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  • Talk about the application of the financial monitoring products

        Financial security has been the most important one of all public safety and security demands of a 24-hour uninterrupted throughout the year, related measures and equipment in the continuous improvement and sophisticated in. One of the main financial safety equipment - camera, various manufacturers have repeatedly sought to sophisticated focus. The issue´s special feature the financial monitoring test camera thematic, is the application of the highlights from the part of financial security video surveillance to find. This paper will be based on test data, to further explore the depth of content of various types of cameras in the application of financial security.
        Financial monitoring security priorities
        The bank is the most basic unit of financial institutions, one of the over the counter operating banks in the configuration structure in various places around the world are much the same, also said that the financial and banking security threats and security priorities are basically the same no matter in which country. Therefore, the monitoring of the security and defense priorities are almost identical.
        A financial bank security threat may come from the inside from outside. The internal factors include internal embezzlement, Counting negligence and cash transport and transaction processes, external hazards, violence, robbery, theft at night, such as ATM damage and fire. These internal and external threat factors was to jobs negligence, as well as environmental factors, to prevent these hazards and threats must rely on a variety of hardware and software security measures, while the video camera is one of the most intuitive and the most important equipment for characteristics of different types of cameras, with the consideration of environmental and hazardous conditions with, you can create the effect of the financial monitoring focused on defense.
        From the test to see the financial monitoring of past and present
        The financial monitoring test, we have confirmed some of the financial differences between the past and present of video security monitoring, and validation of sophisticated IP camera with HD-SDI camera applications in the financial monitoring. Era of analog cameras in the past, in the part of the financial counter, in order to achieve the depth of field and the balance of the monitoring range of 2-4 meters in the past, often image clarity on the counter and countertop must make a trade-off, that is, say you want to see the counter workers will not be able to take into account the public face of the visitors clear outline. Instead, take a close look visitors people face must discard counters operating personnel action details. To solve this problem, but to increase the number of cameras, in order to meet the depth of field caused by the front and rear focal length reaches balance needs.
        Furthermore, because of the camera monitoring the limitation of the scope and depth of field conditions, the counter countertop banknotes denominations and points banknote trading process, if disputes are often unable to provide a strong and clear and to clarify the evidence, so clear conditions also surveillance Contractors very large effect of pressure, because of the past financial banks often densely covered with surveillance camera on the installation and adjustment of the camera, in order to meet the seamless and details of master monitoring requirements.
        Today through the issue of testing, I see a big difference in financial monitoring past and present, the simulation test of the financial environment, regardless of the network camera or HD-SDI camera or even integrated camera, HD HD or Full HD full HD camera imaging conditions to achieve the same the environment depth of field conditions and HD lens combinations, we can see that the test to simulate the real conditions, depth-of-field focal length distance in the financial counter in the same focal lengths under clear presents, more importantly, over the counter analog level of the screen covers from the past a counter camera to reach the two counters camera covers, which is completely high-definition images of credit. Followed by analog counter surface denominations of banknotes, color and Counting number of Counting the number of figures can be clearly distinguished, this should be the largest application of past and present differences HD camcorder to financial monitoring.
        Financial environment bring a camera test
        In addition to the differences of the preceding paragraph, the financial unit due to the special requirements of decoration, almost inevitably the environmental conditions of the floor-to-ceiling windows lighting and smooth floors, past analog financial monitoring often because the camera itself, the performance of the image processing circuit (DSP / ISP) limit, unable to meet the backlight with wide dynamic (BLC / WDR) the challenge of environmental conditions, financial bank video surveillance camera in a specific point in time often can not fully see the face of all the visitors or ATM teller machine operator before face-to-peer. Overly polished floor reflective effect, in addition to the images backlight is strong, and the image screen Diablo unclear, because the cameras to resist such a backlight effect accordingly will increase the gain, the cause screen overexposed or inhibit large, the resulting screen presents a dark and also when you have seen.
        IP network camera and HD-SDI camera tests in order to verify that this problem, the current tests, in particular to simulate large areas of floor-to-ceiling windows that create a light inside and outside the poor and the strong backlight to view the current through this test condition stage all kinds of high-definition camera in this part of the performance. From the results, we can see that in the so-called backlight suppression ability, powerful projection lamp irradiation from the the actual simulation environment test or test can backlight inhibitory effect on the ability to achieve balance adjustment before and after the target and the background light. From this in the past because the ground reflective, which led visitors backlight screen bad guy is no longer in the environment of financial the bank monitoring must endure frustration.
        As for the actual analog foreground and background light wide dynamic priming effect, prospects indoor Wide dynamic ratio from 50-120dB different camera circuit design, complete and clear view, and building background in outdoor scenes clearly no over exposure of the presents on the screen. Of course, this part of according to Shencechanpin the WDR dynamic range, while a different rendering, but basically functional deposit and automatic gain adjustment, are indispensable financial security surveillance camera function specification.
        Financial monitoring test just the first step in changing the way in product testing, in fact, often financial monitoring project, often are discovered only after the installation of the system and camera simulation environment test unearthed some practical verification problems, will give users and Contractors Product Selection and Shiguang An installed to provide a certain reference value, and also hope that this product practice test can provide more information.

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