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  • HD-SDI matrix technology breakthrough applications in analog matrix

        The concept of a matrix derived from matrix theory in mathematics, to be exact: the video image from any input channel switch to any output channel display. The video matrix its most important function is to realize the various input video image switching output. In general, an M × N matrix: it can support the the M Road image input and image output of the N-way. It needs to be emphasized here is arbitrary, i.e., any one of the input and optionally an output that must be done.
        The difference with the traditional matrix
        Video matrix have a very wide range of applications in the field of security, now divided into 2 large matrix system in the field of security, a traditional analog video matrix. Another is based on digital technology, video matrix (IP matrix). With the rapid development of digital technology in recent years, the improvement of the hardware and software level, thanks to the powerful features of digital video processing technology, the advantages of digital video matrix is ​​gradually emerging.
        SDI matrix system of R & D in order to achieve the centralized control of the HD-SDI HD surveillance camera combines powerful traditional analogue matrix, such as the multi-function switch, high-capacity, fiber access, networking and remote control the character signal superimposed; decoding interface; alarm interface; audio control box, control keyboard, support for multi-stage cascade multimedia management software platform, electronic map, and alarm management. SDI matrix is ​​to do in the video input and output sections of the development, the traditional analog input and output boards to digital HD SDI board. Other additional features are developed on this basis. Analog matrix after nearly 20 years of development has been very mature and effective, with a combination of practical engineering appropriateness SDI matrix is ​​developed on the basis of the analog matrix with absolute analog matrix functions and a combination of high-definition display advantages.
        Presence of large system the SDI security surveillance camera distance access the SDI matrix in the practical application, the general SDI camera transmission distance of 100 meters, the bigger system must go far beyond the compensation of the matrix input is particularly important, the hybrid access mode There are many models is also the the First technical issues of the SDI matrix, using the video surveillance camera for different occasions, such as traditional analog cameras, IP cameras, SDI camcorders and other every category camera contains a variety of formats, so the camera is also compatible with many types of the SDI matrix of technical difficulties, especially the old system upgrade and safe city construction there are similar problems. Architecture and data storage management software management platform SDI matrix technology is also difficult, SDI matrix software management platform and storage management and fiber access become necessary technology for a system of safe city.
        Most of the video surveillance system has been established is still analog SD system, HD is the inevitable trend of development of video surveillance, but from the difficulty of analog SD to HD step can only be a step-by-step upgrade is complete. Currently the domestic HD-SDI market applications is not yet formed the scale HD-SDI Matrix Market is also true. Matrix as the core equipment in the system, plays a pivotal role. SDI matrix in the near future will gradually replace conventional analog and IP matrix. But in small-scale monitoring system similar network IP matrix mode, SDI DVR mode will exist for a long time.
        The direction of the future development of
        HD-SDI Matrix future development toward the control convenient, intelligent, automated development, and remote management and multi-stage cascade control to achieve image HD and real-time basis, with the network. With the increasing demand for large-scale construction projects such as Safe City the existing SDI matrix is ​​moving in the direction of the large capacity, network digitization. The enhanced matrix network centralized management capabilities, cascading through the network monitoring center, multi-level access control management is the current trend of the times. For city-level system matrix network cascade system by the central matrix and multiple nodes matrix, each matrix with independent IP address, Ethernet port for data exchange. Node matrix upload local video output to the center of the matrix, and the center of the matrix can be all node matrix camera image switching and control. If you increase the center matrix nodes the video downstream channel matrix, each node matrix can achieve interconnection mutual control, cross-regional scheduling. The Matrix HD whether networked or stand-alone operation, not only to retain the function of the the original convenient switching control, image inspection positioning and security building breakthrough in technology, such as alarm linkage Salvos. SDI matrix technology development must be toward the metro, network integration, optical fiber, digitization and widely compatible development.

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