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  • Complex working environment prompted the surveillance cameras diverse functions

        In order to meet the demand of the weather monitoring, surveillance products in China from 2001 to 2003, manufacturers began to explore the technology of infrared cameras from the early camera and infrared light board module to the integrated design of the camera and infrared lights from LED infrared lights the manual mode to the the photoresistor automatic control, to the network camera dual filter introduced application; video surveillance requirements from the most basic to the waterproof riot, light inhibition, a wide range of functional requirements for face recognition, privacy masking, etc. the infrared IP camera, infrared camera technology in China and the rapid development of the market are all witnessing. In recent years, with the high-speed development of the domestic economy, the city´s comprehensive public safety and traffic monitoring under unprecedented pressure on the high-speed development, the technology bottleneck size limitations and confusion in the market, and so on. Night monitoring is an important factor to consider in the security monitoring, 24-hour monitoring must be implemented in many places. Surveillance cameras now commonly used low-light and infrared camera technology, these two technologies have been widely used in the monitoring area. With the development of society, the needs of the night monitoring to determine the direction of the development of monitoring technologies for the technical analysis of the sub-four cases discussed is a fundamental part of the high sensitivity CCD and the low-light capabilities; second infrared lighting plus black and white camera; third is direct infrared camera; fourth is some of the more high-end cameras, such as image intensified CCD or electron multiplier CCD camera, the most direct one is characterized by sensitivity relative to other cameras greatly improved, say, a thousand times or thousands of times, but the cost will be significantly improved.
       Use of video surveillance equipment in recent years to defend the security has become a necessary means of all walks of life, but has a drawback in the traditional video surveillance equipment without exception, is in monitoring the effect of night and fog is very unsatisfactory, and the night and The fog is the case of multiple time for a little far from the monitoring almost blank, so the camera through fog is greatly enhanced. With industrial development, as well as its impact on the climate, the haze has increasingly become a common weather phenomenon, which will significantly affect the picture quality of the outdoor monitoring systems. Actual project by radar, infrared and other means in the haze climate perception and monitoring targets, due to technical and cost limitations, radar, infrared, etc. in the field of video surveillance has not yet ideal response options, real-time video through the fog technology appear able to bring a wide range of value for the field of video surveillance. Real-time video through fog technology with a strong engineering capabilities, the technology can be applied in various resolution including megapixels class HD images, in various resolutions can ensure real-time accurate through fog treatment, according to the target The real-time assessment of the current scene fog concentration and adaptive adjustment through fog and strength, without fear scene fog conditions change, due to the transparent fog technology to arrive at a precise depth information, removal of non-uniform mist in the same scene while The no residue through fog defects. Real-time through the fog technology and video compression, intelligent analysis technologies combined with its greater value. Image low-contrast detail mainstream video compression algorithms are lossy compression, it will cause damage, and fog video in general is low contrast details below normal, it is encoded compressed often vague and can not be restored. Real-time through fog technology can effectively enhance image contrast and detail to ensure that valuable information is not lost compression coding, significantly improving information validity. Similar for intelligent analysis and processing of images in real time through the fog technology, the results of its analysis of error rates, especially false negative rate can be significantly reduced, thus substantially increase the practicality of the intelligence analysis system.
       Ship, boat, aircraft, and observation system has a very important role in the perception around the trend observation system is generally composed by the CCD camera and infrared imaging systems. Fog, moisture, rain, snow, and other harsh marine the meteorological environment will seriously affect the image quality of CCD and infrared imaging systems, mainly in image contrast decreased and blurred distant goal, it is difficult to distinguish. Thus affect the perception of the surrounding situation. The marine environment is extremely harsh, fog, rain, moisture, weather is a common observation system requires the ability to timely observations on the remote, tiny, fast-moving target. If the target can not be found, you can make one´s own in a passive state. Lcd LCD screen equipped with this video the antireflection equipment, to enhance the ability to observe and observation system is very necessary. Short scene from the application point of view, the real-time video through the fog technology can be used for a variety of outdoor occasions; From the industry point of view of the application, including the transport sector, the public security industry, education, aviation, digital products, remote sensing image processing, food safety monitoring, and even including special military applications; through the fog technology products and solutions from the application point of view, real-time video in the field of security monitoring, can be used in front-end network cameras, fast dome ip camera through the fog and enhance image quality.
       In the field of video surveillance, outdoor surveillance occupy a large proportion of the most common road monitoring. Outdoor surveillance due to the interference of various weather factors, tend to have infrared, waterproof, anti-fog, anti-rain and snow more. In the face of the harsh weather of heavy rainfall and typhoons, the degree of protection for outdoor surveillance related to the monitoring system suddenly ability to withstand inclement weather. Waterproof grade in accordance with the strength of the degree of protection can be divided into eight levels, each level in a different range of protective protective effect. It comes the monitoring IR waterproof ip camera on the market known to everybody, I believe we also have a relatively clear understanding of its strengths and weaknesses, Take the cooling effect, the traditional IR waterproof camera with IR LED series do into a light board, the heat generated by the lamp is transmitted through the positive and negative level, the cooling effect is poor and its packaging material is epoxy resin, the work for some time there will be a fracture layer, this phenomenon which appears light decay three months after the traditional IR waterproof camera infrared light attenuation 30%. To change this heat is not good IR waterproof camera life is not long, a new generation of infrared waterproof camera, infrared lamp innovation and improvement. A new generation of infrared waterproof ip camera with a single lamp, it´s a lamp is equivalent to 70-80 traditional camera IR light, the Fengyun lamp light board connected to a heat block, which play a cooling effect, the package The material using selenium glue, because no fracture layer, we would not have this phenomenon of the light fades, night vision effect is very good, the service life can reach 5-10 years, 2 years, invisible to the naked eye attenuation. Dot matrix light of the new generation of infrared waterproof camera can be integrated 60-80 Reap LED light crystal, integrated volume is only the size of a fingernail, making the finished volume would not be too large. Lattice highly integrated LED lights for the volume is much smaller than the other products. Small size, the most important advantage is the ease of application, with dozens of individual infrared LED combination light source is mounted on a high-speed dome ip camera on its shortcomings can be imagined. The general ordinary LED Beam Angle 7 ° -10 ° angle, so the formation of a like a flashlight beam, dot lamp luminous body angle can be to 180 °. All the space in the room can be uniformly illuminated. Single LED optical output 5mw-15mw, and a dot matrix light optical output reaches 800-1000mw, the volume of only one penny coin size. This indicates that the dot lights than similar products on the market is clearer, more bright, illuminate more distant monitoring screen.

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