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  • The development of sensor technology 8TCMOS status quickly enhance

        In the field of video imaging, since the birth of the future of the CMOS chip, I am afraid that the debate on CMOS and CCD is no pause. Some said, CMOS qualifications, it is impossible to shake the CCD, some said that CCD has grown for many years, too much technology has been the formation of a given type, to the detriment of its update. In short, along with CCD and CMOS sensor market he eliminate this long, this debate about CMOS has been continued.
        Today, the monitoring of the network high-definition imaging has gradually become swept the trend of the night "to kill". CMOS sensor widely used in the field of IP surveillance camera also reignited the interest of more people to discuss. Thus, the development of CMOS once again been instituted. If the characteristics of analog surveillance camera can promote Advantages of the CCD sensor, the advent of network HD is able to contribute to the capital of the CMOS words against the CCD it? Recently, with the seventh global digital surveillance Development Forum held in Beijing, the discussion on the prospects of CMOS once again put on the desk of the crowd.
        1, the source from the 3T-8T
        In recent years, CMOS chips are always in a quiet development trend. But has been covered by the aura of the CCD sensor, it is difficult to get the attention of more people. However, this also provides for CMOS development and rapid accumulation process.
        From the birth of the the earliest 3TCMOS chip, to the current 8TCMOS technology gradually be trusted. CMOS chips can be said silently through a long period of development. Initially, 3T CMOS technology is only a simple reset, the exposure of the imaging results have a good play, which CMOS chip most primary technology embodies. Later, after the advent of the 4T chip related equipment in the signal sampling has been a very wide range of upgrade. Sampling time at work, CMOS sensor will exposure sample were carried out in the dark and bright at two different stages of the same scene, then after two effects well integrated, so that the clarity, illumination capability is maximized improved. Better improved CMOS chip for smear.
        2, by leaps and bounds
        After that, in order to better achieve the image processing capabilities, from the CMOS 5T chips began to use more revolutionary improvements in CMOS technology applications, start the application globalshutter technology, application of the PLS, purely in the security of the CMOS simple imaging field, phone, and electricity, the forward direction of medical applications, machine vision and high demand.
        6T technology, CMOS the globalshutter applications to achieve further enhance higher parasitic light sensitivity technology. HD imaging capabilities of the CMOS chip as a whole will also be raised to a higher level. Later, on the basis of the 6T technology, CMOS chip control gate technology, achieve faster video switching, allows it to achieve imaging speeds higher than the previous application, this is what we call the 7T technology. It can be said, professional 7T CMOS chip has reached a very high standard.
        3, 8T CMOS positional leap
        Today, with the advent of 8TCMOS chip, it can be said CMOS technology development road that has come out of the set with its own characteristics. Performance, CMOS is no longer a vassal of the CCD technology. In low light, the technical support of the high sensitivity of the noise and the illumination of the night has made almost no difference and CCD. Global shutter application, globalshutter not only completely solve the smearing problem when taking pictures, but also become possible CMOS high-speed imaging under. In since the its inception 7TCMOS, CMOS sensor has up to more than 300fps frame rate even higher. And the benefits they can take advantage of the wide dynamic features of multi-frame superimposed high frame rate is more complete, high-speed capture, and monitoring will undoubtedly have a tremendous help.

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