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  • Talk about Hybrid DVR development trend from IP and analog control compatible body

        Relative to the traditional DVR, Hybrid DVR as the core of the IP video monitoring and management equipment, its main attributes as "HD", "network", "network" of video surveillance process, in video monitoring the application of the market is gradually increased, has been widely radiation to the public security, finance, education, transportation and other fields, the past two years has developed very quickly.
        But we still need to recognize that domestic IP video monitoring is still in a development stage, but also the lack of uniform standards, real customer application needs to be further mining. A hybrid DVR as the main force of the connecting digital video surveillance, and IP video monitoring, in a follow-up to a longer period of time will still coexist and devices such as DVR, NVR, to contribute to the development and application of video surveillance.
        From the current perspective of the development, the further development of hybrid DVR, also have to face and solve the following problem
        The compatibility of the access of the network device
        IP video monitoring promotion must solve the problem. First, due to different network communication protocols of the various manufacturers, most of the manufacturers of hybrid DVR system is only compatible with its own brand of network cameras, or compatible brand finite, and will undoubtedly hinder the development of the market, in particular the construction phases, or system renovation project embodies the more apparent. In addition, the video and audio encoding, decoding, facing different obstacles encoding. Although the domestic and international mainstream coding algorithms for H.264 and MPEG-4, but the same encoding, stream package may be different coding level may be different, unified access network equipment, the compatible manufacturers still need to spend a great deal of work. Although the the standard protocol Organization ONVIF, PSIA is committed to tackling the problem of communication protocol standards, but relatively inadequate protocol definition, can only meet the basic functions of access, also slightly less stamina. Also due to the understanding of the various manufacturers of standard protocols of the same, how better to achieve network coding equipment compatible, hybrid DVR manufacturers also put forward higher requirements.
        Network Security
        Secondly, in the network security considerations. IP video monitoring systems, often using web cameras, dome IP camera, so inevitably encountered the problem of private network address leakage, and security of the video stream has also been questioned. How to evade, how to ensure the security of the network stream, hybrid DVR manufacturers also need to consider ways to improve.
        Practical application meet demand
        With the application and development of hybrid DVR, the "HD" alone has been difficult to meet the needs of users, the actual customer applications often need and want to appropriate.
        Such as the financial industry, unmodified outlets upstream bandwidth is still for 2M, how that HD video transmission to the center? Or high-definition video streams larger, long-term storage is often difficult to meet. In the case without increasing the storage medium, if there is a better solution. Reflected in the public security sector, social resource network network video, access to public security network often requires increased Gatekeeper mixed the DVR ability to provide safe, reliable access solutions. These hybrid DVR manufacturers often require deep customer demand, given real solutions that fit the user´s needs, in order to better promote the promotion of hybrid DVR, to promote the development of video surveillance.

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