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  • HD monitor new force Resolve HDCVI technology application

        HD monitor era brought endless possibilities for the development of the security industry, in order to be able to make a difference in high-definition new market, vendors are mustering strength expectations through a variety of techniques, programs and applications on innovation, win good reputation and recognition in the HD market customers. Us through detailed the interpretation - HDCVI technology manufacturers innovative new technology, with a view to the industry to bring some inspiration.
        Security industry in the process to the development of high-definition video, both technical and systematic application, have experienced a variety of standards, practice and exploration of the agreement. Today´s HD-SDI and network technology as a high-definition monitor technology, each play advantage to seize the high-definition market share. Recently, there the manufacturers introduced HDCVI technology, how should HDCVI system as a new force in the booming security market emerge.
        In megapixels class in the era of high-definition monitor, the camera has become the industry entry standards, product form is divided into two camps HD-SDI camera with HD IP camera. Compressed digital video signals including HD-SDI camera follows the transmission of radio and television system standard, no transmission 720P and 1080P; HD IP camera format image by H.264 compression, use the network transmission of video compression. The HDCVI technology uses two completely different technical approach, this article from the technical analysis, system solutions and technology trends Analysis of three aspects HDCVI system´s prospects.
        Comparative analysis with all kinds of high-definition technology
        HDCVI technology is based on the coaxial cable to transmit high-definition composite video signal using analog modulation techniques, progressive way transmission 1280H (1280x720) and 1920H (1920x1080) resolution HD video signals. The HDCVI technology megapixels level carrying capacity, including 1280H @ 25fps, 1280H @ 30fps, 1280H @ 50fps, 1280H @ 60fps, 1920H @ 25fps, 1920H @ 30fps six kinds of formats. HD surveillance camera monitoring system can be realized using HDCVI technology to HD DVR before lossless data communication without time delay between the video and audio transmission, as well as equipment and ensure reliable transmission of high-definition video within a distance of 500 meters above.
        HDCVIvs.HD-SDI technology
        Compared to HD-SDI technology, HDCVI have a competitive advantage in the field of coaxial cable to transmit high-definition video. The First, HDCVI HD-SDI transmission technology can transmit HD video 720P and 1080P effective resolution, but have innate advantages in the transmission distance HDCVI.
        First, HD-SDI in better environment transmission medium can transmit 100 meters, even HDcctv Alliance next version v2.0 using compression techniques, the transmission distance is in the environment where the transmission medium is preferably also only reach Theoretically 300 meters. HDCVI currently using 75-3 cable, at least can be transmitted 500 meters, and a very low signal distortion; 75-5 or better cable is used, the transmission distance can be further extended, while also ensuring the transmission of video, quality;
        Second, HD-SDI poor anti-interference ability, especially in the presence of high-frequency radiation environment, such as mobile phones, wireless routers, a strong high-frequency wireless electromagnetic radiation interference, resulting in the HD-SDI video data to high bit error rate, showed abnormal images, video, and can not be locked. HDCVI using low frequency analog modulation techniques, to avoid the high-frequency wireless electromagnetic interference radiation from the essence of the technical principles, even in the environment of strong interference sources, it still remains to ensure the high quality of image transmission;
        Third, HD-SDI in the actual construction, the wiring environment selection, construction methods, there are stringent requirements, mainly for the requirements of high-quality for the installation of cables, not allowed midway feeder; connection terminals of the welding quality, low installation path radiation, etc., these are the quality of the construction workers, construction cost, installation and maintenance complexity, the design of the circuit traces and high demands. HDCVI technology followed the specifications of construction requirements and traces analog SD, the ordinary weak construction personnel can quickly deploy high-definition monitoring subsystem.
        HDCCIvs.IP technology
        The mainstream HD IP camera, HDCVI same the performance of out the advantages of the application of the Security Industry.
        First HDCVI using point-to-point transmission to ensure the reliability of signal transmission The IPNC using the Ethernet transmission technology, the transmission path through the network routing, switching, etc., there is the risk of network jitter, and packet loss. In order to adapt to the network environment to ensure smooth video, often using video buffering technology, the current network environment better point-to-point transmission to ensure control of less than 300ms, the poor environmental network delay phenomenon is more serious. HDCVI technology does not exist in the point-to-point transmission delay, HD video source from the camera to the back-end equipment Preview this process without the codec, image remain completely original effect provide user more perfect visual effects.
        Second, the upgrading of the current analog standard definition equipment can also seamlessly switch to HDCVI product demand comprehensive HD monitor can be achieved by replacing the camera and DVR. Analog SD equipment of the construction and deployment of the way is the most widely used, engineering companies, construction workers in security engineering construction, mainly using the system, HDCVI technology lineage analog SD of transmission way, the construction and deployment of the most easy to be the majority of users accept and quick to implement. Rather the IPNC similar IT building construction, construction workers, topology design, traffic design, node selection of equipment have higher requirements.
        Third, HDCVI systems use the SD system exactly, plug-and-play analog cameras and DVR deployment system equipment, the main DVR interoperable. Compared to the the IPNC use, often need to be set on the camera, the initialization operation, and in addition the presence of the communication network protocol compatibility problems or configuration exception risk. Even Onvif standardized protocol application, the promotion of IP network camera plus NVR system, its ease of use are still unable to with analog systems comparable.
        In addition, due to HDCVI of cable transmission technology using multi-signal, use a coaxial cable video to complete the pass video and audio signals and two-way data transmission, synchronous transmission of audio and video as well as reverse send control signals, such as PTZ zoom control, etc., and further reduces the complexity of the construction and installation.
        More importantly, adapt to long-distance HDCVI technology not only take into account the practical value, without delay, the strong interference transmission as well as the complex deployment where more low-cost, high-cost competitive advantage. HD HDCVI technology-based video surveillance system will remain a considerable cost to the original analog standard definition system, to equal the cost of the system, experience the charm of high-definition monitor.
        HDCVI system solutions for the practical application of analysis
        HDCVI HD solution, DVR and analog cameras used mainly HDCVI technology to form the basis of subsystem. DVR, NVS as an aggregation node devices, with the deployment of analog cameras using star topology. Video surveillance system not only HDCVI technology in use and installation, the analog standard definition camera system consistent user operation also has the same interactive experience, the transmission medium can directly follow the SD system of coaxial cable connector. Construction without additional deployment of personnel learn a large number of professional knowledge of assembly, the quality of the cable, the connection process were also no special requirements, fully inherited the advantages of analog SD. New construction in the deployment, there is no need for new training process, the conversion works can easily achieve a smooth transition based on the original system, seamless upgrade.

