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  • The advantages of IP network video surveillance system resolution

        IP network monitoring system is divided into two, a video server as the core IP network monitoring system, front-end analog cameras can be added; join the network camera in the front-end, direct access to the IP network system. Network camera / video server can be directly connected to the Ethernet, eliminating the need for a variety of complex cable with convenient and flexible, plug see the same time, users do not need to use special software, just a browser can. In addition, the IP camera can be in any corner of the world through the Internet for remote monitoring, only need to access the Ethernet assigned an address, you can through the network directly to achieve remote monitoring.
        Digital network surveillance system with a high degree of openness, and third-party systems integration interface system, facilitate the integration of third-party system, with three-in-one system, GPS systems, GIS systems, alarms, access control, industry business systems seamless connection linkage run, to provide an integrated service management capabilities closer to the user needs.
        Relative local monitoring for large-scale monitoring system, network monitoring has incomparable advantages, embodied in the monitor mode is more flexible system construction and maintenance cost is relatively low, a greater amount of data can be saved, the data saved more broader form of data applications, a higher degree of system integration. On the other hand, network-based video surveillance breakthrough time and geographical constraints, the existing network to establish a network monitoring system, eliminating the need for traditional cabling and line maintenance costs, reduce the cost of monitoring; Users authorized without geographical restrictions at any time on-demand monitoring to achieve plug-and-play, that is, with that look. Compared with the previous monitoring, networked digital surveillance network digital camera has a lot of advantages and powerful features.
        1, remote network monitoring functions
        Directly via Ethernet to achieve remote monitoring, multiple users can simultaneously monitor multiple points, the real-time transmission of images, no distance limitations, the use of fiber-optic long-distance transmission of images.
        2, significantly reducing the wire and cost
        Directly through existing Ethernet network digital video cameras both plug both used to connect to a remote monitoring system, eliminating the need for wiring link, that is no distance limitations, but also significantly reduce the wire and manpower costs, and reduce costs. Temporary remote monitoring is particularly suitable for the unexpected SARS infected areas.
        3, the integrated RS232/RS485 communication port to facilitate expansion peripherals
        The user can choose the means of communication to connect peripherals. Such as: the full range of PTZ.
        4, alarm recording function
        Can be set when the alarm is triggered before and after the video for easy playback.
        5, users need permission and password
        Set different levels of user privileges, different users different monitor image information can be obtained.
        6, the screen setting function
        Different the Keyi application environment to set the display size, resolution, compression ratio and other parameters.
        7, the alarm function
        I / O terminals with the network cameras, set alarm function, linked video, alarms, and send e-mail.
        8, high system scalability
        Both existing Ethernet plug either increase or decrease the network digital camera used anywhere, in order to expand or reduce the monitoring area or region.
        9, the stability of the system is running
        The Network Digital cameras embedded devices, its stability is significantly higher than the DVR and CCTV equipment.

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