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  • Ten elements of the wireless IP surveillance cameras

        The name suggests, wireless IP camera means is through wireless transmission IP camera, the difference between ordinary web cameras that the transmission of this piece. The wireless IP video cameras appear to give us the gospel, many contractors feel comfortable, Today, I lead a detailed look at the ten elements of wireless IP camera.
        The first elements:
        MAC address filtering, 128 WEP/WPA/WPA2 / Layer 2 isolation, security mechanisms;
        The second element:
        Installation and commissioning a simple Chinese debugging interface provides detailed access information; equipment surface comes with a small tool, easy to adjust the antenna direction in the long-distance communications;
        Third elements:
        High link quality AAP technology and optimization of 802.11 protocol provides technical support for its high-speed, long-range, stable wireless link;
        Fourth elements:
        Comprehensive cost-effective high days, as the third-generation wireless internet camera is currently the most cost-competitive long-distance wireless IP camera; greatly eliminates the need for the cost of the AP and wiring.
        Fifth elements:
        Anti-interference ability the channel width adjustable (5M/10M/20M); packet length automatically adapt; variety of modulation adaptive: CCK / BPSK / QAM (OFDM); enhanced the 802.11 protocol mechanisms (EMWA) to improve multi-point communication efficiency; support to the 2.3G band effectively avoid the interference.
        Sixth elements:
        High effective bandwidth maximum data throughput of TCP / IP: 45Mbps;
        Seventh elements:
        Distance wireless communication distance up to 50km; complex environment, wireless video transmission distance of 1km;
        Eighth elements:
        The device compatible interoperability Good compatible all 802.11b/g/n terminal.
        Ninth elements:
        High-temperature environment tolerance Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃;
        Tenth elements:
        Feature-rich bridge and router functions; the outdoor remote bridge with Wi-Fi base station functions; support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint wireless WDS networking features;
        Summarize, wireless network web camera because of its point-to-point high-speed data access brings much convenience to our lives, and look forward to wireless IP cameras have better development.

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