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  • Night Vision HD ICR filter comparison with infrared lights

        For environmental monitoring, I am afraid that the biggest problem than the night vision surveillance. Leaving aside the ability to achieve high-definition night vision image capturing images in low-light environments, it is not easy; That being the case, maybe you should be surprised, monitoring probes night on what basis can capture to image? In addition to the to you visible infrared lights, in fact, there ICR filter.
        A lot of people are aware of the infrared light, with surveillance cameras with the assistance of the infrared lamp complete night vision low light surveillance. A lot of plot in the evening darkness, not just the street lights do not give force cell service is also guilty of worry, you can shoot anything said in this pitch-dark outdoor?
        The network cameras representatives: ICR filter
        With the understanding of and exposure to network monitoring and digital surveillance equipment, a new generation of monitoring project select digital IP surveillance cameras. For the new breed of surveillance systems, night vision surveillance principle is more trendy. By the appearance of the product point of view, the user can not see any one infrared bulb, questioned this camera to how to shoot?
        For digital video surveillance cameras, with the mysterious components - filters. Filter points do not sense infrared and infrared sense divided, in principle, the filter is to filter out useless light source, but in reality he absorbs certain wavelengths, so that the object becomes darker, this comparison is to achieve fill light effect.
        The filter can be achieved camera color to black, so during the day and night monitoring the effect of a natural transition. Some security surveillance cameras old electronic color to black, and new equipment is basically automatic. Although it is impossible with the naked eye to distinguish the difference between the two, but the difference principle is not small. The electronic Caizhuan night light, the camera itself, with image processing hard images into black-and-white color, clearly detrimental to the quality standards.
        In addition, in terms of automatic color to black by higher-level algorithm converts the higher sensitivity of black-and-white mode. A through image processing, the other is through the algorithm, by the algorithm to achieve the black-and-white mode image from a theoretically superior to the former. In addition to the new representative filter, let us take a look at the impact on the quality of traditional infrared light.
        Infrared lamp and the lens is proportional to
        Accept specific spectral infrared lamps act as special images for monitor cameras. To select a different number of infrared lamp and monitor lens with different environment in accordance with the actual. An infrared light emitting angle is 80 degrees, which is equivalent degree angle 3.5mm fixed focus lens; With the increasing of the focal length, the smaller the viewing angle, and then we choose the point of view of the infrared lamp should also vary.
        The road monitoring Night Vision fill light board
        I wonder if you find that the the crossroads probe will become particularly bright in the night, and the lights do not originate in the camera itself, in fact, achieved through the infrared LED fill light board. Specific infrared bands through the fill light board storage, called laser infrared light board, its angle, focus light, laser infrared light is generally used long-range surveillance at night.
        Night vision surveillance is no best way, in terms of the current market, cameras with infrared lights mainstream, but from the future trends will be the one cited in the darkness, street lights, filters, electronic color to black. No longer for night vision surveillance tangled!

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