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  • Intelligent analysis will be large-scale applications in the surveillance industry

        A few years ago, the industry kind of sound, “no network, no HD”, this sentence from the side reaction of the unity of the domestic security industry competition, HD-SDI past because of the need to hire the radio and television equipment, cost is obviously too high . HD-SDI products research and development of large-scale outbreak after 2011, its ancillary products have relatively sound, HD-SDI network camera, CMOS or CCD have launched a variety of programs, tested the effect is very good, the HD-SDI-based DVR, matrix screen mosaic wall software control platform has several on-line use. With the HD-SDI standardized framework for the construction and upgrade, as well as market HD field gradually open, vendor further R & D investment and manufacturing, further parsing features HD-SDI products. HD-SDI way to solve a high-definition signal acquisition, without delay transmission, high-definition display, and IP to resolve the signal storage, multi-level platform calls, signal processing, analysis, service platforms and other tasks in the unique technology needs one of the reasons for and the system status, multiple signal format, multi-service platform is the of HD development of Road, which is in the Security Industry HD storm HD-SDI and HD IPC monitoring way to keep pace.
       HD after a technical hot intelligent technology, we are talking about intelligent more from the video analysis product manufacturers or CCTV suppliers, in fact, the security intelligence is not just intelligent video analysis, but is a system-level overall security level intelligence, intelligent video analysis will be just one part. The essence of intelligent machine vision, and device-level intelligence from the end of the smart, and gradually extended to a comprehensive system senior thinking process. So look at the security intelligence needs to be integrated into integrated security environment, all intelligent can only be the end of the device-level intelligence, and the only system of integrated environment to the end of the device-level intelligent gradually rising into the system-level intelligent cover the entire construction project. From the most mature security intelligence intelligent video analysis technology development point of view, it can in the case of almost no human intervention, by recording the camera image sequence automatically analyze the target position in the dynamic scene identification and tracking, and on this basis to analyze and determine the behavior of the target, so not only complete the day-to-day management and can react in a timely manner when abnormal happens, so as to solve the traditional monitoring heavy workload, low efficiency, the reaction slow and so its obvious advantages, but also to promote one of the most critical technologies for the entire security intelligence.
       Reason why the platform will be the key to security monitoring enterprises to enhance and master the core technology, and trends in the industry and integrated in various vendors in the promotion of industry solutions, the need for front-end to back-end product line integration, which can not be separated from the software platform is extremely supporting hardware support. Basic domestic mainstream monitor manufacturers have their own software platform, different positioning and size of these platforms are not the same, these software platform vendors, some pure software provider, and some will be with some post- end hardware IPSAN, servers, large screen to the provision of integrated. Analysis from the application level, the software platform of the China Security Industry is divided into three kinds of public security application class, industry user class and operation of the service class. All in all, in the next few years, the platform software to become the standard for the main business of manufacturers to monitor some platforms have the strength of the operational level, while others are still in the stage of the client. Platform software technology are the rapid development of distributed deployment, the more advanced concepts of the B / S architecture, multi-domain architectures, middleware, embedded systems and database applications are already reflected in the different platforms.
       Cloud computing is deepening to more areas, and the combination of security and cloud computing will give us what kind of effect it? To catch the popular chase fashion or really technically has a very urgent need for cloud computing? Whether it can bring to the demand we want it? With the HD and intelligent video surveillance is used more and more widely, the amount of data generated is still very large. For effective management of the data, so he introduced the concept of the cloud. Visualization of the significance of the products in order to improve business management and system management efficiency and service levels, and iconic network camera, there is used a lot of technology is cloud storage and cloud computing technology, customers and do not care about the technical details, and more concerned about is the embodiment of our services applications. With the future of high-definition, intelligent increasingly widespread application of the field of security for cloud computing rely even fusion, will be more and more. The constant improvement of cloud computing, as well as monitoring the rise in demand for smart home, security and cloud technology integration has become an inevitable trend. Even in the case of current storage needs widening, and compatibility with the growing demand, cloud computing is likely in the future to become the most important way to enhance the security performance, even in a long period of time, become the only security system performance improvement way.

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