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  • IP network camera no sound or poor sound quality solution

        1: If it is determined the LINE audio input port, then check the pickups supply is normal, check whether the pickup connection.
        2: First, determine whether the network camera audio input: LINEIN (linear level)
        If both of which are determined in the case, the network camera recorded the sound quality is still very vague or no sound?
        1: First check the pickup audio signal output connection, the general IP cameras audio input connector is a 3.5 headphone connector, the corresponding pickups audio signal line, it is necessary to divert into a 3.5 headphone connector.
        2: While you are connected to a 3.5 headphone connector, 3.5 connector, he took part in dual-channel and single-channel stereo and mono sub, check your 3.5 connector is a two-channel or single channel.
        3: some brand network camera audio input along with: LINE and MIC input, that is an audio input port, he left channel LINE right channel is the MIC, this case appearsFor example, negative or connected with negative, positive then 3.5 connector which one, and then listen to the sound is normal, if not normal, for the other one audio line to pick. Can not be left and right channels are connected in parallel, and also prohibits the use of mono 3.5 connector must use a dual-channel connector.
        3.5 international standard interface connector, 3.5 headphone connector on the two black lines representing the dual-channel interface, two black lines is insulated ring 3.5 connector at the top of the most pointed stereo left the middle of the channel, insulating ring for the right channel, the roots of the negative electrode is grounded. Mono 3.5 connector, on the contrary can only see a black insulating ring, that is the tip of the positive roots to negative!
        4: If confirmed mono pickups cathode is then 3.5 positive, then negative negative corresponding. If you are the case of dual-channel, then there will be a three-core wire, pickups a negative electrode of the negative electrode connected to 3.5, and the positive electrode is connected to the two cores of 3.5 connector corresponding, respectively, the left and right channels.

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