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  • Four matters need attention in selecting mixed DVR

        Hybrid the DVR both traditional DVR and NVR functionality, its core technology, functional requirements are often both the actual choice should also be considered.
        access and forwarding capabilities of the network camera
        The first thing to note is the ability to access network camera that could satisfy both the number of road 1080p HD access and meet a number of road 1080p HD remote Preview. The point is easier to understand. But at the same time need to pay attention to the mixed network throughput capacity of the DVR.
        HD network video network bandwidth occupied by more 1 Road 1080p video often requires a 6-8Mbps network bandwidth, one-way 720p video often requires a 3-4Mbps network bandwidth. 16-way hybrid DVR, for example, 16 720p 8 Road 1080p network video access, access to the network camera will need to access bandwidth of 64M respectively forwarding a road at least in need 64M access bandwidth plus 16 analog channels, the network output also needs to 32M, 160M bandwidth throughput. Practical application, hybrid DVR network output is often more than each channel bandwidth throughput also put forward higher requirements. Hybrid DVR choice, not only need to focus on the ability to access internet camera, also need to make sure the network throughput capacity of the hybrid DVR.
        HD application capabilities
        Consumer video applications, video clarity is an eternal topic. Security video surveillance, the demand for more and more of the "HD" is mentioned. HD is fully compatible with, but also put forward higher requirements for video surveillance products. That not only requires network HD video capture, store, preview, need HD playback.
        Mainstream hybrid DVR with HDMI HD output interface, in order to have the ability to display high-definition video processing capabilities of the hybrid DVR also need to consider that at the same time support the number of road HD HD video decoding, support the number of road-definition video synchronous playback, and also a measure of the mixed the DVR performance of the key parameters.
        The compatibility of the network front end
        The same time, the practical application of phased projects or renovation projects often require access to a number of brands, the network camera, a hybrid DVR compatibility issues for multi-brand network camera, equipment selection must consider the elements.
        The same time, the relative analog cameras for more complex network camera access, ease of use for the access network camera, the ability to support the automatic search for network camera add, simple configuration, but also need to consider the practical application.
        Management capabilities of the network front end
        The one hand with the development of security products such as HD IP camera, the network camera hybrid DVR, NVR has been a great development, on the other hand, we also recognize that the lack of access and management of the network camera industry unified standard. The phenomenon is more obvious NVR products embody different vendor market positioning, technology accumulation, leading to NVR various product forms application differentiation significantly. The majority of customer perception of network video surveillance system also relative to the limitations as well as experience the lack of such differences not only failed to provide the user a variety of options, but brought chaos and user of the product function and morphology in confusion. Hybrid DVR also more or less affected, bring the user to select the confusion and I do not know that from. From the point of view of monitoring the actual application, network access not only need the network video access come complete video management should be better.
        The general network camera management should include the following functions: support the encoding device configuration such as network camera encoding parameters (resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc.) through the network, the video input signal parameters (brightness, contrast, chroma, saturation, etc.) ; motion detection (motion detection area, sensitivity) to support configuration front-end network equipment, alarm signal (arming time, signal types), video shielding (shielding region, sensitivity); receiving all kinds of alarm information to support the front-end network equipment and linkage operation; support for IP camera, network PTZ dome control.
        That we have to recognize that hybrid DVR should not just be satisfied with the network camera access, storage, network video management, but also to achieve, the point is ignored when the product selection easy part. Otherwise contrast with mature analog systems, network video applications "greatly reduced", it is difficult to really impress users.
        Of course, the choice of the hybrid DVR many also include overall application security, reliability, analog coding part, the system has been very mature, there is not doing too much exposition, only relevant considerations for network application instructions.

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