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  • Notes install IP camera

        In the current device, IP surveillance camera is undoubtedly the most audience. From the long-term development, or from the convenience of the application, network monitoring equipment have been in the minds of people laid a very good impression. However, the use may not be installed, many users because of improper installation, monitoring reducing the effects of thing. IP camera installation, what should we pay attention to what to do?
        1. A position of the camera demand
        For security surveillance camera, the location of the direct relationship between the imaging results of the device. Therefore, many users will be monitoring the effect as a primary reference of the surveillance camera installation location. However, they overlooked a very important point: surveillance camera is not a panacea, it also has its own requirements on the selection of the installation location.
        The first is in the installed position, in order to enable the camera to avoid the interference of the surrounding environment, to achieve a better photographing and survival effect. The installation of the indoor environment, we want as far as possible to ensure that the equipment is not less than 2.5 meters in height, and in the outdoor environment, we have to monitor equipment exposure to the height of more than three and a half meters from the ground. Otherwise, whether it is from the camera to protect themselves, or equipment monitoring point of view, will have a lot of negative effects. Only after taking into account these basic problems, we consider angle.
        2. camera cabling needs
        IP network camera line erection is clearly better than the traditional analog equipment richer. However, one of which transmission, interference problems are, we have to pay attention to. Especially for wired transmission of the video signal, the signal line and the same of the high-power wires to the transmission is undoubtedly taboo frame line process, not for convenience of construction and the two on the same transmission line pipe. Even if subject to environmental constraints, it is impossible to separate the two come, and also to ensure that the separation distance of at least half a meter. Only in this planning, in order to better avoid magnetic interference for video transmission.
        For a wireless signal transmission device, although it is less on the line limits. But the camera itself should avoid the surrounding magnetic interference source. At the same time to ensure the camera and ground insulation isolation.
        In addition, we should also pay attention to avoid the line PTZ work and hinder.
        3. Lighting environment needs
        Night surveillance cameras, in order to avoid reflections and shadows, usually lighting equipment, infrared lights can be used instead of ordinary light bulbs. However, the user must use black and white surveillance camera image server and network monitoring with infrared lighting device, because of the black and white surveillance camera is more sensitive to infrared light, color surveillance cameras can not play the infrared.
        Today, there are already many camera with wide dynamic upgrade their imaging capability in backlit environments. This is not, however, means that the camera can be continued in the glare of the environment under the job done. Strong light shining, direct glare likely to cause the the difficult normal camera positioning accurate image, eventually leading to permanent decolorization color filter on the sensor chip, the camera in the surveillance video streaks. Therefore, if possible, as much as possible so that the camera is in a "cis light" mode, but in any case, we should avoid the direct stimulus of strong light for a long time on the camera lens.
        4. high-performance terminal indispensable
        All along, the bandwidth limitations is one of the important reasons difficult to extend network monitoring. It is because of this factor, resulting in network users have long polarization - the strength of the self-built networks, users did not have the strength or only to endure the slow transmission, or to find another way out. However, with the compression technology continues to improve, as well as the optimization of the network environment. Living environment for network monitoring is also becoming increasingly getting better.
        However, in order to achieve the general public network users to be able to better complete network monitoring, a state-of-the-art processing terminal performance apparently is also indispensable. The effect of system performance, we should try to adopt the most advanced processing system in linux or win7, but has advanced CPU relatively large capacity memory and graphics imaging to be able to make our equipment will play a more comprehensive .
        In addition, in our system, there are other auxiliary alarm facilities, pay attention to the compatibility of their system, and focus on the stability of the device itself to work in the current environment, in the erection of the equipment need to focus and debugging.
        5. Installation of equipment accessories
        In addition to some of the aspects mentioned above, some of the video surveillance camera auxiliary equipment installation specifications we not be ignored in the construction of the link. For example, let the camera pan and tilt, rack equipment installation location meets the design requirements, installation should be smooth and firm, easy operation and maintenance. The back and sides of the rack away from the wall to meet the maintenance requirements; necessary when we want to install the camera protective cover, or temperature control devices, and so on. Contact link for the owners of the complex line, we should also indicate the usefulness as well as the characteristics of each line, so that maintenance and combing.
        Mentioned above, that is, when we set up a simple network monitoring system, the focus needed link. Compared to large, complex monitoring system for these apparently more simple and intuitive. However, from a critical point of view, these can be said to affect the quality of the monitor camera work lifeblood links are absolutely can not be ignored. Only when we grasp these important but easily overlooked elements mentioned above, may enjoy a more efficient and convenient network monitoring.

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