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  • The HD market competition: three mainstream high-definition monitor separatist war

        Clear civilian high-definition HD industry classification
        After the double, security monitoring stores still HD atmosphere surrounded However, compared with the first half of the high-definition market point of view, the second half of high-definition monitors playing live flowers, from the original IP networks, high-definition analog line HD then HD-SDI cross-border high-definition, this industry has become more chaotic, users more choice but less understanding of the product, I do not know you to buy the rest assured.
        For the three HD monitors, I visited Zhongguancun learned to store HD monitoring equipment is still analog monitor main course, there are businessmen launched the 800 lines and even the 1000 lines from 540 lines to 700 lines ranging, anyway, I did not heard "such a high-definition analog equipment, which is tricky, we also need to determine.
        Civil HD: 700 line analog HD-based IP HD, supplemented
        We will monitor the market is divided into two parts, one is a small civil security market based monitoring system, which includes family, chain shops, community, school, and other fields. In these areas, analog HD monitoring equipment to occupy more than 70% share, of course, in addition to analog HD equipment, single point dispatched a family-based IP surveillance cameras and IP video monitoring campus + intelligent network alarm The device is also unusual. But overall, in the civil security market, analog HD is still the mainstream in the next three years.
        Industry HD: IP Network HD, supplemented mainly HD-SDI
        Civil security market, industry surveillance market IP network HD is mainstream, rising star HD-SDI HD equipment auxiliary projects. Of course, according to internal sources, road monitoring project of the Safe City camera equipment, multi-point of targeting not all high-definition, taking into account the cost of the item, select IP SD equipment.
        In addition to IP surveillance cameras, part of the high-end industrial applications select HD-SDI HD surveillance cameras. The financial sector, for example, the HD-SDI equipment able to provide less than 100ms network latency image, the image uncompressed restore front of most real.
        Three HD monitoring equipment pursuit
        I believe a lot of people for the IP Network HD, 960H analog HD and HD-SDI digital high definition some scratching their heads, Let us carefully distinguish the difference between these three!
        The Network HD pursuit value-added services
        For the future development trends of the the HD network monitoring equipment, Matsushita Electric, Wang Ke has been mentioned in the security forum, to achieve system stability and accuracy of the operation environment of increasing the transmission of ultra-high-resolution images, and value-added information content . Value-added information processing equipment and devices to communicate directly, easy management of back-office operations.
        HD-SDI and long-term coexistence network HD
        Similarly, in the face of new products HD-SDI HD security surveillance cameras, due to the high reduction degree of connection of the image, fully follow the way of analog HD and IP HD, HD-SDI applies to the original analog system smooth upgrade to high-definition systems. more suitable for high-reliability, real-time requirements of the operation, simple maintenance requirements of the project application.
        Three mainstream HD monitoring equipment comparison
        960H high signal-to-noise ratio images
        For analog control system, in fact, the clarity of the image is a major obstacle restricting device development, I have been tested, a 1.3 million pixel IPC imaging level in about 700 lines currently 960H analog monitoring Effio DSP mix with new CCD can reach the level of 700 lines. The program at the same time, can provide high-resolution picture quality to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of the video surveillance cameras, color reproduction is improved.
        In addition to the front-end devices, of course, we can not ignore the back-end storage devices. As the front-end devices, natural back-end storage devices are also significant differences. IPC corresponding NVR, HD-SDI corresponds to the SDI the DVR 960H analog HD corresponding 960H DVR.
        For three HD monitoring equipment, whether it is in the application of cost control, post-maintenance advantages and disadvantages. In fact, three high-definition monitor products in the security market is more obvious separatist war, each so smooth in the original field of development, there will always be another type of high-definition products threaten its position. Perhaps, this is the market, the competition can move forward.

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