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  • How to improve the network camera night vision effect

        Currently the sudden emergence of the high-definition video surveillance security market, rapid development, and the night infrared effect remains to be to continue to improve. Discuss with you now to do all these years I accumulated some experience in high-definition project.
        The engineering reasons mainly affect high-definition network camera night vision effect for several reasons:
        HD IP camera with more pixels than the simulation is much higher, in order to make better high pixel video, most manufacturers use IRcut to control infrared day and night, and the use of larger power infrared lights, This day is better , but at night, prone to the phenomenon of insufficient power supply.
        The solution is:
        1 row 220V power line directly to the camera side, use a small 12V switching power supply; This program wiring trouble, but the power cord diameter can be smaller, use better DC12V adapter, do not use inferior fitness is.
        2 DC power cord, use coarse diameter centralized power supply. The program is reliable, but the power cord is fairly thick line costs are relatively high.
        3, the distance is not too long, such as 30M, can use the 4-5 and 7-8 lines to transfer DC12V transmission line cross-sectional area has doubled, can significantly improve the quality of power supply. Used properly, comprehensive benefits.
        4, centralized power supply end DV24-48V switching power supply, power supply cable, use lower buck module to add high-definition network camera is DC12V. The program requires a certain circuit basis. But the lowest-cost, high reliability.
        5, the direct use of POE switches and POE module power supply, but the price is the highest in several programs.

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