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  • Why choose a million high-definition camera?

        The biggest difference is that million high-definition surveillance cameras and analog cameras to playback screenshot picture quality is greatly improved. Traditional analog cameras originally resolution is not high, to be combined by the repeated A / D conversion, the electromagnetic transmission interference, the synthesis of D1 screen deinterlacing video damage, the actual arrival of the sight of the effect has been greatly reduced, so either D1 or 4CIF etc. only the theoretical values, in the practical application clarity up to a level of less than the theoretical values; Secondly, the traditional analog color camera acquisition vertical resolution PAL standard under 625 lines to 575 lines after blanking, up to about 540 lines the current limit, transfer to the back-end equipment DVR, the highest within the DVR capture chip can only deal with the resolution of 768 × 576 pixel image, about 400,000 pixel the playback screen up only about 40 million pixels, the case occurred is difficult to recognize the face through the screen.
        Millions of high-definition camera is used in digital signal transmission, it the optical signal is converted into a digital signal, and then to perform image compression and processing by the DSP and outputs the compressed video, and finally through the network, and in the resistance to electromagnetic interference, progressive scan With traditional analog cameras can not match advantage. There are obvious advantages especially screen resolution, digital the lowest HD cameras up to more than 800 lines. You can also reach 3,000,000, 5,000,000 pixels or even ten million pixels, pixels and clarity, performance is quite different between analog and digital.
        Million-pixel high-definition camera has so many advantages, reasonably long overdue popularity, but early expensive HD cameras. With the localization of the high-definition camera, its price dropped significantly, the development of domestic high-definition cameras to today, the price has become increasingly approaching the traditional analog cameras. According to the survey in 2010 a total of about 50 million units, the network camera market is expected to reach 800,000 units in 2011. The megapixel IP camera growth has played a determining factor. Will become the mainstream of future high-definition camera, which will further drive the development of related digital security products. With the increasing development of the Internet age, clear images obtained by a high-definition camera with intelligent identification technology, automatic tracking technology application will provide a reliable guarantee for people´s lives and production, high-definition camera localization will bring high-definition monitor popularity.

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