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  • Double-chip IP surveillance camera

        In the conceivable future trends, high-definition monitor seems to have been to a "bottleneck" period. The next phase of the high-definition monitor will be how to develop security market of perhaps 2013 revealed the answers for us. Impatient you must be curious about how to make this one last shot to now, high-definition monitor.
        To once again to break through the high-definition IP video monitoring technology, single-chip video processor, high-definition camera slowly become a thing of the past. Instead of the double-chip IP monitoring devices, these devices will be almost the required functionality is concentrated in the front end on the design of the camera, the input data from the image sensor, the image signal processing and H.264 compression and other essential parameters in order to ensure through Gigabit Ethernet interface transmission network.
        The dual-chip IP camera can capture up to 60 frames / sec rate of high-definition images, image resolution 1080P, 1.5w power consumption is less than in the highly efficient H.264 codec. Now contrast the network equipment in the security market, two-chip camera is able to achieve low power and low bit rate HD image.
        In addition, the two-chip device via the Internet clearly view remote video system stability is doubled; Secondly the flexibility to deal with noise, outstanding low-light capabilities. Security surveillance camera, the device is suitable for a variety of lighting environments and equipment performance is proportional to, security also increases.
        High temperatures affect the image of two-chip camera
        Related research shows that 2014 will be a turning point in the network HD cameras. Network video surveillance equipment sales will gradually replace the molding equipment, high efficiency became important reference for high-definition video camera. As we all know, the biggest advantage of the network equipment in any time period, anywhere via the Internet, you can access it, the image quality is impeccable.
        HD camera supports face recognition, license plate recognition function, reduce the deployment of monitoring probes can improve security operations. With the changes in the security market, the high-definition video surveillance has opened a new technical adjustments. Image signal processing, high-resolution image sensor and noise reduction equipment to attract more sensitive light source; limited resources on the network to provide high-quality compressed data to enable manufacturers to improve the image quality through technical means.
        The two-chip provides not only the speed and capacity of the efficient processing of images, and also bring the problem of overheating of equipment operation. How normal processing of the data is crucial in high temperature environments. The dual-chip network camera is the next stage of the development of future high-definition monitor, also able to show a clear picture such as high-definition movies even in indoor, night vision environment.
        H.264 role of that it is possible to reduce the load on the network and disk storage space. Storage costs directly affect the cost of the full set of monitoring system, especially taking into account the family users, wireless network environment, with professional security monitoring cameras and video conferencing systems can be combined to control the front-end cost is also controlled the mass storage standard.
        Today, the professional HD monitor camera resolution in about 2 million pixels, the image rate of 25. The emergence of dual-chip network camera again subversion of the IPC, you know, three-dimensional noise reduction processing, feature-rich image processing channel to replace the original interlaced, the image quality is more delicate.

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