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  • The application of HD IP surveillance cameras in campus management

        Network video surveillance distinguish it from analog video surveillance, via a wired or wireless network front-end network cameras capture the video signal to digital form for transmission, and this monitoring system and many other types of security systems, such as intrusion alarm systems, access control systems, such as the perfect combination.
        The IP camera is a new generation of camera combined with a traditional camera and network technology. It will be collected directly through the built-in chip video signal compression digitized and transmitted through the network interface to the back-end server, users can watch video image directly through IE browser or management software, and camera remote management and configuration operations.
        HD IP camera is the continuous acquisition is greater than 12FPS maximum resolution greater than 720P (1280 x 720), or even higher resolution screen of the network camera to 1080P (1920 × 1080). HD network camera with high resolution chip, you can shoot high-quality, high-definition images, a new product of the technological age.
        In recent years, with the development of China´s education, college enrollment, and schools merger trend, the expansion of the size of the school along with the increased security needs, the development of science and technology to promote the teaching means the update.
        In addition to video surveillance to prevent, HD network camera also appear in more and more multimedia teaching, distance learning, electronic inspection, teaching assessment campus applications. This article is from the multifaceted introduction of IP video surveillance, and high-definition network cameras on campus.
        The establishment of a full range of security systems
        The key areas of security monitoring public areas of the perimeter of the school gates, student dormitory and classroom building; school security requirements to ensure the safety of students and property, prevent vicious violence, maintain the order of teaching. Large number of national college enrollment, and due to the openness of the university, the university staff turnover rate and ingredients miscellaneous personnel, public areas surveillance requires a higher quality screen display; school and kindergarten students self-defense force, the level of security be raised accordingly.
        In this regard, IP cameras installed in public areas above; relatively close to the students to wear at school age, size, and it is difficult to distinguish from the clothing Body part of the region can be installed on a high-definition network camera; infrared detection alarm with the fence perimeter devices, etc., to form a unified security network; accordance with the need to connect to the regional public safety network for the needs of the sector, parents remotely view.
        Establish a comprehensive examination room monitoring system
        To improve the effectiveness of the management of the National Education Examination, to the safe operation of the National Education Examination guarantee full technical NEEA proposed establishment of a "national education exam online inspection system to cover the national examination bodies at all levels and test sites to achieve exam The room monitoring process and confidentiality Conductor. - District-level examination of the national examination monitoring center - provincial exam monitoring center - municipal Exam monitoring center monitoring center - school test sites "five platforms, the exam during the examination room audio and video data acquisition, storage, and synchronization upload to the superiors center backup. This requires network cameras installed in the examination room, a full range of clear monitoring and recording of the test center.
        HD network camera installed in the classroom according to the needs of surveillance video images of the examination room, with two-way voice intercom equipment to clear the examination room monitoring examinations available to the majority of candidates a fair and safe environment. Camera during the non-examination can continue to use to ensure that teaching safe and effective management of the teaching process to achieve better utilization.
        The classroom process management system
        Classroom management is part of the teaching management system, mainly through the recording and analysis of the effect of classroom teaching and classroom discipline, in which schools and teachers can better coordinate and control the classroom teaching, teaching factors and their relationship to make it become an orderly whole, in order to ensure the smooth progress of teaching and learning activities.
        The classroom process management and video surveillance systems to get rid of the inconvenience of a traditional classroom management tools to bring the record, to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching. Video surveillance system classroom clear screen recording and image storage, available to schools and teachers playback View, schools and teachers in the teaching process to have clear data analysis, effective for the teaching problem symptomatic resolve; excellent teaching video can be saved to other teachers and students to download the study; timely and effective treatment for unexpected problems that may arise in the process of teaching, to safeguard the smooth progress of the school´s day-to-day teaching.
        This in school teaching classrooms need to install a HD network camera, to build a unified platform dedicated video network, clear and complete record of the teaching process with dedicated video storage devices, for queries playback; monitoring network at the same time with the school connect the existing campus network, provide a teaching Windows platform, and the needs of teachers and students can remotely access learning.
        Teaching evaluation system
        Teaching evaluation system is also an important part of teaching management system.
        Teaching evaluation system check according to the teaching goals and standards, teacher teaching, and assessment of the value and the advantages and disadvantages, and to improve and enhance the overall standard of teaching.
        Different from the the classroom process management, teaching evaluation by the education sector under the uniform standards of school inspection evaluation and assessment to improve and promote the overall level of education in China.
        School by school leadership lectures concentrate to observe the observation and evaluation, open class, video playback, excellent course record and teaching window, can be targeted to enhance and improve our day-to-day teaching and research and teaching level. HD network cameras as a teaching aid assessment, by definition network video surveillance to record the day-to-day behavior in the teaching evaluation management, clear audio and video data of system management needs.
        To establish a two-way teaching system
        Distance learning is the transmission of knowledge, an important way to cultivate talented individuals. Distance learning can be an effective solution to the teacher resource stress, and the establishment of an open learning platform, while addressing the teaching effect is part of the special circumstances (such as medical teaching). The the early remote teaching system is a one-way system, the main use of closed-circuit television and a one-way satellite transmission, transmission range is small, interactive teaching effect is not ideal. With the development of network technology and the popularity of the fiber-optic network, the use of HD IP camera with two-way voice intercom equipment, can greatly improve the quality of distance learning, facilitate an exemplary teaching and teaching effectiveness assessment, network video surveillance system provides storage playback function easy sharing instructional videos provide students download learning.
        Monitoring and management platform to establish a new teaching
        In order to meet the educational development of the situation, great efforts to improve school teaching methods to improve teaching standards and teaching safety management, using a combination of high-definition network cameras network video surveillance system and teaching management system to meet the needs of schools in teaching management and teaching and monitoring.
        Part of teaching management and security based on network platform the instructional video surveillance management platform, both in teaching and assessment, teaching video recording, classroom management, electronic two papers, campus security at an irreplaceable important role . It makes the school in teaching real-time, three-dimensional management possible, so as to take full coordination among schools, teachers, students, teaching, and improve the level of teaching in schools, and at the same time protect the school property and personal safety of students.
        With the digital campus, the proposed construction of the campus of the wisdom, the video surveillance system has been unable to expand the application integration is imperative to become an independent kingdom, video surveillance systems and teaching management and campus life services, as well as education. Video surveillance functions in addition to traditional security, the growing role to play in the teaching. Lost to limit the burden of network bandwidth, is bound to go farther and farther in distance education, electronic two papers, teaching, assessment and management of the road IP video surveillance system based on high-definition network camera.

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