But once the pace of development has taken again, then the field of security monitoring will undoubtedly usher in an era of updates.

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