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  • Talk about the development of the hospital security situation

        2011, the security industry continued rapid development of video surveillance industry growth rate of 23% more than the GDP growth rate of nearly 2 times. The rapid growth represents the industry´s degree of attention to enhance rapid innovation and new technology. The endless stream of new technologies and new ideas for everyone at the 2011 Shenzhen CPSE, a kind of "squandering For beautiful eyes" feeling. Many hotspots vocabulary, there we are more familiar with the "HD", "networking", "smart", "standardized", "big security", and also there are a lot of us less familiar with the "960H", "2M +", "HD-SDI "," cloud computing ". Of course, a chaos is also a prosperous industry standard, but as a medical user, how this piece of chaos in the grasp of industry trends, choose practical the applicable hospital application environment, the product is a very real problem.
        Hospital security technology roadmap development
        Currently, the security industry and hospital environment is a the multigenerational typical industry, analog surveillance system was born in the 1980s to the audio and video matrix in the hospital which is still part of the application; later combined analog monitor The system is represented by a video encoder, still occupy half of hospital security; while as the representative of a new generation of digital surveillance systems to IP camera management platform, has made great progress.
        If five years ago, the hospital security system is still in the analog era, the new medical security system already digitized, and has been the evolution of intelligent stage.
        Each technical route has its own advantages and disadvantages. Analog control system has a long history, but to build a simple, low cost, easy to operate, but also to meet the needs of the small, simple monitoring system. With the national health care system put into increasing year by year, and by the uneven impact of health care resources, hospitals in major cities in the rapid increase in the scale, so as to drive the rapid expansion of the size of the hospital security system, hundreds of thousands of road the The monitoring system beyond the management capacity of the matrix. The digital surveillance system for the settlement of the management capabilities, on the other hand, greatly expanded by management platform software application functions of the monitoring system and industry characteristics. On the other hand, the digital surveillance system has many advantages, but its openness to be improved, therefore, more should be cautious in the choice of the new technology. Many new technology in the security industry, we have chosen a few the unrepresentative technology analysis.
        HD has always been in the video industry, technology hot spots in recent years. Currently, a number of provinces medical construction standards explicitly require the use of a high-definition system.
        Realization mode for high-definition, digital high-definition camera (HD-SDI): HDCCTV Union, based on the agreement of the HD-SDI digital HD cameras. The main features of the image is clear, without delay, and can be transmitted through BNC connectors. Application mode and combine traditional modulus similar to the way the camera HD-SDI, HD-SDI Optical, HD-SDI Matrix HD-SDI encoder or DVR. At the same time to meet the high-definition monitor compliance with the original application habits. But the display and storage of the two systems are separate building, openness and scalability that average. Transmission link overhead demanding, short transmission distance.
        Network HD cameras (IPC): based on the HDTV standard video encoding and network package, HD 720P, 1080I, 1080P three levels of real-time image monitoring. Main features is the use of standard protocols, and transmission through the IP interface, simple deployment and implementation can achieve unified management and easy expansion, construction costs are lower. Mainstream manufacturers are HD IP camera as the main direction of development. From hospital security applications characteristics, it is biased in favor of centralized management and linkage. Optional integrated and more feature-rich IP network camera.
        HD system structures: the road to high-definition security monitoring is an inevitable trend, but it relates to the entire system, not only the front of the camera to high-definition, transmission equipment, storage devices, decoding devices, display devices need to be HD. Any link HD requirements are not met, will form a system bottleneck, so that the decline in the overall quality of the system.

        The basic needs of the network monitoring information sharing and centralized management, the current situation in this regard is the hospital security construction bottleneck. The construction of hospital information system with the national information system construction process synchronization, from the 1980s to the beginning of this century, the information system construction work is that the information highway structures into digital, network construction focus. Thus, when the completion of the highway structures, resource sharing, but found that the multi-phase construction of the video surveillance system is unable to unified management. Networking and unified management of demand have come into being.
        Networking is not a simple multiple systems via a network connection, but the establishment of a unified management platform, standards-based protocol to achieve the sharing of resources. Therefore, the focus of networking applications is that standard. For now, the mainstream security vendors agent security industry to promote the standardization process, the more mainstream standard for ONVIF and national standards GB/T28181.
        ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum): International Open Network Video products jointly set up by the Axis joint company of Bosch and Sony tripartite standard Network Interface Development Forum, named for ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum). In November 2008, the Forum has officially released the the ONVIF first edition specification. The latest version ONVIF2.2. The connection interface between the front of the ONVIF standard definition web camera with back-end management platform and storage devices, more than 80% of the worldwide IP surveillance camera products already support the ONVIF standard.
        Security video surveillance networked system of information transmission, switching, control technology requirements (GB/T28181): a lead in by the Ministry of Public Security, TC100 centralized, industry-leading manufacturers to participate in the formulation of national standards. Defines a the management platform cascade and Internet standards. The end of 2011 and has been promoted. The main requirements of different video surveillance management platform based on a unified standard networking. Compliance with domestic hospitals to monitor the actual needs of the networking.
        Hospitals gradually embarked on the road of the great security
        The last 10 years, the hospital security building focus into advanced basic platform to build industry applications. The construction of the security monitoring system, often a perimeter protection system, a simple pile of Active / Passive alarm systems, access control systems, intercom systems and other security subsystems and video surveillance systems, intelligent image analysis system monitoring subsystem, rely on the most The original manual analysis of the live picture of the security incidents reported by the security system / emergency monitoring system linked to monitoring the labor intensity, low efficiency. In modern wisdom hospitals, a good security system, although a number of relatively independent subsystems, but should never be a simple superposition between the various subsystems, but should be integrated in the unified architecture of security systems, mutual integration, linkage with each other, and become an integral part of the overall. This integrated management platform for security systems is the security platform.
        The first stage of the large security platform management. Multiple subsystems surveillance, access control, alarm, patrol, alarm and patrol system usually have a common output interface can be integrated through the switch network management; monitoring system with a large scale, but if you can provide a platform-level SDK will not be difficult to develop; early access control system is mainly used in the military, with a high level of confidentiality, is usually not open to the public interface, only query business, and therefore become the main difficulties of integrated security. This is why many security platform vendors are access control hardware vendors. The next phase of the large security platform linkage. Flexibility in the allocation of resources of each system, co-ordination, and found the scene as soon as possible to avoid the accident. Linkage just technology implementation, it is more important is the management implementation.
        The high-end technology, fusion first
        In the medical industry, the rapid innovation in security technology, including HD, networking, large security platform and other hot spots, as well as intelligent, integrated NVR panoramic surveillance, intelligent search, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc. is also rapid spread. The various applications of the new technology can improve the security system´s ease of use, scalability, reliability. No absolute strengths and weaknesses of various technologies, the core point is to meet the basic requirements of the building security system: prevention in advance, and in emergency, after the playback.
        Safety Protection System (SPS) security & protectionsystem, is to maintain public safety for the purpose of the use of security products and other related products constitute intrusion alarm system, video security monitoring system, access control system, etc.; subsystem combination or by these systems or integrated electronic system or network.

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