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  • IP video monitoring endless possibilities

        Due to public safety and personal privacy safety awareness drive, as well as security technology diversity, making the entire video surveillance market is booming period. Under video surveillance industry standards, the user can make flexible use of network switches monitoring; network camera IP environment safety management scale expansion wider, at any time, the network gives the surveillance system more energy, but also be able to effectively The control monitoring costs.
        The IP monitoring the advantage
        Superior image quality
        The image quality is the most important feature of the surveillance camera. Ultra-clear image quality allows the user to look at the details of the target and change more quickly to provide effective security measures. HD images more accurate automatic image analysis and alarm function. IP camera provides high-quality video images, megapixel IP camera provides more image details.
        Remote access with zero restrictions
        Anywhere by authorized computer real-time access to network video. Network equipment to provide a simple way to capture high-quality video distribution in any IP network or the Internet. Video image can be remotely stored in a medium, either via LAN and can be accessed via the Internet, increasing the safety and convenience of the local user of video storage.
        Hardly any restrictions on network video surveillance products, network monitoring with a high level of ability to provide integration with other devices and functions, making it an evolving system. A highly integrated IP video monitoring system can be used in multiple applications at the same time, such as access control, ATM, fire, intrusion, and visitor management.
        Scalability and flexibility
        Network video system can be expanded by adding more cameras monitoring range. Users can select different sizes according to the demand of the present monitoring system to meet the demand; massive HD IP camera video data through the cloud storage management.
        Intelligent monitoring
        Distributed Intelligence
        Lack of practice, a lot of the video is recorded and no time to review. From a practical point of view, in the event of suspicious behavior has not been found that this is not only a lack of monitoring is the administrator of dereliction of duty. For events that may occur in the network video has been implanted into the camera monitoring probes on the target device through the built-in video motion detection alarm and detailed analysis, of course, the intelligent cameras can decide when to send video, at what kind of frame rate and resolution be transmitted to the back-end equipment. In addition, its unique features, including audio detection and active tampering alarm.
        Analog and network monitoring system configuration comparison
        Based on open standards, network video products running on the IP network. Using standard PC server hardware rather than proprietary equipment, such as hard disk recorders fundamentally reduce the equipment cost, especially for large-scale storage solutions, server costs became an important part. Of course, from the infrastructure can save the additional cost, the application of the entire system can be stored into the IP-based network system, the Internet or LAN.
        The total cost at a glance
        Video through the network to provide a variety of advanced features. If you only compare the initial price of the camera is an IP camera is slightly higher than the analog probe. But if compared to the cost of each video channel analog systems, network video system for its flexibility and superiority of victory. System configuration, network-based video surveillance system upfront investment cost is low, would like a slightly higher cost for hardware, contrast.
        Chain application program parsing
        Based on the difference between analog and digital solutions, analog system installation, configuration and training costs are almost 50% of the IP system. For example, in the system wiring, analog monitor using coaxial cable, the IP system uses Ethernet cabling, cable cost difference larger. The same time, the simulation usually require a separate power cabling, network systems PoE support, in addition to individual large-scale monitoring equipment, to achieve the double standard of the first-line for the net power supply. The last IP system allows the user to use the PC systems and open storage of video management software, the cost is less than 20% of the digital video recorder.
        The advantages of the network monitoring system has been unable to quantify the scalability, ease of integration with other systems line, excellent image quality, simple maintenance and service, as well as a cost-effective investment cost. If the analog system and the network is difficult to make a choice, you may wait and see in the domestic network environment to meet the monitoring requirements from the environment point of view, the network omnipotent, IP video monitoring can show the endless possibilities.

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