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  • Six factors restrict network camera large-scale application

        As the core equipment in the network video surveillance system, the application and popularization of the network camera represents the extent and stage of development of network video surveillance. Needless to say, the webcam is gradually adapting to the diverse needs of current and future, will become the mainstream in the field of video surveillance products. Network camera for most users in terms of its performance, stability, and integration of, but also understand not clear and thorough, the lack of in-depth analysis and research of the system. Therefore, decision-making, often have more concerns and doubts, so did not dare to try, this is also largely affected the popularity of network cameras and network monitoring system and a wide range of applications.
        With businesses to actually promote a lot of feedback information encountered in the process of the network camera products, basically influencing factors of the large-scale promotion of the network camera can be summed up as the application of customary, core technology, network transmission, procurement costs, application value, resource integration, six aspects.
        Application of customary
        First of all, the concept has formed a kind of inertia that liquidity in the current market, a wide range of applications, to survive a long time video surveillance products is the best choice, therefore, the current total market dominance DVR + analog cameras became the first choice of most of the users or contractors. In which many tender process will absorb some of the IP camera products, but often win DVR + analog cameras combinations for results. This network camera views of the new generation of products will be invisible are brought into a misunderstanding, the user will be new technology, new products must be immature, prone to problems, imposed such as performance unstable, the system installation and commissioning complex by the impact of the external environment, the operation is not easy to grasp, shortcomings.
        Visible change concepts are fundamental factors constraining the development of network video surveillance, the only change in this look at the concept of the new things in order to make the network camera faster and more comprehensive understanding and recognition, and play its due advantage. Of course, there are a number of industrial users, such as network penetration education leading IT application in terms of the medical industry customers, from system design, deployment to the application, network monitoring system based on IP cameras are pleased selection and also from the willingness to be able to put in the capital and other costs, this is a very good start, is bound to have an important impact for the popularity of the network camera.
        Core technology
        Although the domestic network video surveillance products can be said is contending, but the vast majority of security vendors do not have their own core technology, especially video and audio development, monitoring and management of software development and image processing technology. A unified and standardized technology and really close to the demand of the domestic market atmosphere increased quite a lot of unnecessary trouble, gave the Security Contractors and builders are often looking for a variety of monitoring solutions for network video surveillance system, equipment manufacturers, patchwork, but also to integrate the design, is not only a waste of time and energy, also increased the cost of procurement of technology and products, which can not really achieve the confrontation and competition with international brand manufacturers, not to mention a station type of solution and service system. In addition, in terms of the core network camera video compression technology itself, in its development are constantly updated, did not reach a mature stage.
        Currently, network cameras are widely used in image compression technology M-JPEG/MPEG-4/H.264 three ways the H.264 can obtain the highest compression ratio, processing platform for the highest demands on the camera itself. Mainstream manufacturers are used in order to obtain high resolution and real-time transmission of the full H.264 compression algorithm to achieve low bandwidth, but the actual effect can not let the user satisfaction, and due to technology and investment in chip and upgrade also simultaneously increase the cost of the network camera.
        Network transmission
        Network camera signal interaction must be dependent on the network, but is still very lack of a good network environment, this is a very objective and realistic. Network video surveillance system, as the name suggests is a general purpose network deployment of video surveillance systems and applications to achieve. Network environment based on the carrier network video surveillance system, a network environment, in order to provide a good protection for fluency and real-time network video. Digital video transmission needs to occupy a larger network bandwidth resources, can reach hundreds of megabytes access the LAN, the network environment, the basic Gigabit degree of convergence with the respective network transmission quality assurance measures, network bandwidth can be fully protection, network video surveillance system can also be fully performance characteristics; network monitoring, however, need to meet a wider, more branches, more areas of application requirements, which requires a network video needs in the WAN environment. Incredibly domestic network status can not be relieved, either leased line, ADSL, CDMA, 3G, bandwidth is very limited, and the actual and theoretical values ​​vary greatly, compared with the advanced countries, the so-called broadband, the vast most can only be defined narrow band digital video transmission will be faced with the dilemma of vehicles narrow roads, resulting in the decline in picture quality, screen interrupt, delay too long phenomenon. Therefore, there is no network resources, will restrict the effect of network video surveillance system, it can not reflect the advantages of network video surveillance system.
