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  • Installation requirements of IR speed dome ip camera 

        Dome Camera could be used if you do not need 24-hour surveillance or monitoring environment with round-the-clock lighting conditions; infrared dome ip camera can be used if the user needs round-the-clock monitoring mode, monitoring environment to some extent assisted in the night from the functional light source, then the low-light cameras can also. As for the range of sizes of the control and monitoring only need to configure the camera lens on demand. Dome Camera In addition to ordinary gun-type camera function, it also has easy installation, good looks, good for hiding subjective advantages. Dome Camera installation and maintenance is simple, but in order to play a perfect performance of the camera, to achieve the desired camera effects, to meet the needs of the user, the user needs to grasp some of the important requirements and standards in construction and wiring, installation and commissioning process.
      When wiring in the design and construction of the distance to the monitoring center based on the front-end network camera laying the appropriate size of the diameter of the cable, if the line is too long and used too thin cable line signal attenuation is too large, it can not meet the image transmission needs, this will lead to the monitoring center to watch the images of poor quality; surveillance cameras used in the transmission loss DC12v centralized power supply voltage should be considered to avoid the lack of front-end network camera powered and cause the camera does not work properly. In addition, in the to laying power cord and video cable separately to wear tube wiring, but also pitch in more than one meter to prevent the transmission of power interference signal.
      Dome ip cameras are indoor ceiling installation (special circumstances need to install outdoor time should be special treatment), the installation process should pay attention to the ceiling material and load-bearing situation, try to avoid the strong electric and strong magnetic field environment . Aluminum alloy material and plasterboard ceiling installation process should be in the ceiling at the top plus thin wood or cardboard to fix the camera base plate screws, so as to make the camera will not easily fall off, otherwise, in the maintenance process to replace the camera will damage plaster ceiling material, and fixed and is not strong, resulting in damage. If it is installed in the building above the corridors outside, should also pay attention to the ceiling exists leaking, the rainy season when rain poured into the cameras and other factors.

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