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  • The prison dormitories IP camera based audio intercom program

        For the administration of prisons more humane, unified, to ensure effective implementation of the rehabilitation of offenders and prison management, dormitory security integration project is imminent.
        The existing dormitory security engineering is generally divided into two programs: a program for two separate devices, all the way to provide video surveillance, monitoring / recording, another way to provide call / alarm, voice intercom, broadcasting, equivalent to using a separate set of audio intercom system, and use a separate network intercom equipment, greatly increase the cost and difficulty of construction. Another program as the main network camera, with pickups and loudspeakers, and an external call / the patrol button to initiate a call.
        Figure 1 scheme, the process of the two-way conversation, the microphone the sound will be pickups pickup, thereby forming the echo affect both call. If the prison control room echo generation, a whistle, seriously affect the quality of the call. And network hemisphere currently on the market, IP cameras, DVR / NVR, and so do not have the echo cancellation function, this program is only half-duplex calls.
        To solve the above half-duplex calls, and take full advantage of the video surveillance system tenet of integrated, full prisons can use the digital network camera, OS-500 "voice intercom terminal mount network camera way to achieve the control center requires only a microphone, a speaker, intercom, broadcasting can be realized.
        OS-500 "type voice intercom terminal to replace the traditional pickups and loudspeakers, pickup distance of 3 to 4 meters, able to complete the entire dormitory listening / recording; speakers rated power 3W to achieve Patrol broadcast functions, built-in digital signal processor with echo cancellation algorithm to achieve a two-way conversation, does not produce an echo, howling.
        The specific functions are as follows:
        1. Listening / recording
        Audio input interface of the network cameras connected to the OS-500 analog output signal can be realized the listener, recording function.
        2. Voice intercom
        In the internet camera audio intercom output interface connected to the OS-500 analog input port, with the analog output signal OS-500, can be realized the intercom function, dormitories can initiate a call by pressing the call button in dormitory duty staff or leadership in software on the arbitrary choice dormitory initiated intercom.
        3. Broadcast
        Connected to the OS-500 analog input, audio output interface of the web cameras can broadcast function. The duty officer or leader in software can select multiple or all dormitories initiated broadcast. Broadcast content is divided into two: the duty officer or leader to speak in the form and on duty playing music, news.

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