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  • Security companies how to deal with the problem of diverse competition

        With the rapid expansion of the size of the market, the rapid development of the industry technology and standardization trend of security market competition becomes much more intense than in the past, cruel much competition comprehensive to diversify away competition, a direct test of the enterprise´s comprehensive strength. Highlights the problems faced by the security market development, and then based on the market, security companies need to do to prepare?
        Security market three issues highlighted
        1, the cost is too high lead to expensive
        The first problem is cost. This problem is reflected in several aspects: first, early due to the amount not go up, higher product costs, especially high-definition camera, a lot higher than the previous standard definition camera cost, despite the current market there are a few hundred dollars HD IP camera, but at the expense of the quality and effectiveness of this product for a price, in the long run, no good HD popularize; Second, it is limited to the development of video processing technology, with the same codec technology, HD The higher stream video, the cost of network transmission and video storage costs were rising at the same time; Third, in connection with the cost of the corresponding center platform devices and display devices have a certain upgrade. These factors combine to make the same monitoring system with HD than SD in the cost much higher. This makes the HD application is still concentrated in a relatively ample safe city funds industry. Of course, with the market growing, it is planning to gradually become more reasonable and more efficient video processing technology (such as H.264HighProfile) the popularity of cost problems will gradually be resolved.
        2, compatible with challenges on the division of labor mode
        Second is the compatibility issues. HD is reflected in the overall solution center management and storage, the front end to the back-end display every aspect of the product should be HD. These products to form a system necessarily involves the interconnection problem. HD monitor network-based network monitoring in the current lack of mature, uniform standards, which brought a different camera manufacturers and platform compatibility issues between the NVR. The great challenges of this problem to the security industry division of labor, a manufacturers only do a part of the product is not enough, he needs to do multiple aspects of the product at the same time. In this context, the standardization of network monitoring problem the past two years has been more and more attention, some of the standards and norms (such as ONVIF, and HDcctv etc.) progress more and more smoothly.
        3, improve the industrial chain, rich in the form of products and variety of
        The third product categories. As mentioned above, a system each link HD is true HD IP HD in to have IP camera platform / NVR, storage, TV wall decoding, HD-SDI HD have SDI camera, Optical DVR and matrix. Short development time, compared with traditional standard definition monitor, HD types, shapes are not very rich, user choices are somewhat limited. It is encouraging to note that the industry chain has improved steadily as more and more vendors enter the field of high-definition, the form of products and product categories will also be getting rich. In addition, with the popularity of high definition HD applications in the industry is also growing. SD monitor so accumulated more industry practice, the SD still occupy a large market share. HD surveillance accumulation is not very much, many customers it also maintained a wait-and-see attitude, which also determines the trend of the popularity of high definition will be hindered. However, we firmly believe that, so long as we are of its continuous commitment of concern, continued to improve, the popularity of high-definition, just around the corner.
        Market a comprehensive assessment of the competitiveness of enterprises
        1, the business model is the key
        The business model is a key part of the competition in the market, in fact, when domestic leasing model began to appear when, has set off a prelude to the business model competition. Mode from the operators, leasing model, to this year´s BT mode, are actually security industry, business model innovation attempts. Compared to other aspects of the competition, the competition in the business model is more difficult to grasp and control requirements of the enterprise will be much higher, although the security industry in the current business model competition is still in its infancy, but also not too successful experience to learn, but we believe that the business model of competition in the future will become the core of market competition, the result will give rise to the re-integration of the industry or redifferentiation and bring more value-added point.
        2, the product is the main force
        The product is the main force of market competition, the key to determining the competitiveness of their products mainly to see the R & D strength and the strength of the supply chain. Security industry, technological innovation speed is very fast analog to network development has experienced a long period of time, but the high-definition products appear to planning applications but I feel at the moment, the typical security core chip, its processing ability to basically every other year will be at least doubled, products and technological innovation capability of enterprises in this situation, it basically will soon be eliminated, and rapid product and technology updates that can help companies from a certain degree of detachment homogenization due to price competition. In addition to the requirements of the pace of technological innovation, and also emphasized the balanced development of the hardware and software R & D strength, out of the hardware or software from the hardware-software market will face competitive pressures. The strength of the supply chain is mainly reflected in the cost of processing, logistics and user experience, the former will have a significant impact product cost, high supply chain costs will greatly reduce the competitiveness of their products, especially in the field of analog cameras and DVR, especially . The efficiency of the supply chain will also directly affect the user´s experience, the speed of the speed of delivery and quality of logistics services will direct feedback to the user. Attention were virtually no competition in this regard, but since last year, the impact of these factors are gradually expanding their feelings this year has been very clear, product homogeneity, the strength of the supply chain in the competitiveness of their products will be more critical.
        3, quality and service is an important manifestation of soft power
        Competition in quality and service is an important manifestation of soft power, with the development of the industry, the users can also become more rational, relative to past price factors dominated, users now pay more attention to product quality and overall service. The increasing scale of the security systems, the system is getting more complicated, the difficulty of self-maintenance is much higher than before, therefore, the overall increase in demand for quality and service, which is the main objective factors promoting user conceptual change. Overall, the security industry has gradually from more confusion of a large number of enterprises disorderly competition phase transition to the stage of the brand, brand competition and to promote the upgrading of quality and service, this is a virtuous cycle.
        4, talent cornerstone of enterprise development
        Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development, talent competition actual enterprise physical contest, with the entry of security technology advances and traditional IT companies, security industry talent competition is very intense. The one hand, the security industry in terms of R & D, marketing, supply chain management are from there are some gaps in the IT field, the urgent need for talented people to improve; IT enterprises to enter, and the lack of familiar with the experience of the security industry, you need to from traditional security companies to get these experiences. Those two factors make the last two years, the competition for talent is unusually active, which is actually an effective stimulus to enhance the level of the industry as a whole.
        In the past year, the security industry a decade, from rapid technological innovation to the refreshing enterprise strength competition, let our emotion. Security industry has entered a new track, the future of the security industry will be more rapid, the competition will become more and more brutal, industry consolidation it will definitely go ahead, but no matter what, this is the only way of maturity and growth of the security industry. Apexis will, together with my colleagues in the industry, witnessed the industry to take off.

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