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  • HD IP camera technology applications and market trend analysis

        First, high-definition monitor demand and development
        Accompanied safe city construction depth for the increasing demand for high-definition intelligent. Gradually mature multimedia technology, programmed decoding technology, network technology and IT technology, high-definition monitor began toward the actual application stage, HD IP camera becoming the leader of the security industry front-end video capture products.
        Second, the standard definition network cameras and high-definition network camera introduction
        Currently, IP camera SD IP camera and HD IP camera two categories:
        SD IP camera is the most common application of surveillance equipment, most standard definition IP camera IP module is on the basis of traditional analog cameras, mainly to meet the quality requirements are not particularly high, but to be able to realize remote centralized monitoring can also facilitate the construction installation and commissioning. SD IP camera market demand accounted for a considerable portion of the share due to the price advantage, such as computer-based LAN for regional monitoring sites, and partly through the Internet for remote monitoring of cross-regional users to SD IP camera. SD IP camera´s shortcomings very prominent, fuzzy screen, low resolution, when there is a sudden event need to tune to see video playback, difficult to discern at the details of the incident scene, can not provide valid information.
        At the same time, with the enhancement of the market demand for video surveillance quality, HD IP camera is developing rapidly. SD IP video camera and traditional analog cameras are basically three or four hundred thousand pixels or even lower, the latest program analog products are also more than five hundred thousand pixels, these low-pixel camera products have not fully meet the needs of most customers .
        In recent years, high-definition products safe city building-occupancy ratio also significantly been improved, safe city construction projects in the economically developed Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, the stronger demand on the network´s high-definition products. Customers on a number of large-scale projects requires an HD IP camera must be installed on every three to four monitoring points, frequent personnel access special places must also install HD IP camera, shows that the industry as a whole has been more demand for HD products .
        Third, HD IP camera surveillance solutions and advantages
        HD IP camera, image acquisition using the image sensor of the large size of the data collected in the original formed after ISP processing digital signal video streams, digital video compression and network access module will be the digitized video signals into line network transport protocols (such as TCP / IP protocol) data stream, sent to the Internet transmission.
        1, Flexible networking, and easy to implement
        With the rapid development of network technology and services, broadband networks are rapidly toward every corner of the town. Therefore, the high-definition network monitoring to quickly adapt to market demand, its biggest advantage of the interconnection, remote monitoring, and flexible networking modes, and without specifically to the wiring convenient application.
        2, Lower cost, a significant effect
        Compared with traditional analog surveillance equipment, HD IP camera installation easier installation and construction costs for the entire project will be a significant reduction. In addition, the network transmission is convenient, surveillance video images can be freely switch between command centers or sub-centers of the various video surveillance video supervision, making the overall monitoring and management and monitoring efforts are comprehensive upgrade.
        Fourth, network camera technology development prospects and trends analysis
        With the improvement of the quality of IP camera technology to enhance product performance, IP camera subsequent promotion and application will be more extensive. Currently, the main market for IP video monitoring or concentrated in a safe city, financial, transportation, education, power, energy, operators, prison, and several other major industry. Safe city construction projects led by government agencies and the public security organs is the number of network products implement relatively quickly and use the product more, network monitoring has been the first choice of most of the project, in a recent most of the monitoring equipment used on the Safe City project are IP camera, use a mix of SD and HD IP camera integration network coverage without blind spot monitoring project.
        In the development of the IP camera, highlighted the following characteristics:
        1, high clarity into the most basic requirements
        Fuzzy screen, covered with snow noise in the era of analog monitor, the user is already a pain for but can not do anything, because the market the best camera can only do D1, pixels in theory at most only 40 more than one million. Surveillance camera as security first assistant, simulation class monitoring products has been unable to meet user needs, so the "HD" has become the first major demand, and, with the high-definition picture quality, low-light, wide dynamic, intelligent to achieve a higher level of demand, and it has application value.
        The high-definition screen is mainly dependent on technological breakthroughs, first proceed to enhance the quality of the video source. Digital internet camera with respect to the analog camera using progressive scan CCD image sensor with the AD converter, optical signal into a digital signal output, to avoid repeated AD conversion, quality impairment small, but also in color reproduction signal anti- interference performers.
        2, low-light accelerate the popularization and application
        With the security monitoring by the growing field of high-end dedicated civilian, the application range of the camera is more and more widely, a lot of poor monitoring conditions, dimly lit places require versatile installation of the camera, especially in low-light camera. In addition, in order to meet the demand for 24-hour monitoring, new technology-based low-light cameras has become the new darling of the surveillance market. Currently, low-light cameras have been widely used in the field of financial, Museology, hotels, office buildings, residential property management.
        Illumination HD IP camera has now emerged, this camera uses a combination of brightening in the harsh environment monitoring, low-light effect far more than the analog cameras, they also have an outstanding advantage that ordinary cameras at low illumination conditions after the fading of the color picture into a black and white image, which still showing color images in low light, whether static or dynamic screen picture can be demonstrated strong sense of hierarchy, true color reproduction and less noise There are no the smearing advantages. Industry experts believe that improved low light performance will accelerate the pace of the popularity of HD IP camera, speed up the process of the era of high-definition monitor.
        3, the intelligent to become the main trend
        Intelligent monitoring from complex data analysis to identify the behavior and the type of operation command, the data and information available, in order to achieve the alarm, drawn attention to intelligent retrieval intelligent behavior. If the traditional video surveillance is an afterthought means to search for suspects, then intelligent monitoring is an adjunct to prevent crime, which dramatically improves the monitoring efficiency. And smart devices to selectively transmit video, so as to effectively save bandwidth, greatly enhancing the available network bandwidth. Today, intelligent monitoring has become an important theme of the development of surveillance technology and market demand.
        4, ISP (ImageSignalProcessing) is encoded chip integration
        By integrating the ISP, not only can significantly reduce the system cost, more greatly enhance the stability of the video, optimize images in optical performance. This is extremely important for enhancing the quality of HD IP camera imaging.
        5, standardization
        Whether ONVIF or PSIA, are the spontaneous organization formed standards, or has a very important meaning, but from their point of view to get more and more enterprises response. In the next few years, the standardization of the HD IP camera to the market permits.
        With the continuous development of industry applications, the implementation of the Safe City project construction, I believe that the Green City project in the near future, will be applied to large-scale high-definition intelligent IP camera. Brought the revolutionary impact of high-definition intelligent network video surveillance video surveillance, will lead the industry into a new stage.

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