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  • Network camera in the middle and low-end market penetration problem 

        In recent years, the network camera has fired in full swing, yet major applications in a number of enterprises and institutions, but the the civil consumer market is the largest cake, only into the tens of thousands of households, can be truly said to have universal. Telecommunications and government in promoting home IP camera the significance of the anti-theft of the family and the care of the elderly and children in the remote, but it is far from a household name is not enough. Universal application of network monitoring products to the low-end market, the cost and installation engineering perspective, wireless surveillance equipment to get rid of the shackles of traditional monitoring wiring broaden the the outdoor mobile security applications, especially in moving objects achieve control. However, IP cameras in the low-end market popularity any contingent faced with the following question.
        Network cameras in the low-end security market has begun to spread, but the main faces several practical problems.
        First, the network delay and compatibility issues
        Due to the previous IP cameras earlier delay, instability caused to the user illusion, compatibility is the the network monitoring fastest things that need to be addressed.
        Second, the network bandwidth limitations
        Another constraint is the popularity of the network camera network bandwidth, network cameras capture dynamic images, and only in one second can upload and download 135K over its smooth transfer to ensure the image will not pause tailing, but the Chinese family network speed is far worse.
        IP camera seemingly bright prospects in fact, is not optimistic, which requires manufacturers, government, network operators three complement each other to a difference.
        Third, the ease of product use
        Ordinary security cameras and other products installed have a professional installer network camera is a camera integrated the new technology of ordinary cameras and network technology, how it works is the image monitoring to take advantage of the network to the network anywhere, regardless of the body in world where, just in the browser will be able to view the monitor screen. This application requires network camera user self-installation and commissioning, he must have some mastery of network and computer settings. Ease of use and simplification is a universal problem. This solution is that the people will be more.
        Fourth, the network monitoring storage costs are difficult to control
        In the field of video surveillance, the cost of the back-end storage problem can not be ignored. When network monitoring is becoming more common to home users, the front-end equipment spending may price tag, but this back-end cost of hard disk storage is really difficult to control. Especially for megapixel IP camera, high-definition picture quality and portable storage can not have both. User not is not the same as the requirements for image quality, resulting in the storage space and storage equipment investment is not the same. When the cost of the full set of monitoring system to do real controllable, then for the popularity of Network HD seems highly anticipated.
        Future IP video surveillance products will develop in what direction?
        1, the facilitation of the application of video surveillance products compatible with the massive development priorities
        With the continuous improvement of security awareness, more and more users are introduced video surveillance system. However, not all users have high operating capacity. Therefore, more simple operation helps the user to use and install, which can make those professional operation ability is not strong user still enjoy more fulfilling.
        In addition, another attraction is the user Massive sharing platform. With WAN can put more users into which this platform. In the role of this large capacity platform, can be absorbed more, and even without the upper limit number of users to carry out a unified information processing. Making contact to further strengthen the relationship between the different geographical equipment.
        2, video surveillance and alarm system combined
        Civilian security development model will be combined with the operators of wireline, wireless network technology and video manufacturers encoding equipment, IP cameras, alarm equipment, video surveillance and alarm services for high-income and high-security conscious home users through remote Video solve the false alarm rate and the lack of civil air defense, this market is fairly mature business model abroad, the country is still in the start-up phase.
        3, the broad prospects for the development of the mobile phone monitoring
        Phone monitoring after three years of market brewing, basic technical conditions have matured, and other carriers 3G network layout is perfect. In the part of the pilot cities, the application for individual groups and corporate groups have great market prospects. From the practice of global carriers 3G development, the three operators have launched the integration of fixed and mobile 3G network based video surveillance business. This shows that the mobile phone video surveillance is targeted at home and SME users will become an inevitable trend. 3G network technology and the continuous development of the mobile terminal, mobile video surveillance system by virtue of technically seamless IP network compatible and remote real-time video processing capabilities and other network applications, will inevitably popular in the world, triggered the field of civilian control of the secondary revolution.

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