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  • Megapixel IP camera industry is booming

        When it comes to monitoring market hot this year, none other than the non-"HD". In the field of high-definition monitor the network camera is perfect. Why analog cameras definition? Therefore the highest analog cameras theory painting as the highest resolution analog cameras, but also more than 600 lines, this is just the clarity of the front of the camera, transfer to the back-end video equipment, the highest only can only deal with 768X576 resolution pixel image qualitative only about 400,000 pixels, to go through during the analog-to-digital conversion, real clarity only the level of two or three hundred thousand pixels.
        Pure digital megapixel IP camera can do a million HD 720P (1280X720), 1080P (1920X1080), or even hundreds of millions of pixels, sharpness, far more than the analog cameras, digital signal and the video is recorded directly almost no loss of image effects.
        Megapixel IP camera with SD IP camera, there are two important differences:
        The SD network camera on the basis of analog cameras plus a network module, the analog signal is converted into a digital signal. Megapixel IP camera directly inside the camera, the video encoding process, not after the analog-to-digital conversion, pure digital camera, the effect is of course much better.
        SD interlaced web camera, moving objects on the screen prone serrated trailing undesirable phenomena. Megapixel IP camera with progressive scan will not produce these phenomena.
        In addition, the analog camera analog signal transmission is prone to electromagnetic interference and signal attenuation, and the the network camera the Zeyi digital signal way transmission, is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, the picture quality is not damage to the transmission process, screen cleaner.
        Because of the many outstanding advantages of the digital-million high-definition camera, video surveillance makes it inevitable trend of development.
        In terms of price, early million HD IP camera is expensive, so many users in need of high-definition equipment prohibitive. Today, high-definition monitor market is rapidly warming, big sales, prices down naturally. "Shenzhen Apexis Electronic Co., Ltd. is substantially none megapixel IP camera down and standard definition network camera about the same price, in one fell swoop, so that more users are happy with a million HD.
        Looking ahead, millions of high-definition monitor will certainly be a large-scale popularization and application. Million in digital high-definition era, product development and production technology increasingly high threshold for market survival of the fittest, the market environment will be more pure, disorderly vicious competition phenomenon will gradually reduce, brand awareness will greatly enhance the Chinese security industry must will be more mature and orderly.

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