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  • China´s rail transportation security technology development analysis

        With the vigorous development of China´s social and economic process of urbanization has accelerated noticeably, in many cities, especially in large cities increasingly highlighted issues such as traffic congestion, environmental degradation, urban rail transit is the present and future effective means to solve the urban traffic and environmental problems. Operational safety has been widespread concern of the community and government departments attach great importance to the development process of China´s high-speed rail transportation industry. In this paper, the application of security technology trends of China´s rail transportation security systems are briefly introduced.
        Chinese rail transportation security applications
        Chinese urban rail transit construction is booming, the rapid growth in demand for rail transportation of operational safety, security system emerging applications.
        View from rail transportation security systems constitute mainly by video surveillance systems, intrusion alarm systems, access control systems, communications systems, electronic inspection system, radioactive materials detection systems, toxic gas detection systems, flammable and explosive chemical detection systems The detection system of firearms, ammunition, explosives detection systems, physical protection systems, etc..
        Rail transportation security system from the application area, mainly distributed at the station, the train and along the track. Rail transportation security systems are mainly concentrated in the station, more than 60% of the proportion of investment accounting for the overall security system construction investment, mainly in video surveillance systems, access control, dangerous goods inspection, physical protection system based on the station the situation monitoring, to ensure passenger safety; train a smaller proportion of investment in security systems, less than 10%; video monitor train operation monitoring, door monitoring, fire monitoring system is mainly to ensure the safe operation of trains and vehicle passenger safety ; along the track electronic inspection system, intrusion alarm systems, chemical and toxic gas monitoring system, fire and environmental monitoring systems, mainly in order to ensure the safety of trains operating environment. From the product point of view, the video surveillance is the primary means of rail transportation security, the main applications demanding real-time monitoring stations and inside the station video surveillance, train mainly after the query. Overall, the video surveillance system accounts for about 60% of the total cost of the security system. Video surveillance equipment front end fixed cameras, dome, matrix, Optical, DVR, monitor, etc..
        Rail transit security technology trends
        Rail transportation security technology is moving towards the digital, high-definition, networked, intelligent, integrated security comprehensive management trends, the future of rail transportation security applications more perfect, more efficient. The security video surveillance industry is usually divided the development of video surveillance technology for analog monitoring, digital video surveillance, network monitoring, intelligent monitoring four stages. 3G mobile communication systems, wireless local area network (WLAN), broadband wireless networks (WMAX) wireless transmission technology and the widespread deployment of IP networks and the rapid development, and to promote the implementation of a wireless network remote video surveillance. According to the application requirements of the video system in the network operation, the the new subway video surveillance system should be developed into a the station level monitoring, line-level monitoring, network-level monitoring, as well as municipal monitoring multi-level network. At present, not just video surveillance system (CCTV), a tradition alarm monitoring system (ALM), access control monitoring system (ACS), electricity monitor (PSCADA) Station public and the emergency broadcast system on rail transportation security applications; (PA) etc. are to the network changes.
        At present, the total mileage of China´s rail transit lines in operation about 1000 km, station number more than 600. According to the average of each subway station 40 video surveillance point, two video surveillance point of each car, along the tunnel every 200 meters, a video surveillance point calculation, China´s urban rail transportation security systems to video surveillance has at least 40,000 points. Many rail traffic monitoring points, the traffic, the situation is very complex, relying solely on manpower is difficult to make timely and correct response to a variety of unexpected circumstances, and intelligent video analysis technology is the use of computer powerful data processing capability, the video screen or high-speed analysis and processing of massive amounts of data in the video, thus completing the human traffic statistics, congestion detection, face recognition, intrusion detection and alarm, legacy items detection function, greatly reducing the workload of the staff, will improve the accuracy of the system and timeliness.

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