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  • Analysis of the importance of the banking network monitoring

        The bank belongs to the country´s key security units with diverse scale, many important facilities, complex and out of personnel, management relates to the field of a wide range of features. As today´s social currency circulation spaces, an important part of the functioning of the national economy, with its unique features and state-of-the-art technology to a wide range of services in the domestic industries. As the banking business involves a lot of cash, securities and valuables; been the focus of various criminals; since the birth of the modern banking, theft and anti-theft, robbery and anti-robbery, fraud and anti-fraud, with the banking sector development of simultaneous development. Currently, for the criminal activities of the bank tends to go up. Criminal means and crime gradually diversify, strengthen and update the security system of modern banking; adaptation the bank mechanism of operation and business development has become imminent.
        First, A bank security networking systems constitute
        Construction of bank security networking systems, business features and security needs of the Bank, a bank security comprehensive management platform as the core product technology digital, HD and network outlets, branches, head office, multi-level networking monitoring, HD video surveillance systems, GIS systems, alarm systems, access control systems, intercom systems integration as a whole, through the combination of the security system and the banking system was constructed to meet the need in the modern bank safety management, regulatory information platform.
        The overall system architecture of bank security networking provincial branches should adopt a monitoring center, municipal branches of two monitoring center, the counties the subbranch three monitoring centers dedicated network structure, a monitoring center requirements set up in the provincial branches , two monitoring center requires the establishment of branches around the city, the the three monitoring center requirements set up in all districts and counties Branch; reliability more than three-cluster structure are necessary to establish in the the bank private network system to ensure the security of networked systems, such as rent Netcom, telecommunications, mobile line to establish the financial information secure private network.
        Bank inline private network VPN; bank security networking systems relying required to comply with the system and the status quo of Intranet technology, internal network can not produce heavy traffic, more factors cause network collapse can not form, and to achieve safety supervision accuracy, timeliness and reliability of information. Bank inline private network is divided into three-tier structure, including the monitoring of the outlets, all over the city monitoring center, the provincial branches of the monitoring center. Which City-monitoring center to area outlets office network is generally 2Mbits bandwidth HD surveillance needs to transition to 4M bandwidth, taking into account the additional overhead of network protocols, and business data, approximately 50-75% of the actual monitoring of network bandwidth can be allocated (2 ~ 3Mbits). Therefore, each of the outlets can be transmitted to the monitoring center at a higher level Road HD 1080p image or 2-way small stream image video, choose low stream network transmission bandwidth is too low to ensure the smooth remote video surveillance, and to reduce the actual use of bandwidth .
        1, Bank private network structure and function of the basic network platform
        Banking network system to the private network-based network platform, based on the interconnection between the security subsystem of different network platforms, interoperability and control of the banking system within the mainly has the following basic features:
        (1) the full realization of the acquisition from the front-end HD Full HD monitor to store, manage, figures on the wall, high-definition display, able to access mainstream brand 130/200/500 million high-pixel IP camera.
        (2) the platform system device supports Dianchao character, ATM machine card number information and so on.
        (3) to support the the fast electronic map navigation, you can directly view the live image information.
        (4) to provide support for uploading and playback of the video file and available for remote transfer to see surveillance video.
        (5) support for digital matrix and PTZ control functions.
        (6) the identity and rights management, and support a variety of password protection mechanism to ensure the security of the data.
        2, A monitoring center system structure and function
        Equipment constitutes a monitoring center system usually by the central management server, alarm server, HD decoder, monitor video wall, centralized storage server has the following basic functions:
        (1) the management of the area of ​​video surveillance point and two monitoring centers.
        (2) can receive, to handle two monitoring center initiative upload alarm information.
        (3) centralized store surveillance video of the area under their jurisdiction.
        (4) can control the front-end equipment.
        (5) to support rapid electronic map navigation and management of the electronic map of all lower-level monitoring point.
        3, Secondary monitoring center system structure and function
        The equipment of the two monitoring center system usually by the management server, HD decoder, monitor video wall, which mainly has the following basic functions:
        (1) control of front-end equipment.
        (2) can be achieved for remote image recording, playback and upload.
        (3) support alarm access and deal with the admissibility of alarm events within the jurisdiction of the monitoring equipment; video recording and processing.
