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  • Dome camera category and market trends

        The dome camera mainly consists of two parts: part of the movement and mechanical drive. If using with a movement, then the resolution, illumination, signal-to-noise ratio and other indicators are the same. The biggest difference is spherical camera mechanical transmission, mainly composed by motor and belt. Ball machine in the process of operation, loss of motor and belt is the most serious, is the highest failure rate of the link. Therefore, when choosing a ball machine, in addition to the image quality is better, but also the internal process. Today everyone to realize that under the dome camera.
        (1) PTZ speed divided: including high-speed ball (0-360 / S); fastball (0-60 / S) and low-speed ball (0-30 / S).
        (2) the use of the environment distinction: Indoor Dome Camera and Outdoor Dome Camera, Outdoor smart ball including a waterproof device and thermostatic device, double belt heating and fan.
        (3) to install the divide: lifting (bracket hanging in the roof and ceiling); side-mounted (bracket on the wall or pole); embedded (direct opening in the ceiling, bracket).
        (4) the transmission of the video signal is divided: analog dome cameras, dome IP camera when.
        Preset point or preset position
        Called preset function is intelligent speed dome PTZ current state can be horizontal angle, tilt angle and surveillance camera lens focal length, and other parameters are stored in the memory, can quickly call when needed adjust these parameters and PTZ camera to the location.
        Automatic cruise
        The so-called automatic cruise is pre-programmed by some preset choreography by the requirements of the order to the automatic cruise queue, only one external command can automatically preset set point sequence to set the ball machine the time interval reciprocating movement stop.
        Automatic scanning
        The so-called automatic scan is pre-set the left limit and right limit, can automatically scan back and forth between the left and right limit set speed level video surveillance camera.
        Mode (PATTERN) or pattern scan
        So-called Mode (PATTERN) function after the user starts recording capabilities (PATTERN), the ball can be recorded continuously running track user within a certain period of time, the rotation of the ball machine and lens operation, operation commands can be recorded automatic cycle operation playback. The industry also call this self-learning or intelligent memory.
        Automatically run (AUTOPARKING)
        The so-called auto-run function users over a period of time (the time can be freely set) not operating, the smart ball is automatically returned to the user pre-set a preset position (also known as the caretaker bit) or perform a preset function: auto scan, pattern scan or automatic cruise. Focus control
        The user can control the keyboard to adjust the focal length of the proximity, panoramic screen, or a close-up view.
        Focus control
        The system defaults to auto-focus. Lens zoom, security surveillance camera autofocus matter King in the center of the screen, to maintain a clear image; Users can in exceptional circumstances.
        Manual focus, to achieve the desired image effect.
        Iris control
        The monitor camera has an automatic backlight compensation function. Dark target glare context, automatic brightness compensation. Bright background lighting adjustment. Avoid the whole picture a group of bright, target because of darkness without discernible circumstances due to the high brightness of the background in order to achieve a clear view.
        Auto Flip
        The operator smart fastball Lens operation in the end (vertical), the dome lens will automatically flip 180 °, and then upward turn, can be viewed directly on the back of the scene, in order to achieve a the longitudinal full 180 ° continuous monitoring.
        Focal length / speed automatically match
        Operator to manually control the smart fast ball, the longer focal length, the high speed of the reaction of the ball machine makes a slight touch joystick might make the picture moving rapidly, resulting in picture loss. Humane considerations, smart fastball must have the operation more simple and easy to track the target based on the proximity of the focal length automatically adjust PTZ horizontal and vertical speed, making monitoring manually.
        Other features
        Area, privacy protection, white balance control, backlight compensation control, color / monochrome conversion control.
        Development trends
        Integrated intelligent fastball is no exception under the trend of development in the the entire surveillance industry to digital, intelligent, network dome camera industry situation, the following trends:
        1) support network transmission and network control network fastball (IP fastball)
        2) direct support twisted pair transmission or fiber-optic transmission, and is more suitable for the future application of intelligent building and ITS Intelligent Transportation
        3) more intelligent and humane function, such as increased facial image recognition and automatic tracking can be applied in the monitoring of public places and apprehension of fugitives; such as the increase in the automatic positioning of the voice can be applied to video conferencing systems
        4) in the design, with the improvement of the integration, miniaturization and diversification appearance design, the ball will be more convenient to install, and use the environment was also more hidden
        General parameters:
        7 inch \ 9-inch constant speed ball with no distortion high-strength alloy shell;
        High resolution 30 times Color integrated camera, IR-CUT automatically switch the color 1/4SONYCCD480 line;
        Built-F = 3.25mm-88mm30 optical lens shooting distance of 3 to 120 meters;
        355 ° horizontal rotation adjustable limit, or so speed up to 12 ° / S, vertical rotation of 12 ° / S;
        64 address code, and supports up to 16 universal agreement;
        Apply to roads, shops, family, community, factories, banks, and so on.

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