        Construction costs
        Deep misunderstandings construction costs for internet cameras, network video surveillance system, the high price of network cameras and network video surveillance system, the construction cost of the DVR system is much lower. Admittedly, DVR equipment being experienced general price situation and the characteristics of encoding and storage rolled into one, is also a lot of small and medium-sized, and monitoring requirements are lower project maintained absolute cost advantage. But gradually as the user needs to the network, HD, intelligent, centralized management, systems integration direction, the DVR system essentially has appeared to be inadequate. In fact, from another angle to analyze network camera function, has both analog cameras and DVR encoding functions with analog cameras is not comparable in price. If the construction cost of the network video monitoring system, including hardware costs, implementation costs analysis, accounting, satisfy the premise of the demand for high-end applications, the construction costs of the network video surveillance system is usually with DVR system fairly basic. But from a realistic point of consideration, many users have DVR system, if you want to carry out the transformation of the system-wide network monitoring devices should be given up, really cause a huge waste of the original investment, it is difficult for users to accept , therefore, the advantages of network cameras is obvious, but in the actual product procurement and system construction, but also must be possible to protect the user´s original investment. Fortunately, the well-known manufacturers, such as domestic, such as Apexis has launched such as hybrid DVR, multi-system management platform and other products, you can not change the original structure and premise network transformation, the maximum guarantee the user´s initial investment meet economic, compatibility, and the advanced nature of the comprehensive needs.
        Application value
        Currently, network cameras in the market megapixels mainstream, a lot of international and domestic manufacturers have launched a full range of network camera products, and some manufacturers have been based on the 300 million, 500-megapixel IP cameras. But HD network monitoring in the country, is not accordingly applied to various industries and fields, or a reality. Low-light processing such as high-definition video, noise processing, the camera the internal ISP and SOC processing performance requirements are very high, for the less complex control environment at night effect, and in fact the night security level should be higher than during the day, which For bank ATM machines and other high-level monitoring field is still a bottleneck. Road monitoring megapixels IP cameras need to capture high-speed vehicles, to real-time personnel facial features and details of the vehicle for fill light mount, flash, exposure time, the stream mode conversion, the actual The application does not mature. Shows, the network camera products, in essence, does still exist some flawed, not yet widely used in industry demand, a high level of security. And generally more accustomed to the full real-time transmission of video, and the actual monitoring process, especially in the financial, energy, production enterprises, but also the requirements of real-time monitoring high. Coupled with the current demand for wireless video transmission, web cameras also unable to meet the comprehensive requirements of the fine image quality and smooth HD video effects, serious latency issues, unable to meet the high places of the real-time requirements.
        Therefore, the network video technology can solve the surveillance industry want to see clearly, but in practical applications, there are still technical problems to be solved in a wide variety of practical applications.
        Integration of resources
        IP video monitoring the trend is more and more accepted by manufacturers, distributors, users, network cameras as a new monitoring product trends, so that more manufacturers enter the IP market. However, the complicated network camera technology also closer cooperative relations between the manufacturers of the industry chain. Lens, sensor, compression processing chip, three are indispensable, through close cooperation, to improve compatibility with each other, to understand each other characteristics and limitations in order to get a better imaging quality. The video compression part, depends on the chip makers and camera manufacturers in close collaboration with the software program adjustment and optimization, both sides need closer cooperation in the details. Chip manufacturers face the issues raised by the camera manufacturers, whether there is the ability to solve the problem of the rapid response, IP cameras, especially megapixels era will seem more prominent. Openness and integration of the characteristics of the network monitoring system, also produce a more unified management and linkage alarm needs, its core is the management platform and network camera manufacturers product compatibility integration, which requires a internet camera manufacturers and platform vendors, combining the strengths with the completion of the overall construction of the network video surveillance project. The same time, we must also recognize that the video surveillance system is also a dispute of a technical standard.
        Closed system with analog video surveillance, digital video surveillance system products and products to achieve the compatibility of the system has become a serious problem in practical engineering. Different technical standards will lead to difficulties on the interaction of the device search, real-time video, audio, metadata and control information, and therefore, the discussion on the issue of standards is increasing, the makers of the standard, guide or even control the development of the industry as a whole, This is the profit the most lucrative part, ONVIF, PSIA two standards organizations are competing with each other, the winner is still unknown.
        Domestic network video surveillance market is still there is no scale, the face of the huge market, all kinds of camera products allow the buyer dazzling, most users still on the sidelines. There is also in the process of network monitoring systems have been built or under construction, and the actual use of a variety of technical and non-technical factors obstacle in the promotion and application of IP video cameras also faced with many challenges and obstacles. However, we were pleased to see a few companies, such as the Apexis devote themselves to doing research and development, the introduction of a series of high-definition, high noise reduction, high intelligence, low stream Illumination cost-effective network camera products, and has been successfully applied to many high-end industries and fields, made a good start to the popularity of the network camera head. Development trends on behalf of the inevitable evolution of things, I believe in mutual support and efforts of the major manufacturers and the industry, the optimization of the network camera will be more and more close to the user´s needs and practical environment, and the popularity of the network camera will increasingly move ahead faster pace.

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