        (4) can achieve of outlets all kinds of video image needs forwarding and distribution.
        (5) monitoring equipment for the front-end outlets, not only can obtain basic data, but also through the inspection function testing equipment running state.
        4, Outlets monitoring system structure and function
        Outlets around the monitoring system is usually constituted by the HD IP cameras, alarm sensor, DVR or NVR, ATM machines, access control mount and other equipment, mainly has the following basic functions:
        (1) outlets monitoring system should have the support CIF, D1 (4CIF), VGA, 720P, 1080P ability of a variety of image formats, and can be collected real-time data upload stored video data synchronization forwarding.
        (2) The monitoring center has control PTZ IP camera control commands can be collected alarm information; uploaded to the monitoring center at a higher level and related information through the network.
        (3) general video surveillance storage devices should be kept for more than 30 days, an important part of the surveillance video should save more than 60 days. The video for emergencies or major cases transmitted to the the superior monitoring center server backup save.
        Second, bank security key technologies of networked systems
        Bank security networking systems require the use of open architecture, the choice of standardized interfaces and protocols, and has good compatibility and scalability, compliance with national and industry standards and specifications, and to make full use of existing alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and transmission resources, system integration, resources integration and information sharing.
        (1) The equipment involved in bank security networking system must meet the requirements of reliability and safety, equipment selection can not be selected test products to choose advanced on the market mainstream products, and to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the system equipment.
        (2) the key data and interfaces should be designed with redundancy, fault detection, system recovery, information transmission and data storage in the network environment to be more secure, to avoid being the vicious attacks and data have been illegally extracted phenomenon appear.
        (3) The Bank security networking systems requires the sharing of resources, the rapid response of the network system. Therefore, to strengthen the real-time monitoring and management of the health of the network system, and stable operation of the protection system and rapid response can be based on the following points to consider:
        1. The system should be unified authentication management mode user privileges.
        2. the system should adopt a multi-level user rights management mechanism to prevent unauthorized operation of the user.
        3. server equipment should be able to restrict or control access to some IP client.
        4. operating functions of the system log important events recorded in the log list, filing and scheduled backups in case of hardware failure caused data loss.
        (4) The bank security networking systems using a variety of methods to ensure network security. First, the external network isolation to ensure the absolute security of networked systems, system networking should be strictly based Bank Intranet platform to achieve complete physical isolation and outside the network, and to ensure that the network of bank security system can not by any external network and public network The system can also use the VPN network connection to access (); Second, within the network isolation requirements of the provincial branch network subsystem and around the city branch network subsystem interconnect must be isolated through the firewall. Meanwhile, the firewall needs to support a non-pure software implementations address, protocol filtering, packet filtering, security authentication and remote management.
        (5) The bank security networking systems information security authorization mechanism and authentication mechanisms. Role-based access control model to support authorization for different levels of users, and can achieve login, browse, read, modify, delete decentralized monitoring authorization mechanisms should be used in a networked system. In addition, the authentication mechanism can achieve the computer system of the user´s identity authentication, the authentication of the user authentication of computer systems and computer systems to other computer systems.
        Third, Bank security networking system
        Bank security system network management is the focus of the security building in recent years, banks, bank security with the development of technology and the demand by the development of local management to network management, network management application development by initial offsite Shou library to the self-service banking, business premises The comprehensive networking applications. At present, the bank´s security networking applications have comprehensive coverage of bank security for all subsystems and has extended to the outlets. Self-service banking. Treasury and other departments, operation and management for the bank to provide a strong technical support.
        Bank security networking systems solutions. The operating room with a high-definition surveillance camera with wide dynamic image processing technology, effective way to avoid the problem of a backlit imaging; teller business personnel supervision, such as the movement of the cassette, Currency Counter Counting operation. Self-service banking district wide dynamic functional pinhole camera for the depositor facial identification and monitoring, the information collected and transmitted in real time to the monitoring center at a higher level, in the event of abnormal the idler conditions, timely alarm. , Treasury access control, alarm, monitoring a variety of equipment and technology, multiple identification and out of personnel certification, along with strict rights management mechanisms; different authorization of the different levels of personnel, prevent illegal intrusion.

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