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  • The integration of video surveillance and alarm system is the trend

        Video surveillance system currently occupy about 90% of the domestic security market, With the development of video surveillance, some systems can achieve through intelligent analysis alarm may some overlap with existing burglar alarm technology. Currently, video surveillance, intelligence analysis system in its infancy, has not been widely used, and high optical detection of anti-theft alarm system maturity, its technology and even not to mention more mature, both the application environment and angle There are large differences. Of things, the prospects for the rapid development of the transmission technology destined alarm system with the monitoring system will form a complementary fusion of the situation. Now, many domestic manufacturers have introduced the composite linkage video surveillance alarm detectors, they communicate using TCP / IP technology, both systems integration. Abou conference in the past two years, some manufacturers have been ahead of others began this attempt, they alarm host and DVR integration, real-time video saved locally when an alarm occurs, can also be uploaded onto the server platform, by INTERNET, 3G network, GPRS, PSTN line transmission, alarm operators need only a computer and existing mature network can be networked alarm operator services, and low operating costs. In this mode, the alarm processing center, also according to the customer´s need to set up their own local server, multi-zone management server can send alarm information and video website according to the needs of the customer to the customer, customers can log on to the website to view video information . The establishment of the advantages of this multi-system integration platform that combines alarms and video surveillance, enterprises can serve as a platform provider, to the network alarm carriers charge platform maintenance fee, which occupy alarm operators market. Of course, the building early this network platform there are many difficulties need to be addressed, such as user experience, targeted, data confidentiality, etc., are needed to research the problem.
       From a broader perspective, in addition to the integration and monitoring system, the Internet of Things burglar alarm integration a mainstream direction. With the arrival of the wave of the Internet of Things, the security industry is more concerned about the security of Things. A very important part of the concept of things is the front-end sensors, infrared detectors and burglar alarms, smoke detectors sense, vibration detectors, temperature probes, humidity detectors is the Internet of Things "tentacles", they receive the scene information or analysis by the sensor smart judgment or sent through the transmission network to the server-side intelligent analysis and judgment, the final will be linked by the Internet information is sent to the equipment required to perform the control function. From this point of view, in the era of things, focus on the front-end detection alarm companies will also be promising at the product level. The alarm system has bid farewell to the era of development alone, began to blend and other security systems, such as building intercom, video surveillance, and even with the integration of the Internet of Things, and has become an increasingly uncertain reality, alarm video DVRWEB mode increasingly clear . Anti-theft alarm and the combination of the Internet of Things will create a very broad market, a one hundred billion market is gradually formed. Alarm system "sensing" technology great prospects for development, is a key link in the system of the Internet of Things.
       The basic operation of the Internet of Things constitutes sensing intelligent analysis execution, its composition is based on the various forms of Internet technology. Its composition based on the "transmission" part, with the gradual application of the transmission technologies such as 3G, WiFi, wireless alarm product trends are becoming clear. The network has also become another major direction of alarm products, as alarm products closely linked to people´s lives, have been offering a wide range of networking products. The development of the IP Camera is more mature, this product is compatible with dual monitor and alarm protection, and remote monitoring through the INTERNET, alarm and storage. The development of the IP Camera to the terminal consumers come into contact with the alarm system, If the alarm company Alarm platform information confidential degrees one step further, the IP Camera´s future prospects will also be very impressive. In order to adapt to the pace of development of the network, the TCP / IP of the product has become the direction of the alarm system. For example, this year, some manufacturers have introduced IP the burglar host system using IP technology, TCP / IP network can be shared with other devices, substantial savings in installation costs; detected by special software, the system automatically manages the alarm system equipment and understand their operation greatly facilitate the management and use of the user. Brand of internationally renowned alarm, wireless networking has been a focus on the development direction the past few years, the internationally renowned enterprises generally gradual increase in the TCP / IP, GSM, GPRS and other communication, some also supports control of the mobile terminal.
       The most prominent recent highlights, zigbee, Z-WAVE transmission technology with two-way communication protocol is simple, signal stability has become the focus of attention. This communication protocols using alarm products will play a revolutionary role. Many manufacturers fancy the trend of the future of this technology, and commenced a systematic study on zigbee technology to replace existing wireless communication technology. Different and Bluetooth, zigbee transmission distance farther, up to 5 km, stronger anti-interference ability and more stable signal transmission, and is ideal for a business district within the user network can form a front-end sensor in the true sense of the community, greatly enhance the accuracy of detection. Zigbee transmission technology enables two-way communication, remote control and intelligent alarm system as a whole will be a great help. Transmission distance, the information collected by the front-end detector can achieve integrated terminal computing future R & D network control platform based on the above technology, then, in the traditional sense of alarm host may disappear, the signal after the front-end acquisition after entering the control platform, all the arithmetic processing section is completed by the cloud platform, which will be a huge revolution.

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