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  • Classification and characteristics of the mobile monitoring

        Mobile monitoring of the security industry has been not a new word, come out now, the technology continues to develop and mature, become an important branch of the "family" of video surveillance.
        What mobile monitoring?
        Mobile monitoring dynamic form of front-end video image acquisition, transmission through wireless or network professional-grade video surveillance products, by moving the way to receive and view, such as by phone or computer can monitor remote real-time dynamic picture, is moving launch, mobile reception, more simple, more convenient, more timely monitoring solution. Mobile monitoring closely integrated with traditional security monitoring technology is a wireless network technology product.
        Mobile surveillance products can be broadly divided into two categories: First, through the wireless transmission of mobile monitoring equipment, fixed or fixed place to monitor, such as a law enforcement vehicle by a surveillance camera mounted on the roof or by law enforcement officers carry handheld surveillance camera , real-time image acquisition; law enforcement site through mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones get fixed surveillance camera image acquisition of fixed locations and places, such as 3G mobile phone monitoring. Currently, mobile monitoring product form: phone (or mobile terminal) monitoring, the bus mobile monitoring vehicle mobile surveillance (for law enforcement vehicles), law enforcement recorder, mobile individual soldier equipment.
        Since the advent of the mobile monitoring technology, due to factors such as cost and network bandwidth constraints, market applications has not lukewarm not fire, far short of our ideals and market expectations.
        3G, 4G technology, no doubt for mobile monitoring an unprecedented opportunity for development. Is time we should be concerned about the mobile surveillance market.
        Classification and characteristics of the mobile monitoring
        Any monitoring the transmission of the image, need a transmission medium. Mobile surveillance like fixed monitoring system, also need image transmission, merely the fixed monitoring the image transmission through wiring and cable transmission, mobile monitoring image transmission by or transmitted through the network. Network transmission cable (or fiber), but the work is to be completed by the telecom operators. Wireless monitoring system, wireless monitoring center needs to get real-time video monitoring points, and the video must be continuous and clear. Wireless monitoring point, usually using the camera on the scene to conduct real-time acquisition, camera and video wireless transmission equipment connected by radio waves to send data signals to the monitoring center.
        Throughout the wireless mobile monitoring transmission, it can be said that the coexistence of a variety of transmission modes. The main transmission mode: wireless mobile network (3G/GPRS), wireless broadband (WIFI / WIMAX) microwave systems, satellite.
        From a professional perspective, mobile surveillance camera is mainly divided into the following categories:
        A, WIFI wireless IP camera. WIFI wireless IP camera and wireless router with the wireless router requires the ability on the Internet. The advantage of using the WIFI IP camera is no wiring, installation and increase the number of cameras are more convenient, low cost Internet; drawback is time basis having instructions to do some simple network configuration to normal use. wireless router network camera to the general requirements for the distance in the range of 30-100 meters, if outside this range require dedicated antenna or nearest to install a wireless router. More intensive use in the wireless router to set up a wireless router working band.
        B, the wired IP camera. Wired network camera directly plugged into the network port or router Internet will be able to work properly. The advantage of the wired IP camera is simple to use, does not require any configuration can be used, not afraid of signal interference, stable and reliable, low cost Internet; disadvantage is the need cloth cable.
        C, 3G wireless IP camera. 3G internet camera mobile TD-SCDMA type, the Unicom WCDMA type and Telecom CDMA2000 type, need corresponding phone card inserted in the camera. The advantage of 3G network camera is simple to use and does not require any configuration can be used, no wiring, without user erection of any network, and can be used as long as the phone network and power.

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