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  • SDI the three technology upgrade bouts IP monitoring

        U-HDI can solve the drawbacks of the HD-SDI
        The standard is the security industry´s biggest problem, whether a product can be widely applied to first look at whether it is to meet the industry standards and protocols. As HD-SDI, it is a new eco-products industry, but to the popularity of the application must meet exacting standards.
        The emergence of an industry standard is not only the specification as simple as a surveillance camera, the view from the security monitoring solutions, the standard sense interpretation of a lot of meaning. First is the wiring: HD-SDI coaxial cable transmission of high-quality non-compressed image, but must meet the dual cable transmission during the installation process. Secondly, the monitoring system on the wall; Even the port to meet the requirements, but the device is not necessarily compatible with the HD format. Again, the mode of operation between different manufacturers equipment is not the same as video codec and digital hard disk recorders, front-to-back caused because the standards are not unified fault-prone.
        In the security industry, the general-purpose standard is still being explored. Both end users and vendors will provide proven solutions and application advice for this standard. HD-SDI requires manufacturers launched a complete solution in a limited time, the front end to the back-end of a series of standard make in the the HD areas of real alternatives.
        U-HDI can solve the drawbacks of the HD-SDI
        Most in need of monitoring equipment is in line with local conditions, domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers will inevitably conflict. Of course, this conflict is to establish the areas of product applications. As foreign network environment covering conditions, IP surveillance brunt; domestic by the bandwidth of multiple pressures, to achieve high-definition, it can not completely replace traditional analog can not be fully updated with the IP, HD-SDI is currently in the middle of the program.
        HD-SDI is not groundless, and now domestic HDcctv Alliance members are also many, HDcctv stage of development has been in a slow forward. For in U-HDI, some users have already felt its advantages, as new transmission standard, a good solution to the inevitable shortcomings of HD-SDI link exists, while retaining the HD-SDI link advantages. The standard for HD-SDI HD SDI products and services until the HD-SDI can really attract market attention, it is to be able to faster development.
        HD chip competitiveness
        As mentioned above, why many manufacturers are not optimistic about the IP-based monitoring HD-SDI? The reason is to deal with the problem of the chip inside the camera. Some people say, network camera includes chip digitization, processing, and image compression, but that does not mean the HD-SDI require the same chip. But how can we learn from each other, it seems that SDI is not ready.
        Or, the video processing chip IP camera expertise. Not only because the network device can capture video information, it is also possible for intelligent analysis of IP device can be completed, as time goes on, more people can not imagine.
        HD-SDI zero delay can solve a wide range of monitoring
        HD-SDI advocates generate "the transmission zero delay image zero compression, HD-SDI low latency settings are crucial, IP monitoring users do see a glimmer of hope, they place their hopes in the HD-SDI can whether to solve the current problems faced by IP surveillance. Both applications have their own strengths, when it comes to a wide range of monitoring, the significance of the latter is more prominent. Traffic monitoring, finance, safe city and so using a network monitoring system.
        HD-SDI zero delay can solve a wide range of monitoring
        On the other hand, the monitoring system digitally connected to the trend of globalization, the future of HD IP camera development towards a more rational direction. HD-SDI to solve the problems of the analog monitor HD, but it still is a closed system, can not be separated from the complex wiring and installation. In addition, HD-SDI provides up to 2 million pixels or 1080P image, these are the limitations of the development of digital monitoring wave.
        Of course, for other limitations are also obvious. Compared to traditional analog control system, it is undeniable that HD-SDI can provide better image quality, but also inherited the same shortcomings. One of the problems is scalability: HD-SDI digital video recorders, which greatly limits the front-end equipment; Another is cost: Although it uses a cable transmission, but additional funding must be prepared to replace the front-end equipment, Optical and back-end storage , the price is still more expensive.
        HD-SDI in the domestic market has its important position, but it will not become a strong contender in the IP network monitoring system. IP surveillance system with better integration, interoperability and flexibility. Security user IP monitoring from now on will occupy a large cardinality, and HD-SDI is still the choice of traditional markets. Video surveillance scale can not be achieved, then the meaning of the latter is more prominent; Skynet engineering advantages of IP surveillance is more prominent.
        Competition and complementarity
        Two competing and complementary technologies to create more opportunities for both manufacturers, after taking into account the needs of users, can inspire better products. HD-SDI is a complement of IP HD IP monitoring is also HD-SDI is an upgrade, if the user wants to pursue higher-definition monitor visual effects, then the IP will be a huge opportunity.

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