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  • The development of storage technologies contribute to the universal HD monitor

        From the current market, the HD IP camera at an annual growth rate of more than 30% of rapid development, especially in 2012, HD IP camera ushered in the explosive growth. Throughout the first half of 2012, the National Security Exhibition, high-definition monitor no doubt has become a "leading role" for the security market. The domestic famous security manufacturers in the promotion of high-definition full range of products at the same time, but also actively publicize the case of application of high-definition monitor, which marks the HD monitoring applications are emerging in the eye. HD technology security show held unfolding, the HD storage homeopathic force to monitor the development of the industry to bring great convenience.
        HD storage weathervane of the status quo: the monitoring system
        HD video surveillance as a video surveillance system development and improvement of the vane, the entire field has occupied a very important position. HD surveillance system presents the user with perfect effect, but also a higher demand of the storage, transmission and other peripherals. HD surveillance data storage media´s capacity to grow geometrically, may bring mass storage. HD monitoring system normal operation of a pressure is to solve the problem of storage space, storage space occupied by the high-definition storage needs at least 3-5 times the the encoding storage space of the ordinary 4CIF format, HD monitoring system needs greater disk storage space as the basis.
        The current high-definition storage can be roughly divided into the centralized storage and distributed storage. Centralized storage of the way to facilitate the management and maintenance, lower the overall cost of the system, but there are also a one-time investment is too large, the bandwidth requirements of many problems. Using distributed storage have not facilitate unified management, higher overall investment. Centralized monitoring system to facilitate management and monitoring of distributed storage systems to facilitate the food data playback and query, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so in some large-scale monitoring system, the increasing number of program choices will be concentrated and distributed storage uniform deployment, so that not only facilitate management, but also conducive to the playback of the data and query, while reducing the system bandwidth requirements.
        Storage security system has the DAS architecture directly connected to the NAS network drives and IPSAN. DAS for its low cost, simple configuration mature transmission scheme, combined with a RAID array technology has been widely used in small-scale monitoring system. IPSAN IP-based network transmission storage network, has good scalability, and security of data sharing and information is one of the most commonly used way to achieve large-scale monitoring system centralized storage. NAS Network Attached Storage with affordable and easy to install features can be easily distributed network storage to make up for the shortcomings of the two storage solution suitable for medium-sized network monitoring system.
        HD storage trends: network monitoring occupy the mainstream in the short term
        HD monitoring system front-end equipment in accordance with the transmission mode can be divided into two categories, namely network HD and HD-SDI. The the Network HD 1.3 megapixel and 2 megapixel front-end has been widely used in civilian monitoring sites, the industry is more avant-garde, 500 megapixel capture machine has been everywhere. HD-SDI broadcast video capture, transmission mode, with its great advantages without delay began to emerge, industry promotion and application. HD monitoring products on the market in a certain period of time, or to a network-based high-definition equipment.
        The advantage of the HD network monitoring equipment is: easy to deploy, easy to transport, simple debugging. Front-end device compared to HD-SDI Network HD equipment cost, expensive transmission wire, transmission and storage need to be encoded, backend processing equipment on the other front-end equipment compatibility. Comparison of the two high-definition realization mode has its own pros and cons, which also shows a high-definition monitor divergent development is growing at breakneck speed.
        How to improve the storage efficiency of video surveillance and security?
        Storage systems accounted for about 30% of the proportion of the construction costs of the entire network HD monitoring project. Network HD video surveillance system on the demand for storage devices is mainly reflected in three aspects:
        First, with improved resolution IP camera, network bandwidth increases, the need to upgrade the computing power and storage capacity of the network video equipment, require more powerful processing power equipment, as well as the massive video traffic storage devices;
        Secondly, in general, the surveillance video requires 7 × 24-hour continuous writing, storage time increases linearly from one week, one month to six months, the amount of data increases over time and therefore needs the flexibility to expand mass storage device focus can quickly search videos;
        Finally, effective and rapid management and maintenance of storage devices, in order to protect the security of the data, but also the storage system in the building key considerations.
        These applications require breaking the original building model of traditional CCTV systems, the introduction of more professional storage technology and hardware in the field of security, but also bring new thoughts for centralized management of distributed storage system architecture. In short, to improve storage efficiency, save video data faster, save more, strengthen the control of storage devices, and to guarantee the security of data is one of the main problems of the current the HD network monitoring system solved.
        Generally speaking, in order to save storage space, most manufacturers will adopt a motion detection stored, that is, usually, no video, only the video motion detection to trigger alarm mechanism; pumping frame video and more common. On the other hand, also a focus of the development of high-speed computing and high-speed network processing capabilities.
        Conclusion: universal HD storage technology just around the corner
        1, high-performance storage devices read and write speeds for the realization of high-definition surveillance system to provide protection. HD front-end equipment must be effective integration with HD storage devices, the overall operation to make high-definition front-end and storage to maximize the effect. Read and write performance is limited by the storage system, a number of large-scale monitoring systems have to be equipped with a large number of storage devices.
        To market common storage architecture, for example, every 1T hard drive I / O average read and write speeds of up to achieve 15-20MB / S, the capacity of 60TB of storage equipment storage architecture I / O concurrent read and write speed can reach 0.9- 1.5GB / S, under the rapid development momentum in the disk read and write performance, I believe that this read and write speeds will soon be refreshed. The dual network cards, fiber interface to improve the transmission efficiency of special technology continues to develop, substantially reduce the device interface to read and write speed limit. The accompanying storage technology and storage market continues to develop and progress, as well as the growing awareness of the service in various fields, more humane, more economical way to achieve is bound to become the darling of the market.
        Cloud storage as a new store run mode, can be completely stored conducted virtualization to simplify storage applications link with the cost of mass storage devices, the most important features for users to save only need to pay a small amount of storage service fee enjoy powerful storage and sharing service, video surveillance camera market share continue to surge, the rapid promotion of high-definition monitor conditions, storage has become the core of the monitoring system, which also makes cloud storage will become the inevitable trend of development of the storage.
        2, High standard, hybrid DVR for analog-to-digital combination provides an excellent solution for mixed storage mode. In the case of increasing the current high-definition monitor trends, virtually to the monitoring system has been formed to bring more pressure. Early monitoring system built at the edge will be eliminated, and the execution will be constantly hovering between high-definition and standard-definition programs. Directly increase the the HD monitoring point there are compatibility issues with the old system, the management of the equipment will be uneven.
        It is the above hybrid DVR bred and Health, will be the early analog surveillance popular network standard and high definition unified together, can be described with the seamless integration into. Hybrid DVR application, HD, SD, analog front end through the same platform management, playback, query and other functions, can also be used as a node device management, video, query and other functions of the devices within a small range. Hybrid DVR can be called to supplement and perfect the embedded NVR, embedded NVR unified management of network front end as a node device, video, view, and other commonly used functions, hybrid DVR integrated analog front-end, to make up for the lack of embedded NVR. For the expansion and renovation of the early completion of the monitoring system will play an irreplaceable role.

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