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  • Surveillance camera development process of three stages

        With the large-scale project of the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, Green City Network HD, HD network the past two years the market growth rate of more than 30%. This also shows that the the Network HD overall effect and solutions have been accepted by the user. In this paper, the HD IP camera market development oriented to explore camera three major stages of development.
        HD IP camera market getting better
        From the current market, the HD IP camera at an annual growth rate of more than 30% of rapid development, especially since last year, HD IP camera is to usher in the explosive growth. At an early stage, HD IP video camera mainly to foreign brands mainly due to the lack of foreign HD IP camera manufacturers supporting low light, resulting in the application and sales blocked, plus labor costs are high, so high prices. In the face of high prices, many security companies have been developed to reduce the the HD cost of surveillance products. To HD network camera unit price significantly lower, closer to consumers, HD monitor but also in many ways to save costs for Contractors users. Instead of coaxial cable, such as cable and transmission of video, audio, power and control signals, you can save a lot of wire. Network long-distance transmission cost savings for our customers, it can be said to achieve a mutual win. With the development of technology and user demand for high-definition images, HD IP camera on the road in the security market is getting better.
        Currently, almost all major camera manufacturers to make greater efforts to launch HD the IP camera when. HD IP camera Product Type increasingly rich, there are various forms of the bolt, hemisphere, fast ball, and indoor and outdoor common infrared laser infrared, low-light, wide dynamic, intelligent tracking, panoramic various functions; HD IP camera deploy applications more and more, the a safe city vast majority of upgrading and new planning use HD IP camera, now HD IP camera is being extended to the wider field of intelligent building factories, chain. It should be said that the entire surveillance industry in rapid transition to high-definition.
        HD IP camera market is in a stage of rapid development, due to cost, the matching low light performance and other factors troubled, to some extent hindered the development and popularization of HD IP camera, as the technology continues to improve, HD IP The camera will become the main force in the video surveillance market. HD IP camera applications from all sides, is still mainly used in the premises clarity with special needs. Perfect but with the HD IP camera and transmission equipment, cost reduction, HD IP camera security monitoring will be more and more.
        Surveillance camera development overview and trends
        The first stage: the late seventies to the mid-nineties, this stage of closed-circuit television monitoring system (CCTV), which is the first generation of analog television monitoring system. The cassette tape recorder of the first generation of the VCR (VideoCassetteRecorders). VCR (or simply VCR) is an air-active video cassette recorders, with tape used to record sound and video of TV broadcasts reserved for later playback. Around 2000, has been basically eliminated, the DVD player to replace.
        CCTV surveillance system is an important part of the security technology to prevent system is an advanced, highly integrated system of prevention capability, it can by remote control camera and its auxiliary equipment (lens, pan, etc.) to be viewed directly be monitored all the circumstances of the place, and also with anti-theft alarm system and other security technology to prevent system linkage run its ability to guard against more powerful. The technical requirements of the CCTV system: monitor camera clarity, the transmission bandwidth of the system, the signal-to-noise ratio of the video signal, the TV signal format, camera, etc.. Its transmission medium for video cables. Analog processing by the control of the host. Mainly applied to banks, government agencies and other high places.
        The second stage: the mid to late nineties, mainly card PC-based video surveillance system, this stage is also known as semi-digital age Insiders. The transmission medium is still the video cable. The multimedia control host or DVR host (DVR), digital processing and storage. This stage of the application is mostly limited to the safety requirements of the higher places. The second-generation to DVR (DigitalVideoRecorder), digital video recorders, to replace traditional cassette DVR, it is often referred to as a DVR.
        DVR is a digital recording technology, image processing, image storage, retrieval, backup, and network transmission, remote control is far superior to analog surveillance equipment, DVR represents the development direction of the TV monitoring system, market TV The monitoring system of choice. Generally divided into: DVR, PC-type hard disk recorders, embedded DVR.
        The third stage: since the late nineties, rely on embedded technology, network communication technology as a platform to intelligent image analysis features IP video monitoring systems, mainly since the development of IP video monitoring into the the digital age. IP video monitoring applications are no longer limited to security, and gradually also for telecommuting, telemedicine, distance learning, and other fields. To the third generation - network video surveillance system, also known as IP surveillance systems.
        Whether it is added by the analog camera video server solution, or separately by the network camera solution, or both consisting of a mixture solution, IP monitoring have been proven to be a very attractive solution. More and more of the original industry applications, this revolutionary technology is gradually replacing the traditional monitoring systems, improve security, while also further reduce the cost; while in many new areas of application, or once used, and therefore open up and inspire many new markets.
        Surveillance camera
        Security surveillance camera is used in the security aspects of the quasi-camera pixels and higher resolution than your computer´s video head, but, keep up with the professional digital camera or dv. Surveillance camera just a single video capture device, it does not have the data save function.

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