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  • Network camera technology advantage highlights

        With the continuous development of industry applications, the construction of smart city projects continue to follow-up, large-scale high-definition intelligent network camera used in smart city project. The revolutionary impact of high-definition intelligent IP video monitoring, the leading video surveillance industry into a new stage. HD IP camera technology highlights the rapid progress of technological advantages, the future development will be towards technology convergence.
        HD IP camera technology progress
        In recent years, a series of high-definition products in the technical aspects have been obvious glitch, it is called the domestic video surveillance "HD first year. 2011 With the continued development of high-definition technology, high-definition monitor has beyond doubt become the "hero" of the security market. With the practical application of high-definition products in an industry in 2012, the high-definition technology is constantly penetrated into various industry specific applications.
        With the constant improvement of the development of computer network technology and infrastructure construction, the convenience brought about by the network has begun to change our lives. The high-speed development of network infrastructure, laid a solid foundation for the HD IP camera. HD surveillance system needs to meet the managers the flexibility to deploy systems with the allocation of responsibilities; need to meet the user to the fastest and most convenient way to use surveillance video; need to meet the continuous expansion and construction of the system. HD IP camera through the integration of the computer network system, able to fully meet the demand for these applications. Managers can be flexible deployment of surveillance video storage location due to the characteristics of IP network access, and clearly related to the management responsibility. Characteristics of IP network interconnection, allows the user through the PC, phone and other computer network terminal to request monitor or video. Due to the characteristics of IP network topology, the system can meet the need of continuous expansion. Therefore, HD IP camera will be the main type of HD cameras.
        Is to monitor HD IP camera must first solve the problem of picture clarity. HD IP camera generally use the more than 1 million pixels sensor image acquisition, mainstream 720P HD IP camera, for example, in the same scene, the monitor screen clarity than CIF resolution upgrade at least eight times, compared with D1 resolution upgrading at least more than 2 times.
        HD IP camera followed resolve Immunity, HD IP camera with all-digital system for the collection and transmission of its strong anti-interference performance. The reaction to the monitor image is similar snow noise, image ghost image does not appear, the monitor image is always kept clean and clear.
        network camera technology, highlighting the advantages
        With the upgrading of the network camera technology, as well as to improve the quality of product performance, network camera subsequent promotion and application will be more extensive. IP video monitoring of the most important market is concentrated in a safe city, financial, transportation, education, power, energy, operators, prisons and several major industries. Safe city construction projects led by government agencies and the public security organs is the number of network products implement relatively quickly and use the product more, network monitoring has been the first choice of most of the project, in a recent most of the monitoring equipment used on the Safe City project are IP camera, use a mix of SD and HD IP camera integration network coverage without blind spot monitoring project.
        In the development of the IP network camera, highlighted the following characteristics:
        1, high clarity into the most basic requirements
        Fuzzy screen, covered with snow noise in the era of analog monitor, the user is already a pain for but can not do anything, because the market the best camera can only do D1, pixels in theory at most only 40 more than one million. Surveillance cameras as a security first assistant simulation class monitoring products can not meet user needs, so the "HD" has become the first major demand, and, with the high-definition picture quality, low-light, wide dynamic, intelligent to achieve a higher level of demand, and it has application value.
        The high-definition screen is mainly dependent on technological breakthroughs, first proceed to enhance the quality of the video source. Digital IP video camera with respect to the analog camera using progressive scan CCD image sensor with the AD converter, optical signal into a digital signal output, to avoid repeated AD conversion, quality impairment small, but also in color reproduction signal The anti-jamming performance.
        2, low-light accelerate the popularization and application
        With the security monitoring by the growing field of high-end dedicated civilian, the application range of the camera is more and more widely, a lot of poor monitoring conditions, dimly lit places require versatile installation of the camera, especially in low-light camera. In addition, in order to meet the demand for 24-hour monitoring, new technology-based low-light cameras has become the new darling of the surveillance market. Currently, low-light cameras have been widely used in the field of financial, Museology, hotels, office buildings, residential property management.
        Illumination HD IP camera has now emerged, this camera uses a combination of brightening in the harsh environment monitoring, low-light effect far more than the analog cameras, they also have an outstanding advantage that ordinary cameras at low illumination conditions after the fading of the color picture into a black and white image, which still showing color images in low light, whether static or dynamic screen picture can be demonstrated strong sense of hierarchy, true color reproduction and less noise There are no the smearing advantages. Industry experts believe that improved low light performance will accelerate the pace of the popularity of HD IP camera, speed up the process of the era of high-definition monitor.
        3, the intelligent to become the main trend
        Intelligent monitoring from complex data analysis to identify the behavior and the type of operation command, the data and information available, in order to achieve the alarm, drawn attention to intelligent retrieval intelligent behavior. If the traditional video surveillance is an afterthought means to search for suspects, then intelligent monitoring is an adjunct to prevent crime, which dramatically improves the monitoring efficiency. And smart devices to selectively transmit video, so as to effectively save bandwidth, greatly enhancing the available network bandwidth. Today, intelligent monitoring has become an important theme of the development of surveillance technology and market demand.
        4, ISP (ImageSignalProcessing) is encoded chip integration
        By integrating the ISP, not only can significantly reduce the system cost, more greatly enhance the stability of the video, optimize images in optical performance. This is extremely important for enhancing the quality of HD IP camera imaging.
        5, standardization
        Whether ONVIF or PSIA, are the spontaneous organization formed standards, or has a very important meaning, but from their point of view to get more and more enterprises response. In the next few years, the standardization of the HD IP camera to the market permits.
        HD IP camera direction of future development
        HD IP camera will be combined with more industry applications, industry, business information and the seamless integration of HD IP camera can be achieved in the future, so as to bring higher system performance. For example, HD IP camera, image recognition, real-time, some of the information communicated to the business units, in order to play the role of the rapid alert.
        HD IP camera to be the better Internet technology fusion, can provide a variety of different ways, for multi-user real-time image stream. HD IP camera can alarm information and images via E-MAIL, MMS and other tools. Can spread through microblogging, QQ and other Internet tools, and data to interact with the terminal, such as real-time video broadcast.
        HD IP camera can load a variety of applications according to the user´s needs, the HD IP camera with the operating system for embedded devices. Various applications can be downloaded through the administrator to the HD IP camera, like the smartphone to download the application. This makes the application of the HD IP camera is more in line with the needs of the user.
        HD IP camera with smart features combine megapixels HD IP camera provides a good environment for the realization of intelligent algorithms. Intelligent algorithm can be based on the the HD original image, do some recognition applications. For example: the perimeter guard, items stolen Dangerous Goods legacy traffic statistics, flame detection, face recognition, license plate recognition, to meet the needs of customers in different industries.

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