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  • IP network monitoring storage physical security solutions

        Ip physical security solutions from the point of view of long-term development, cost. In addition to the independent network resources, additional capital, maintenance, manpower and equipment can reduce maintenance costs. Integrated ip physical security solutions to reduce downtime, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.
        Market challenges
        Of course, any products and technologies will be faced with the challenges of the market. Overly complex systems can also hinder its development, if the user is concerned about too dependent on any single manufacturer, highly complex network of physical security solutions rely on and support the need to manage multiple communication protocols, subsequent compatibility problems should the How to solve it. Today, many manufacturers that stance, the manufacturers of the products have a clear, open architecture platform. However, there is no clear way to apply to all video server applications.
        When developing a new ip-based physical security solutions, the best way is to use a professional server optimized monitoring system. Server´s configuration is critical, and should include a memory, storage and processor specifications, to ensure that the video has the best scalability. The server should have the ability to adapt to the future development, including the ability to record, higher frame rate without dropping frames, high-resolution and low-cost storage for a long time video data.
        Video stream as another form of data storage is not correct, professional video storage solution lies in the following five points:
        The needs of large-scale database; intensive operations; system delay; constant bit rate stream; requirements of the operating environment, such as temperature, vibration, bit error rate.
        Need a specialized approach due to the inherent nature of the product, these five areas, taking into account the unique needs, there are many external storage to choose from, including direct-attached storage, network attached storage and Fibre Channel storage. Car storage is an emerging trend, usually using the sd card to store audio and video information, When the ip storage applications to further expand the scope of, perhaps for the future of the network market is more favorable.
        IP video monitoring market growth rate in the security market, far ahead. It is not only changing the security system infrastructure structure, as well as to promote the application in the field of traffic management, intelligence community, intelligent analysis branch. For large systems, video surveillance server and control center core storage technology become mainstream ip-based physical security solutions.
        However, many departments are seeking to take advantage of existing resources to create a customized solution to meet more than a huge system requirements for video surveillance systems. Despite the solid foundation of the analog video solutions, ip infiltration after nearly two years, through different interpretation of the solutions seem even better; network video technology to solve a mass data storage and analysis functions.
        Perhaps by 2015, megapixel IP camera market share will exceed 70%, so today the establishment of an IP video monitoring solution is very necessary. There is evidence that some manufacturers planning for the security user monitoring solutions across the board, how to make a targeted program worth studying. Optimistic about the future development of the network market, 2014 will be about half of video security systems using IP camera, gradual decline in non-standard system. White Paper on the security market special attention to the future market of network video servers, storage systems and equipment required by the command center in the control amount.
        The future network video server will be how to develop? Perhaps the author is able to give you a revelation:
        Trends: integration and open
        Network video server will shift to the integration and development-platform development, to be able to solve any demand based the ip stored Physical Security facilities. Especially in hardware on the network run more smoothly. Data show that the global IP surveillance camera accounted for 26.4% in 2010, forecast to 2014 there will be half of the video surveillance system using IP surveillance camera, specific data about 48.9%; With the continuous expansion of the network market, in 2015 million pixel IP surveillance camera market to break through the 70% mark.
        IP surveillance camera market, led to the development of the market for video servers, Network camera or high-resolution surveillance cameras to video surveillance technology is able to promote the development of integrated server ip physical security, to solve the pressure brought by the back-end storage network bandwidth. The comprehensive ability edge storage technology can compensate blank solve the problem of the instability of the mobile network.
        In fact, the low cost price of open hardware and redundant structure is not only the responsibility of enterprises, while stabilizing, pointing to a more complete vision based on the ip the physical security market.
        Integration of interests
        A more powerful integrated network video solutions, scalability and cost-effective than analog systems. An open solution stability, more flexibility, and a truly integrated network of physical security solutions can take advantage of the best technology, access control integration, to achieve a variety of intelligent analysis.

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