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  • HD video SDI Optical face many challenges

        The development trend of video SDI Optical Undoubtedly, However, with the changes in the security monitoring system, they assume the role also face greater challenges!
        Security in the bud and the stage of rapid development, the emergence of SDI Optical to expand monitoring scope and size of the system, Without Optical, it is difficult to organize a cross-regional, large-scale systems. However, video SDI Optical only in certain cases in the entire monitoring system acts as a role of a certain period of the video optical fiber transmission, not irreplaceable role. A security monitoring system should be at least including image capture, video recording, management applications, and image transmission, image transmission, there are a variety of ways, video SDI Optical only one transmission mode only, so as long as you like, in any video SDI Optical transmission of the video image monitoring system monitoring system can be used, however, in the strict sense of the video SDI Optical can not form a real security monitoring system. This feature in response to competition in the market replacement, it is particularly vulnerable.
        Clash with the IP front
        With the the IP surveillance footsteps approaching, security monitoring system has undergone change, the video SDI Optical accounted for in the security monitoring system in an increasingly narrow. Application from the market point of view, IP monitoring the for SDI Optical market, went head-on collision. "From" live in peace ".
        According to A & S network camera market survey this year, the network camera in 2008, total shipments of approximately 40 million units, while the size of the market in 2009 to maintain at least 100% growth rate in the past, the SDI Optical-led Green City the field of intelligent transportation is more, there are many more applications. In the civilian market areas such as chain stores, industrial and mining enterprises, codec, video servers, IP cameras gradually be welcomed. Past the problem of insufficient IP bandwidth and codec technology has come under criticism, has also been further resolved, H.264 makes low bandwidth conditions can get better image quality, sufficient to meet the needs of ordinary users.
        IP development this year, more violent, if safe city next wave led by telecom, SDI Optical will be a very expensive solution, IP is the most economical solution. This video SDI Optical decided there will not be a large increase in the security monitoring market.
        But, of course, both in the market, "you compete bucket", but both in technology applications to coexist, while using SDI Optical and IP transmission equipment. Is in the development of IP technology, SDI Optical is a very mature, and the economy can help solve the problem, especially in the system with a certain scale, as well as the quality of the video image, the security requirements of more demanding system in SDI Optical there place.

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