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  • Overcome technical problems HD monitor to capture the market to higher ground

        HD monitoring the development of the related technologies to overcome
        China´s security industry as the "Green City" promotion, ushered in one of its high-speed development, this is an opportunity, but also a challenge, we want to develop, and more importantly, the healthy development of quality. With the innovation and development of high-definition technology, the realistic needs of the sharpness of the image, the high-definition monitor on the market is also rapidly developed. Currently, the development of high-definition monitors facing some technical problems need to be addressed, and how to capture the market to high to be of the most critical issues of the development of the industry.
        First, the development of high-definition monitor technology overcome
        1, the increase in resolution
        Clarity in terms of analog cameras close to the limit, in a short time is difficult to have a greater breakthrough HD IP camera is still in rapid promotion stage, whether it is a full real-720P, 1080P resolution camera from traditional SD D1 resolution (720 × 576 pixels) to 1080P resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels), the picture is the amount of information to enhance the approximately five times the clarity of line number more than doubled.
        2, an encoding efficiency
        As we all know, H.264 supports three encoding are Highprofile, Mainprofile, centerprofile, coding efficiency in turn reduce. At the same quality, out of the video encoded by Highprofile just centerprofile occupied bandwidth of 50%. Bandwidth reduction will lead to the reduction of the construction costs of a range of security systems, such as storage 4M bit rate is stored day 43.2G space, 2M bit rate is stored only need to 21.6G space, reduce storage costs by half .
        3, the transport protocol standardization
        Many brands of domestic security, the agreement is not unified HD IP camera, and the manufacturers of network monitoring equipment is difficult to co-exist in the same monitoring system. With the popularity of HD IP camera, standard network transport protocol has been more and more manufacturers and more recognition, ONVIF or PSIA has a growing number of followers. The popularity of the network transport protocol standard, the monitoring system of the manufacturers free networking gradually become possible. Within the next few years, the use of standardized network transmission protocol, will be the HD IP camera to the market permits.
        4, high-performance image sensors
        Photosensitive devices play a pivotal position in the imaging quality of the explosion-proof camera sensor on the market in both CMOS and CCD. Compared to the two types of sensors, CMOS has superior wide dynamic performance, can reach more than 100db basic common CCD dynamic range of about 60db; With the development of CMOS technology, now one million professional monitor dedicated CMOS sensor has a high sensitivity to meet most of the applications in the brightness of the image quality and low-light effect, normal light, the basic CMOS effect of CCD has been no difference, has surpassed even the low-end CCD image quality, but CCD has a separate DSP CMOS can not be achieved in the short term effect of the high-end CCD.
        In the case of high-definition monitors, CMOS than CCD has a faster response, more suitable for the characteristics of the large amount of data, high-definition monitor, CMOS has unparalleled price advantage, so more and more high-definition monitor manufacturers CMOS as HD the first choice of the camera sensor. It can be predicted that the HD surveillance camera market is the market of the CMOS camera.
        Second, the advantage of high-definition monitor
        For video surveillance, image clarity is undoubtedly the most critical technical indicators. The sharper the image, the more obvious details that better identification effect to. Its the monitoring advantages are mainly the following aspects:
        1, to provide high-resolution images, video, intelligent analysis
        Improving the resolution of HD network camera first intelligent video-based analysis becomes increasingly easy to achieve, HD brings a rich amount of information greatly reduces false alarms traditional analog camera image is not clear, but also for The high-end intelligent analysis of the basic data base pad set. The common intelligent analysis features video shadowing detection, motion detection, detection of the remaining items, vehicles retrograde illegally invasion demographic, these intelligent analysis function has been widely used in many fields, intelligent analysis capabilities widely used to increase the demand for network HD cameras, the popularity of the network HD cameras brought more confident.
        2, the video coverage of a broader
        Coverage area the same conditions in the monitoring range, megapixels network camera can replace the original 2 or 3 standard-definition camera, or even more. For a wide range of wide angle monitor intensive places, such as the airport, transportation, bayonet, banks, perimeter just to deploy a small number of megapixels network cameras can be reached before the effect.
        3, support higher frame rate, image smooth high
        720p and 1080i/1080p can support 60 frames / sec, the fluency of the image to be twice as high than SD. Support for large-screen display, 16:9 widescreen display, can greatly enhance the user´s viewing experience.
        4, the high-definition picture quality to provide favorable conditions for the intelligent monitoring
        Explosion-proof high-definition monitor can provide more content, more details of the high-definition screen, so as to create the conditions for the application of intelligent monitoring, to provide more clear information as a dangerous place, and improve security.
        Third, HD monitoring initiative occupation industry market
        Security Insiders projections from the perspective of the development of the overall from 10 years now, the security monitoring market has made a lot of progress from the beginning just to absorb foreign technology to today´s development path with its own technology passers-HD monitor on the initiative to meet the HD development of the road, clear blue skies, the security industry, to get more support and support.
        Monitor camera applications have applications in various industries to achieve the universality of HD surveillance strong some deterrent effect is good proof However, with the increase of people´s needs, video surveillance proposed new system requirements, how to many messy scene to see a person´s face? HD monitoring has been greater requirements for promotion, which also contributed to the security technology continues to introduce greater improvement. Network today and the market demand for the two wave driven, high-definition surveillance technology has been vigorously the development and breakthroughs, has been widely used in a major major security projects and promotion, which showed that a high-definition monitor has into a perfect time to reach a new position, and other security subsystems the Concorde development of integrated.
        Therefore, from the current developments, customer demand has been greater promotional applications, HD monitoring initiative been widely recognized by users, a collection of the technical aspects of a variety of collection, transmission, control, a greater range of promotion and application of course, but also in high-definition escalating encounter various obstacles, this is a gradual process, consider the related costs, user groups, and maintenance costs, rationalize solution through enterprise analysis found that high-definition monitor needs greater living space for expansion.
        Some large enterprises in the field of high-definition monitor in HD on the road is not a small development, but local enterprises also need the strong research and development, characterized by the combination of high-definition monitor, to complement each other, so the HD surveillance products greater development space, more compatible system.

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