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  • Relationship between HD monitor effect and the camera chip

        Is well known, the core components of the surveillance camera is an image sensor and a video processing chip, to achieve good image quality, in addition to the front lens, the processing, image processing portion of the sensor portion of the light is also the camera can not be ignored a ring. Chip as the core processor, the effect of the high-definition monitor is plays an important role.
        The ISP hand in DSP chip to enhance monitoring quality
        The ISP (imagesignalprocessor, image signal processor) is an important device in the CMOS and CCD camera, the main function is the charge in the imaging process is accumulated on the CCD (or CMOS) for processing information, including linearity correction, noise removal, bad point removal, interpolation, white balance, and automatic exposure control.
        The DSP (digitalsingnalprocessor) is a unique microprocessor, based on digital signal processing of large amounts of information devices. Directly from the image sensor is bad, regardless of color or detail with the actual image, only to see the broad contours of the image objects. While using a dedicated DSP chip the ISP can significantly improve the video processing and operating performance of the camera. ISP processing, including interpolation, denoising go dead pixels, edge enhancement, color correction, white balance and other operations, you can make the image becomes more delicate, more close to the real world in the image.
        Camera with low-light, wide dynamic range, through the fog, and other functions are often dedicated DSP chips for processing. Thus what DSP chip influence the treatment effect of the image sensor, thus affecting the effect of the monitoring. Can be seen, is closely related to monitor the effect of the camera chip, is not unrelated.
        HD IP camera high compression chip and the CPU processing power requirements of the machine, the processing power of the chip is mainly reflected in the resolution, low bandwidth stream applications. The vast majority of HD cameras IPC, IPC video codec and compression inevitable loss of different video codecs and compression processing chip compression ratio and image quality. The compression ratio of the processing chip greatly affect the quality of the pros and cons of high-definition monitors.
        The effect of the chip upgrade only to improve monitoring
        The chip has been restricting the development of China´s electronic industry, for many years has been the people´s heart disease, people have been eager to get rid of the "foreign chip" to contain. In terms of security, the chip also has been a key factor in restricting the definition of monitoring, in recent years, in order to enhance the image effect, some enterprises actively developing chips to enhance functionality.
        With the development of megapixel IP camera chip to achieve more functionality while also increasing the level of integration, along with peripheral devices will be less and less, will be getting lower and lower power consumption. Order system with digital HD cameras have both suitable for image sensors for security applications, docking with the back-end is also supported by the decoder chip technology, back-end decoding chip performance needs to be bigger breakthrough. Therefore, the chip innovations and upgrades become the focus of the industry.
        Security chip HD smart direction
        Clear in the end of last year, the State Council announced the decision to speed up the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries "for the prospects of the development of China´s chip industry, the chip industry as the core of basic industry. The huge space for development of chip development is the key to what direction. Security Industry, HD and intelligence is undoubtedly a hot topic in recent years, the same, high-definition and smart security chip development direction.
        With the security chip market growth, the security chip subdivision is also imperative. Security chip, depending on the applications, subdivided into the following different types: IP camera chip used in IP video camera, which is the product of the last two years, IPC market gradually mature, these chips is focused on high-definition compression, intelligent and ISP processing, such chip market capacity not as good as the DVR / NVR chip, but it is foreseeable that after a period of time, these chips will occupy most of the security market share.
        Auxiliary chips, mainly used for intelligent and ISP business, DSP and FPGA-based analog cameras, such a large number of DSP or FPGA chip for the ISP be applied. DSP small amount of intelligent analysis products currently on the market capacity is still in its infancy, for intelligence analysis products.
        Whether it is the network camera chip, or auxiliary chip, HD and smart chip will become the development direction. How the speed of the chip to fast track the development of products and industries, as well as how to guide the healthy growth of the industry chain security chip development challenges and opportunities. Chip impact of a high-definition monitor effects play an increasingly important role in the security industry chain, the national chip when help the morale of the security development, look forward to many security people waiting.

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