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  • Resolve the selection of DVR

        If surveillance camera in the field of security monitoring is the brand more, then the system back-end storage devices can absolutely be called variety. Gradually replaced the previous tape recorder stored mainstream monitoring since the DVR, DVR battlefield strife begins, not to mention the DVR and NVR Formwork disputes, not to mention the monitoring equipment, various mainstream non-mainstream monitor storage devices mashup ", a single from the DVR in terms of its own kind of almost had somewhat overwhelmed.
        DVR application pc with embedded options have so many users scratching their heads, some people entangled in the choice between the two, but also some people to fully enjoy the various benefits of different equipment brought. However, when pc devices are gradually receded because of the disadvantage of stability and market mixed with customized dispute began to intensify. Let unfamiliar face both devices, their characteristics, then what is it?
        Mixed with customized differences
        Before you understand the difference between them, we may wish to take a look at them on the concept of the difference. Hybrid DVR is a simultaneous video playback system with both analog and digital interface can receive and transmit video signals from analog cameras and IP camera. Can be said that this is a transitional period of storage devices, because in many system applications, there coexist many analog monitoring and network monitoring. And how can the two good compatible Hybrid DVR is clearly indispensable.
        Of course, compared to the former "mixed" and "hybrid" customized DVR obviously more "loyal." Its application is mainly for the large amount of information, the information input points which the monitoring system. More information management for other equipment combines traditional security system, on the basis of the simulation equipment, which will undoubtedly increase the overall capacity of the system and network integration capabilities demand. Therefore, customized DVR also came into being.
        Mixed with customized disputes
        Maybe some friends questioned: DVR Hybrid DVR customized in terms of their concept, almost a significant difference between two different branches equipment and how there will be disputes it? We also need Speaking from the trends of the security systems.
        The past two years, the transformation and integration of the system has almost become the mainstream of the security system applications. For the needs of the many platforms, mixed equipment as well as the work of the high-capacity demand almost has become the co-existence of a trend. In this case, in the end is more emphasis on mixing, or focus on a single performance will allow many users scratching their heads. So many users had to be elected in the nuances of both a stronger strong.
        The hybrid with customized whether the choose?
        In our comparison, we will tend to our candidate summed up each other´s technical characteristics, and then divided according to our immediate needs to be more clear. However, for the comparison of the two products today, we might as well from another angle to observe.
        Information from the application of the share of the market, while the hybrid DVR with customized DVR birth in the struggle for markets very amazing record. Overall, share each other occupied less than one twentieth of the entire analog storage market. This also indicates that both applications is still limited to a relatively narrow area.
        Security storage technology development trend, although the transition class equipment made good market performance, but from the big environmental point of view, the traditional system still choose the traditional equipment, the future market will be more focus on networks and intelligent marriage, Such an attack of similar products is more embarrassing. Because many transition or compatible, and pay more attention to some of the traditional single function, and thus the product of this stage I am afraid it is doomed to more long-term stay in the identity of the transition.
        Therefore, we have chosen a similar device, although it can do better by our system during the transition phase, but in the future improvement of the system, may also add to our burden. And what kind of equipment we need in the end, I personally think that the premise grasp the characteristics of the current demand details, the future direction of development of our own system, as well as the future vitality of the equipment, I am afraid that the changes we consider. And if our current needs, for two reasons really equally matched, temporarily adhere to the status quo is perhaps also a good choice.

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