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  • Storage products contests The growing needs of the industry

        Security industry storage options like a flower show, each product in the hard contests. Insiders predicted that monitoring the storage of the field may be moving in the two major areas of development, one for the nodes are not too many small and medium-sized applications, NVR is the main development direction in the future; followed by large-scale surveillance systems, video management platform SAN storage (in ISCSI storage) is still the choice for large-scale monitoring system.
        Monitoring applications demand storage
        If I have to be a look ahead to predict the monitor storage a few years later which specific answer is more difficult to answer, after all, the ever-changing technology so we even learn all exhausted, let alone predict what kind of technology to better occupy the upper hand of the market. But the original aim of any technology or products popular and its application, its users perfect solution is tightly inseparable, so before we predicted, the first look at monitoring applications demand storage What is it?
        1, the mass storage needs
        The monitoring data is to write 7 × 24 hours, the storage time from 7 days, 15 days ... even up to 1 year, the amount of data increases with time linear growth. For a Safe City project, the total monitoring large ones are usually a few thousand to tens of thousands Road, thousands of terabytes project is more common for traditional storage industry is unimaginable.
        2, the performance requirements of
        Video surveillance video stream written to characterize the performance of the storage can support the number of road stream (usually 384Kbps-2Mbps). Multiple concurrent write bandwidth, data capacity, cache has a greater impact on a lot of pressure on storage, storage needs at this time specifically for video performance optimization.
        3, price sensitive
        Security monitoring industry, mass storage, the total capacity, resulting in the total cost of the price rise. Conversely, the high requirements of the unit capacity cost (prices per TB);
        4, centralized management requirements
        Security monitoring applications require huge amounts of data in a large number of storage devices, storage devices, must be effective management, and to facilitate the use of the end-user, reliable, transparent support.
        5, the network requirements
        TCP / IP network is a network based on TCP / IP network-based storage technology will play an irreplaceable role in the process of security monitoring technology network security monitoring technology to network-oriented development.
        Monitor storage three pattern
        1, the front-end storage pattern
        The so-called front-end storage, built-in storage components in the network video surveillance system in the front-end devices (such as network video encoders or network cameras), recording and preservation of local monitoring done by the front-end equipment directly image. The front-end storage has several advantages: distributed storage deployment to reduce the capacity of the pressure brought by the centralized storage; Second, can effectively relieve centralized storage network traffic pressure; Third, to avoid centralized storage The image of the network failure is lost. For front-end storage, monitoring not much point ones, the storage time is not long, so less demanding on storage capacity, IP cameras generally use a CF card or SD card, video servers generally use the built-in hard disk as a single front-end coding equipment usually brought . This compared with the conventional stand-alone storage, basically no difference.
        And the essence of the previous stand-alone storage, in order to ensure the flexibility and ease of user access to all the front-end storage, network video surveillance system in addition to stand-alone access to be able to provide point-to-point, but also through a unified interface provides centralized sharing of all content. To this end, the IP video monitoring system through the central business platform for all front-end storage unified management and scheduling, and content network storage space and storage. In this way, the user can either log in directly to a single front-end equipment demand playback of video data center operations platform unified login for all front-end centralized retrieval and playback of video material.
        2, center storage pattern
        Network video surveillance system, deployed more central storage. Front-end equipment acquisition monitoring point image and encoding compression processing into the digital surveillance stream, and then sent through the network to the central business platform, distributed stream network video unit for centralized storage center business platform.
        Multi-level distribution center storage can be used in many large-scale video surveillance networking applications, and that the sub-center stores, so that on the one hand can reduce the storage capacity of a central point centralized storage and network traffic pressure on the one hand can greatly enhance the reliability of the system.
        Use the center / sub-center storage, has obvious advantages in the following aspects: First, for the user, retrieve and more convenient to call the video resources; second is easier to ensure the integrity of the stored content, not because of a front-end equipment theft or damage caused by the loss of important content; reasonable resource scheduling, equipment the DAMA storage space for the front-end, thereby saving resources; favor the development of a variety of storage strategies to meet the individual needs of the user ; five is easy to maintain, easy to focus on the detection and troubleshoot problems in a timely manner.
        Center / sub-center storage can be used relatively few large ones for monitoring points, long storage time requirements of applications, such relatively simple way to deploy server plug hard disk or external disk cabinet, known as DAS (Direct Access Storage), and stand-alone similar. With the advantages of IP video monitoring is widely recognized, and now began to appear more and more large and even very large video surveillance system, such as the "Green City" in the social aspects of security monitoring system, China Telecom and China Netcom are comprehensively promote "Global Eye" and "wide horizon" of these two carrier-grade video surveillance systems, these monitoring systems are faced with the demand for large-scale access and centralized storage capacity of the front-end equipment. Stand-alone storage system unable to meet the demand for flexible expansion of the capacity of these systems must adopt more advanced network storage devices and storage technologies, typical SAN, NAS and iSCSI.
        3, application stored pattern
        Video surveillance systems often use storage networking architecture DAS, NAS, SAN and IP-SAN, often used type of storage device SCSI disk array, FC and iSCSI devices. These devices mature technology, simple structure, installation implementation is also very convenient. However, these devices have a common drawback, and storage devices in a video surveillance system can only play a simple data storage function, can not be replaced by the server to run a specific application software, the video surveillance system still needs a lot of dedicated servers.
        In fact, with the rapid development of chip technology, computation and processing speed of the CPU or a dedicated ASIC chip improved several times, the overall price of the storage devices continue to reduce. Equipment selection and purchase of for upgrading equipment considerations, the user will choose a slightly higher level of storage device. Furthermore, the difference in price when the investment is ample user impact is relatively small. Thus, in many applications, users purchase storage equipment performance are often higher than a lot of the real needs of actual business systems, and even beyond several times.
        In some small and medium-sized video surveillance system, the performance bottlenecks in the system often appears in the video server rather than storing equipment end storage devices available bandwidth is often twice or three times the actual total bandwidth of video surveillance, IOPS is the actual demand 3 to 5 times. The storage device controller for a long time in semi-load working condition, a large number of high-performance resources are wasted. In order to protect the high-availability, efficiency, stability and security, the controller portion of the storage devices are generally specially designed, using a dedicated processor and cache, its technical parameters and performance were higher than normal PC server. In order to effectively use the storage of the surplus resources, the special features of the application software may be embedded in the storage device controller, a storage device is not only to provide the system and the data storage server, but also provide a certain software application server, such storage devices called Application storage.

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