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  • When the network cameras will completely replace analog cameras?

        Analog camera´s screen is relatively poor, it is undisputed. But relying on the simple operation and the price advantage, analog products has been dominated by a small market share, then the simulation can persist for many years in the end of it. Let´s take a look at the major forum on the sound.
        Square view: analog cameras laid-off? Also very far:
        1, the simulation has been in progress, simulation stability can be replaced with the maintenance-free, is not short of more than 3 million pixels more practical HD, 720P wide range of surveillance cameras is simply a waste of hard disk. The popularity over 3,000,000 HD 5 years is not enough.
        2, digital products at prices above or than not simulated. So has been to accept the owners of simulated price change to digital, it is difficult. Unless the price of the digital product massive cut. Even if the alternative, should also not wholly replaced. May also need a more than 5 years.
        3,3,5 years analog impossible to completely retire out, you do not forget, in remote areas and third-tier cities, the network can not be so well-developed, simulation can still accounted for half of the country. Moreover, the coaxial system there is a SDI digital surveillance system too!
        4, many of the existing IP cameras, ah, plus transmission bandwidth limit, there is the compatibility of different brands of equipment. With the market share of various technologies mature analog cameras will also come the less, but certainly will not be completely eliminated.
        Fanfangguandian: long can replace the but by objective Privacy:
        1, HD is now a single front-end for a lot of manufacturers may 2 years out no problem, but the background in this one, each manufacturer has its strength, can not scale the price does not drop down technology mastered in a few personal hands, easy alliance in the market. Simulation in nine years, that would be huge profits, is not so much because the manufacturers everywhere has significantly increased the competitiveness, price war became simulation to a competitive means of monitoring. Begin from 2000, it will monitor fairly profiteering, and you think the lucrative industry has not been how many years? High-definition digital surveillance, not only the front-end equipment is expensive, and the background of the equipment and software is not cheap. Unshaped old platform does not count as genuine products, mature technology application no problem, I think three years might be able to, if during this period can have several excellent platform for manufacturers to pinch each other, engage engage in price competition, perhaps time but also in advance, Oh!
        2, your HD products, are outdated idea. Now many companies HD and analog has a price grade. The key to the network, as long as the government continues to invest in the popularity of the network, the digital camera can quickly popular, graduated to the best advantage there, who will be installed.
        3, from the early analog monitor, to the digital-to-analog combination, to be completely replaced, which is a trend of the times. Just as digital cameras replace film cameras. The final analysis, high-definition or the trend, small-scale works, monitoring points are few engineering digital products can completely replace analog products, the biggest bottleneck is the cost of storage and network bandwidth. Chinese everywhere in the broadband upgrade, one day Korea Internet speeds comparable to LAN there who is willing to use analog products?

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