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  • Road surveillance cameras to help out the development of intelligent transportation

        Throughout the development of the industry, with the rise of intelligent transportation technology, high-speed camera has important applications in which made a great contribution to the intelligent transportation system is able to obtain a clear picture. It can be said that the high-speed high-definition industrial cameras to help out, intelligent transportation even more powerful. Similarly, the application of the intelligent monitoring system, road security surveillance cameras function is indispensable.
        Industrial cameras to help out the Intelligent Transportation
        With the development of electronic technology, computer technology, micro-processing technology as well as new sensors and high-capacity storage technology, the high-speed high-definition industrial cameras shooting rate increased significantly. Intelligent high-speed high-definition industrial cameras with its efficient, smart, a clear picture of stability advantage has gradually become the mainstream of the field of security monitoring equipment.
        In intelligent transportation systems, industrial cameras will be collected target information subject by the sensor is converted into digital information, passed to the image acquisition card located at the IPC, is responsible for the interface to interact with the control software, and ultimately produce a clear image data . Image acquisition card data further by the IPC bus pass to IPC memory control software module, the data collected can be persistent in the the IPC hard disk to form an intelligent traffic management system system.
        The driving behavior imaging velocimetry, and the driver of the vehicle are intelligent traffic related to the scope of ordinary camera technology to capture high-speed vehicle, will encounter many technical difficulties, there are some limitations. For example: detection, monitoring precise synchronization problems, intelligent traffic speed imaging problems and so on. Speed ​​to a certain extent, the image is not clear, the license plate information is more serious, when bad light, ordinary camera is also difficult to obtain a clear image. Therefore, the field of intelligent transportation using high-speed camera imaging is an inevitable choice.
        The entire intelligent transportation systems, high-speed camera can not only clear the measured moving target image can also be more precisely measured moving target motion parameters, largely overcome the limitations and shortcomings of the ordinary camera. Therefore, the high-speed camera to capture high-speed car traveling process, also effectively solve imaging problems such as at night or cloudy environment, realized in the true sense of the all-weather road monitoring.
        The status of the road video surveillance cameras development
        With the rapid development of the global economy, the scale of road construction continued to increase, growing motor vehicle and driver, the traditional way of traffic management will not be able to meet the growing traffic demand, on this premise, and vigorously promote the development of intelligent transportation systems, will improve the level of urban traffic management, improve the efficiency of traffic management personnel. Beginning in the 1960s, Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries began the study and application of intelligent transportation systems from the early 1990s, China began in some large and medium-sized cities to promote the use of intelligent transportation systems, after about 20 years development, system construction has begun to take shape, and has achieved good social benefits.
        Collection, transmission, and summary information for the relevant characteristics of the target object in the traffic on the road in the intelligent transportation system is the most important aspect, only collected enough information, in order for the system analysis of decision-making, the plan generated automatically control and other intelligent means of processing data to provide real, effective basis. The total number of information sources, the video image is the most intuitive and effective, just like the human visual system. In order to see in a variety of complex road environment clearer, more accurate, which requires a good "eye" road surveillance cameras is such a professional "eyes", and its importance is self-evident. " The performance of the merits of the eyes "will directly affect the effect of the use of the entire system.
        Introduction to road surveillance cameras
        Road surveillance cameras as a video image signal acquisition devices, specifically for the target object such as vehicle movement monitor traffic on the road, the driver, pedestrians and markers, 24x7 operation, and the ability to capture real-time, it is clear to characteristics of the target object information (such as the license plate, color, face shape, contour, shape, etc.). Since the use of the environment is more complex, harsh, unpredictable, road design, production and manufacture of surveillance cameras must conform to industrial standards.
        The road surveillance cameras trends
        Along with the domestic development of the intelligent transportation industry, road surveillance cameras in the field of traffic further and continue to play a significant role. For effective use in a variety of complex road environment, the captured video image quality is clearer, more accurately, increasing the performance requirements of the road surveillance cameras, more specialized product form and serialization. In recent years, according to various application requirements have launched a high-definition cameras, infrared cameras, auto-tracking camera, network camera, light inhibition camera, wide dynamic camera new products with high technological content.
        The road surveillance cameras in the major role in the intelligent transportation system is used to capture video image signal, and image signal transmission through the transmission line to the signal acquisition host image storage and analysis and processing. Main applications are summarized in the following points: the the traffic monitoring front-end monitor camera to monitor the return traffic command center of the real-time image of the region through the transmission line, real-time traffic control personnel master the intersection and the traffic conditions, for example: traffic on sections of people, semaphore state motor vehicle violations of the law, and traffic accidents. This information can help the traffic management department to take appropriate and timely treatment and treatment plan, the timely release of information, and through the screen and in front of traffic induced by the radio and television media to inform road drivers and pedestrians, effective traffic control.
        With the continuous development of society, the demand for high-speed camera market more widely, and various industries have different degrees of applications in the industrial field. I believe that in the next few years, smart HD high-speed industrial cameras will eventually become an integral part of people´s daily life and work of the right-hand man, to provide more adequate protection for urban safety.

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