        HDCVI technology products for users select appropriate security surveillance camera, according to the monitoring scene; sufficient access channel DVR is selected depending on the number of monitoring points; hard to choose the right capacity according to the scheduled time of the video, we can build a high-definition surveillance system, the entire the selection process and the subsequent installation, commissioning work with traditional SD era analog control system is almost identical.
        The only difference is that the selection of the hard disk capacity, taking into account the definition video monitor, the video stream representing D1 significantly increased, 1280H format analog HD monitoring system, for example, each channel generates the coded data of the equivalent of the 720P is D1 era more than 2 times, selecting hard, you need to adopt the same multiple hard disk capacity.
        HDCVI technology can transmit 500 meters of high-definition video signal requirements in the design of the system, the distance between the monitor camera and DVR should not exceed this range. Coverage, ideal for a typical application of the 16 and under video surveillance point. In more than HDCVI transmission range of application model, it is recommended to use multiple DVR Zuwangfangshi structures typical application, where each DVR coverage within the effective distance monitoring points, and try to balance the number of access for each DVR.
        HDCVI new features bring new features to the analog HD systems, performance audio, alarm, the auxiliary video surveillance equipment deployment scenarios. Closer distance of the camera, not far from DVR audio monitoring equipment, alarms, video surveillance camera can be connected to the nearest to using HDCVI Technology sent through coaxial cable to the DVR, which simplifies the construction deployment scenarios.
        Technological innovation to promote high-definition applications
        The HDCVI transmission technology gradually extend the application, the need for broader applications based on HDCVI technology products, mining technology to enhance the demand will further explore the advantages and features of the technology by the experience. As emerging technologies, in addition to satisfying the curiosity of manufacturers and users need more practice to get user acceptance. (HDCVI aimed at what the potential of the industry, can be complemented by simple here?)
        HDCVI wider application of the technology can not be separated from the product diversity and the completeness of the system as a new technology standard, the need for manufacturers through the unremitting efforts to develop more competitive products. Systematic application of cost-effective and high acceleration the megapixels level the popularity of high-definition video surveillance progress, the completion of the upgrade of the analog monitor industry structure.
        Trends in high-definition monitor HDCVI introduction of technology to manufacturers in the industry for more inspired, but also to provide users with more reference and select. With the participation of more vendors, new technology upgrading and supporting products improve, promote healthy development, technology and market eco-environment and speed up the security industry overall shift to high-definition monitor.

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