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  • Revelation of IP surveillance cameras bring to intelligent video surveillance

        IPC (network camera) is the main equipment in the network monitoring system, some well-known manufacturers to give it a new definition for intelligent monitoring useful inspiration. We usually think camera generates image information equipment, IPC is to produce a device of the image information of the digital stream.
        IPC´s new definition is: generate image information and value-added information devices. The value-added information including: image quality information, the image of the defocus, lack of illuminance, image (lens) image quality deterioration caused by the sewage, etc.; the information of the image detection, analysis of the function of the image content, found that the image is not normal, issue relevant ( alarm); device status information, the IPC state and the monitoring of the network environment, the fault self-diagnosis can be adaptive to the environment, and the issuance of the relevant information. With these features, IP camera has a smart, become intelligent monitoring system basic unit (minimum).
        More innovative the IPC value-added information can be passed to the adjacent IPC (interconnected transmission detection, sensor networks): IPC, IPC and monitoring objectives between the Internet and real perception and interaction, This is the concept of the sensor network (the basic unit of the things together).
        Full range of IP network camera fixed IPC found that the automatic target tracking multiple IPC monitoring target tracking; This system is true of Things. So: video surveillance intelligent is to build the key technologies of the Internet of Things; IPC constitute important unit of Things.
        The framework for determining the image intelligent system architecture also good inspiration image intelligent system structure: distribution Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPA). Both video detection function is done by the front-end equipment, and image information is comprehensive analysis of the information associated with the background. It meets the characteristics of the image signal before the image compression, the image data stream to maintain spatial image in time and space on the one-to-one relationship, is subjected to individual identification, and content analysis of the best shape, the compressed data stream is not this kinds of correspondence, and with the injury, the above processing is very difficult.
        IP video camera in the image signal is generated at the same time to produce value-added information is the most reasonable route. Front IPC sensor network is also the best illustration of the design of the monitoring system monitors the area. The monitoring system is not a point, a point in isolation to design cameras, to establish the concept of monitoring area configuration (quantity, selection, function), monitoring results and objectives for the overall planning of surveillance cameras in the district.
        Monitoring area will be designed to enhance the capacity and efficiency of the system real-time monitoring; improve the system to quickly capture the event, and the ability to complete information. The business unit is summed up in the real "Eight World War Act, is usually achieved with manual control or programming design. The former low efficiency, the latter a lack of monitoring of the interaction of the target. The IPC sensor networks constitute intelligent monitoring system through the analysis of the monitoring target image above tactics autonomy.

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