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  • Network monitoring used in airports Digital surveillance architecture had become the protagonist

       With a wide range of industries, video surveillance has become an indispensable right-hand man of the airport management. Or even tens of miles area in a radius of a few miles from the terminal building, passenger shuttle hall to the ticket office, security zone, to the airfield perimeter ...... the monitoring probes figure almost ubiquitous, directly related to the monitoring system is good or bad to the airport normal order and aircraft of the flight safety. Therefore, the selection of security equipment, airport managers have been pursuing a "reliable" line. Of course, in the era of rapid monitoring technology, but from time to time to assess the situation to the video surveillance system to transform innovations.
        Digital surveillance architecture had become the protagonist
        For now, most domestic airport video surveillance system is still based on the simulation system to build, including a large airport early Terminal (Xianyang International Airport T1, T2), as well as other small and medium-sized airports. Typical simulation system architecture based on terminal units independent construction between Terminal monitoring system, however, and lack the necessary linkage between monitoring systems and other security subsystem, much airport managers criticized.
        Since the Capital Airport T3 benchmarking project implementation, the growing number of airports in the expansion of the transformation will be semi-digitized, all-IP architecture introduced to video surveillance. The airport half digital video surveillance architecture major front-end analog cameras, codec in the middle, the back-end is a digital platform. Respected digital systems, traced, there are two things: on the one hand, brought digital architecture network bandwidth issues along with the progress of network technology in recent years to ease. H.264 algorithm efficient code stream codec technology and NVR, BLOCK quick save storage technology contributed; On the other hand, the digital architecture to better meet the flexible needs of airport managers. The digitization of the video surveillance system is part of the construction of the airport information digitization can to bring analog systems can not match the big networking concept, the IP architecture closer interconnection between the various subsystems of the security.
        The digital architecture modulus mashup rage, but this trend is a subtle change, all-IP monitoring is becoming a major highlight of the airport security. Beginning this year, the airport project will carefully consider the analog-to-digital hybrid programs, Xi´an airport program planning in 2008-2009, when most of the monitoring equipment manufacturers comprehensive product lines to support all-IP program. A monitoring system covering many types of cameras, including the bolt ball machine, hemispheric, which requires manufacturers of network cameras have a complete product line. They still use analog cameras + codec suitable manufacturers some more. Now, the situation became pale and IP-based magnificent turn the mainstream monitoring surveillance products manufacturers in the market has largely been achieved.
        The charm of the all-IP monitoring program show dripping through Baiyun International Airport T3 terminal. Full IP solutions, in addition to the front-end and back-end equipment needed to configure the system upgrade, expansion, migration, also have more flexibility in the sharing of resources, complemented by a network redundancy disk RAID technology, controller redundancy I technology, but also to avoid a single point of failure.
        Network HD first debut
        In short, the analog control system by the first-mover advantage is still entrenched in certain positions, but the the digital architecture aggressive from behind the trend is inevitable.
        Network HD first debut
        HD equipment applications, compared with Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and other developed regions, the domestic obviously slow a beat. However, by paving the digitized HD IP camera application is gradually spreading. 720P or 1080P, a gun-type or ball type, with varying degrees of application.
        Now after the emergence of high-definition monitor, the the HD system architecture IP network. Although the market based on the architecture of high-definition HD-SDI monitoring program, but the the airport internal wiring distance longer, SDI is limited by the performance of the transmission distance of coaxial cable, and the overall cost of the investment is not low, after the expansion even smooth The transition will bring no small difficulty, and IP technology is relatively more mature, stable and reliable.
        Airport security projects, HD has not yet entered a wide range of applications, mainly arranged in a number of key points. Due to the structure of the airports with different needs, select the specific location of the HD monitoring points are not the same. Such as Baiyun International Airport T3 project in the airport business district, the transformation of the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and the Hongqiao transport hub channel erection of some high-definition point Xianyang International Airport T3 building to install HD front-end in some important points, such as security channel.
        The front of the gorgeous transfiguration also contributed to the back-end system upgrade. Airport originally splicing screen are generally 17-inch, 19-inch, now more and more airports procurement of 80 inch, 90 inch big screen, used to browse the SD analog picture is less effective, and the vivid display of high-definition images. HD point image upload Tai screen superiors convenient airport command center to view or inspect the work.
        Airport security monitoring, HD universal access also remains to be seen. However, for the airport full coverage of the needs as well as high-definition imaging, transmission and storage of low stream practicality revolutionary breakthrough, it is bound to high-definition video surveillance system to a large-scale practical application.

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