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  • Opportunities and the development of the mobile home surveillance

        Mobile home surveillance domestic demand highlights the general improvement thanks to the rapid development of the economy, the consumption level of people´s lives, continue to strengthen safety awareness. In this case, the past dedicated to the special field of security surveillance products began to enter the homes of ordinary people, especially the mobile IP video monitoring equipment, mobile home surveillance products began to flood the market with a strong technical and stylish appearance design, imperceptibly changing the status quo of the development of the home security market.
        Easy to install and move into the greatest advantage
        The usual home surveillance camera system generally includes a group of cameras, monitors and memory, have a basic analysis capabilities, you can complete the monitoring, alarm and stored video. More advanced monitoring system audio surveillance, remote monitoring and alarm calls and other functions. Smartphones becoming increasingly popular today, as long as the installation of a client, you can watch the way the "anytime, anywhere", which not only changed the traditional backward wiring monitoring the way, makes installation, debugging, deployment and operation more simple and stupid.
        Home surveillance camera system based 2G/3G/WiFi the network transmission Ghome mobile It is understood that a developed and integrated the two functions of the cell phone monitoring phone anti-theft alarm. Front of the camera comes with a wireless alarm module, matching wireless door sensor, probe, wireless smoke detector alarm trigger device Alone was broken into, the system will automatically send text messages to mobile phone users to the specified local produce sound and light siren. Remote users receive information by phone or computer to view monitor screen and monitor camera phone control rotation angle, adjust the focus and the alarm system is armed, disarmed, to activate the phone at the same time recording function and handling of police intelligence. More important is the integrated design of the front of the system security surveillance camera, simply insert a 3G mobile phone card, install the antenna, power three steps to work, greatly reduce the threshold for the use of the operating costs and user. The family also contribute to the achievement of the remote care of the elderly, childcare.
        Relatively traditional home surveillance camera systems, based 2G/3G/WiFi mobile monitoring, erection of a flexible network is convenient, do not pull line pipe and destroy the original set, extended extremely convenient, greatly reducing installation costs. At the same time, the broader mobile home surveillance camera coverage, monitoring and more convenient, anywhere, anytime using mobile phone video surveillance is not limited to a computer pre-installed monitoring client.
        Price keep up with the needs of civilians after-sales service
        With the development of technology, the price of the mobile home surveillance products has gradually declined, but the price is still mobile home surveillance products can not cover a large area. At present, China has more than 300 million households. Real economic strength, or is willing to install the monitoring system accounted for a small part of the 300 million households. It is understood that a set of ordinary mobile home surveillance camera system (three monitoring points, for example) costs more than 2,000 yuan, equivalent to the price of a mid-range phone. Strange for ordinary families and the price is not cheap mobile home surveillance camera system is difficult to be sought after by them.
        Mobile home surveillance camera, on the other hand, this electronic equipment than in machinery and equipment, and more prone to failure, and once the failure, needs professional maintenance. Therefore, improvement of product quality and perfect after-sales service security system will be the decisive factor in the rapid development of the mobile home surveillance.
        The home surveillance market in China has just started, but the mobile home surveillance products play a role should not be underestimated in the protection of the family safety, risk prevention, and constantly promote With the decline in product prices as well as the operators of individual markets, individual users of mobile home surveillance product has a huge potential demand.
        Future mobile home surveillance camera system, the intelligent monitoring system is a perfect combination of 3G, security, smart, B2B applications, telecom operators have value-added business systems can be flexibly combined TV entertainment, video surveillance , video conferencing, mobile video, visual communication and other business integration on a single platform to provide to the user, and play integration advantages, to meet the user´s individual needs. The same time, the high-end home surveillance camera system will be more intelligent, such as video monitoring provides advanced video intelligence analysis capabilities, including the intelligent analysis of regional and border, face recognition, person tracking, character statistics, etc.; will also combine medical, housekeeping, call functions, and increase the application of the linkage alarm and security services.

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